Robot Wars: Extreme

Season 1 Episode 6

Show 6

Aired Unknown Nov 23, 2001 on Channel Five
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Show 6
Plunderbird and Sir Chromalot: 2 robots with teams who are funny and cool at the same time. Okay, so their robots aren't that good, but they do hate each other. Vengeance will be settled in the Warzone tonight!! TAG TEAM TERROR: Sumpthing & SMIDSY vs Thermidor II & Cerberus Thermidor II was wearing a Robot Wars hat in this fight. It's amazing that his hat didn't burn up because SMIDSY and Sumpthing looked the strongest untill SMIDSY got stuck in first driver and Sumpthing got flipped onto its spikes by Thermidor II. Both robots were counted out. Thermidor II and Cerberus go through to the next round. CHALLENGE BELT: Behemoth vs Tornado Tornado was easily the strongest and pushed and shoved Behemoth around. Behemoth fought back later on by flipping Tornado up against the arena side wall. They reversed to try and flip Tornado out of the arena, but then Matilda came in smacked into Behemoth with her flywheel. Tornado well off the wall and continued pushing Behemoth around the arena. Behemoth got a few flips in on Tornado just as time ran out. The judges decided that Tornado was the winner and Tornado are now the holders of the belt. MAYHEM: Cataclysmic Variabot vs X Terminator vs Panzer Wraith House Robots: Dead Metal and Shunt In the beginning, there was an axe attack with X-Terminator and C.V. axing each other over and over. Panzer Wraith drove up C.V., but couldn't stop them. X-Terminator and C.V. axed each other again. Panzer then drove right over C.V.'s back end. Then Panzer dug their spinning disc into C.V., knocking out their power link. C.V. was immobilized and counted out. X-Terminator then pushed Panzer down the Pit just as C.V. was hurled through the air vie floor flipper. X-Terminator move on to the Annihalator! INTERNATIONAL MAYHEM: Philliper Vs Alien Destructor vs Chaos 2 Chaos 2 was the deffinate winner. They just continued flipping Philliper and A.D. until both became immobilized and were counted out. A.D. was sent flying through the air by the floor flipper and was eventually pitted. Chaos 2 was all scratched and dirty, but they still won it for the UK. ULTIMATE VENGEANCE: Sir Chromalot Vs Plunderbird 5 House Robots: Sgt. Bash and Shunt The 2 teams were at each other's throats all day and it was time to show them who's boss. Well, in the beginning, Plunderbird seemed to have the upper hand. They buried their slicing jaw straight into Sir Chromalot. Sir Chromalot could not get away. Once they did, Plunderbird chased them, and buried their jaw into Sir Chromalot once more. This flght was getting dull. Just off screen, Sgt. Bash pressed the Pit Button and lowered the Pit. Plunderbird pushed Sir Chromalot towards the Pit and tried to get them in, but Sir Chromalot broke free, and then Plunderbird commited suicide, backing right into the Pit! Sir Chromalot wins, but Plunderbird still got to sing their theme song with other teams like Hypno Disc, Bigger Brother, Pussycat and Comengetorix.moreless

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