Robot Wars: Extreme

Season 2 Episode 4

Show 4 - Minor Meltdown

Aired Unknown Jun 13, 2003 on Channel Five
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Show 4 - Minor Meltdown
This fight involves fathers passing their robot controls down to their kids. That means we have little kid drivers in the warzone, fighting to survive until they are crowned the Minor Meltdown Champions. The others will just go home crying! Saw-Point From: Buckinghamshire Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 0.55M X 1.30M X 0.94M Power: 350W Electric Motor Weapons: Lifter, Thumper and Spinner Strengths: Tough As Old Boots Weaknesses: No Side Weapons Team Captain: Ryan Delph With: Chris Delph and Gordon Johncock Lambsy From: Northamptonshire Weight: 94 Kilos Dimensions: 0.34M X 1.20M X 0.53M Power: 2 X 750W Electric Motors Weapons: Pneumatic Flipper and Spike Strengths: Invertible Weaknesses: High Ground Clearance Team Captain: Scott Lockhart With: Daniel Lockhart and Tony Tobbell Bigger Brother From: Sussex Seated: #2 Weight: 96 Kilos Dimensions: 0.50M X 0.73M X 0.93M Power: 2 X 750W Electric Motors Weapons: Spiked Co2 Gas Ram Flipper Strengths: Indestructible Weaknesses: NONE! Team Captain: Joe Watts With: Ian and Ellie Watts Tetanus II Weight: 99 Kilos Dimensions: 0.76M X 1.60M X 1.20M Power: 2 X Wheelchair Motors Weapons: Spike, Ram and Fork Lifter Strengths: Big and Strong Weaknesses: Slow Self-Righting Team Captain: Conrad Snook With: Luke Angell and Paul Snook Killer Carrot 2 From: West Sussex Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 0.55M X 1.53M X 1.05M Power: 2 X 900W Electric Motors Weapons: Flipper/Lifter Strengths: Invertible Weaknesses: Poor Armor Team Captain: Rob Englebright With: Adam Englebright and Mark Hale Rick From: Hampshire Weight: 98 Kilos Dimensions: 0.32M X 0.84M X 0.83M Power: 420W Electric Motor Weapons: Flipper and Spinning Blade Strengths: Powerful Flipper Weaknesses: Exposed Rear Wheels Team Captain: Francis Gallagher With: Ian Albridge and Kevin Gallagher Fight 1: Bigger Brother Vs Lambsy Vs Saw-Point House Robots: Growler and Sir Killalot (Be nice!) Lambsy flew out in the arena and dug its claws into Saw-Point. The sheep fell off. All three robots continued ramming each other until Bigger Brother flipped Saw-Point immediately. They couldn't self-right. The unrelieable wood-pecker robot was torn apart by Growler. Refbot counted Saw-Point out and Growler and Sir Killalot attacked it, ripping off its wheels and armour. Bigger Brother and Lambsy were through, but they still wanted to have a go at each other. Bigger Brother won the fight against Lambsy vie Pit. Saw-Point (whatever's left of it) was put onto the Drop Zone, where a bunch of car parts, including a refrigerator fell on top of them. Growler then pushed the fridge into the Pit on top of Lambsy! Sir Killalot then dumped Saw-Point out of the arena. Fight 2: Tetanus II Vs Killer Carrot Vs Rick House Robots: Shunt and Dead Metal Rick slammed into Killer Carrot. Killer Carrot then lifted Tetanus up. Rick then flipped Tetanus over, but they used their mesh to self-right. Rick and Killer Carrot seemed to be ganging up on the enourmous Tetanus robot. Tetanus lifted Killer Carrot up just as Rick pressed the Pit Button. Rick then flipped Tetanus over and Killer Carrot pushed them down the Pit. Tetanus got punctured and then beaten! Fight 3: Killer Carrot 2 Vs Lambsy House Robots: Dead Metal and Mr. Psycho Killer Carrot drove under Lambsy and flipped them. The sheep's head fell of again. Killer Carrot tried to flip Lambsy again, but then Lambsy buried his jaws into Killer Carrot's side and pushed them into the CPZ, but ended up getting hammered by Mr. Psycho! Both robots got out of the CPZ, but then Killer Carrot's wheel fell off and rolled into Mr. Psycho. Killer Carrot was now stuck driving around in circles. Mr. Psycho picked Killer Carrot's wheel up and Lambsy pressed the Pit Button. Killer Carrot then had a go at Mr. Psycho! However, they couldn't flip him over. Even though they were still moving, they were still counted out because they were considered immobile. Killer Carrot tried to flip the Refbot over before the clock reached 10! Too late. They were out. The House Robots then attacked Killer Carrot and then they drove onto the floor flipper and were flung through the air. Mr. Psycho then moved Killer Carrot towards the Pit, but not before banging his arm on Dead Metal's saw! YOUCH! Dead Metal pitted Killer Carrot. Lambsy go through to the Final! Fight 4: Bigger Brother Vs Rick House Robots: Dead Metal and Sir Killalot Bigger Brother never really got their flipper into play because Ellie Watts wasn't fast enough to press the button and flip the speedy Rick. Rick lifted Bigger Brother up at least once. Suddenly, something can be seen flying right across the arena. It's Dead Metal's saw! Rick and Bigger Brother barely avoided getting hit, but the saw kept rolling right out of the arena! Bigger Brother flipped Rick, but they work both ways up. However, they were now weaponless (except for the disc) Bigger Brother pressed the Pit Button and Rick nearly drove in! Bigger Brother then pushed Rick into the CPZ. Dead Metal grabbed hold of Rick with his claws, but those claws are the only weapons he has. Dead Metal didn't have a saw, so he decided to sit on Rick! That was stupid, because now Dead Metal was stuck! Bigger Brother flipped the House Robot off of Rick and Sir Killalot carried Rick to the floor spinner. Rick was dead. Refbot counted them out. Bigger Brother pressed the Disc Button and Rick went flying off the Disc. Then Bigger Brother went flying off the disc. Even Dead Metal went flying off the Disc! Dead Metal then pitted Rick and went back to the arena entrance with a long memory of this fight... Bigger Brother are through to the Minor Meltdown Final! Final: Lambsy Vs Bigger Brother House Robots: Shunt and Sgt. Bash Before the break, the Bigger Brother team had their little "tactic talk". And it worked. The fight lasted less than a minute. Bigger Brother simply flipped Lambsy onto their side so they couldn't recover, pressed the Pit Button and pitted them! The End. Joe and Ellie Watts and Bigger Brother are the new Minor Meltdown Champions!moreless

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