Robot Wars: Extreme

Season 2 Episode 6

Show 6 - New Blood Heat 1

Aired Unknown Jul 11, 2003 on Channel Five
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Show 6 - New Blood Heat 1
This was one of the most popular competitions in Extreme 2 consisting of 5 shows. The New Blood competitions consists of robots that are new to Robot Wars. They will all fight in 3 way melees to move on to the next round, to the heat final, and eventually, the New Blood Final. Whoever wins the New Blood Final not only wins a trophey, but also doesn't have to go through qualifying for the 7th Wars the next year. Terror Turtle From: East Sussex Weight: 95 Kilos Dimensions: 0.54M X 1.60M X 0.77M Power: Electric Motor Weapons: Spinning Arm Strengths: 360 Degrees of Attack Weaknesses: IT'S A TURTLE! Team Captain: John Frizell With: Jacob Frizell Mute From: Staffordshire Weight: 96 Kilos Dimensions: 0.28M X 1.00M X 0.70M Power: Electric Motor Weapons: Front and Rear Flippers Strengths: Strong and Reliable Weaknesses: Poor Flipper Design Team Captain: Adam Emmett With: Daniel and Peter Emmett Roobarb From: Middlesex Weight: 99 Kilos Dimensions: 0.64M X 1.00M X 0.85M Power: 24V Electric Motor Weapons: Flipper and Ramming Spikes Strengths: Powerful Flipper Weaknesses: Susceptible to Spinners Team Captain: Joshua Pinto With: Lee Simpson and Mark McIntyre Nite Rider From: East Sussex Weight: 98 Kilos Dimensions: 0.20M X 1.30M X 0.95M Power: 2 X 750W Electric Motors Weapons: Active Spike Strengths: Devastating Weapon Weaknesses: Inexperienced Team Team Captain: Paul Burridge With: Steven Oakley and Liz Stevens Maximus From: County Durham Weight: 99 Kilos Dimensions: 0.75M X 1.12M X 1.00M Power: 500W Electric Motors Weapons: Flipper and Spinning Disc Strengths: High Speed Disc Weaknesses: Weak Drive Motors Team Captain: Andy Bannerman With: Karl Warren and Andrew Newby Mr. Nasty Weight: 90 Kilos Dimensions: 0.26M X 0.95M X 0.80M Power: 4 X 750W Electric Motors Weapons: Steel Ramming Spike Strengths: Heavily Armoured Strengths: Easily Flipped Team Captain: Perry Watkins With: Dan and Jack Watkins Fight 1: Mute Vs Roobarb Vs Terror Turtle House Robots: Sir Killalot and Dead Metal Roobarb flipped Terror Turtle over. Mute then flipped Roobarb. Sir Killalot helped Terror Turtle get back on its wheels. However, the spinning arm was stuck on the guardrail and Terror Turtle couldn't get away. Roobarb chased Mute around the arena and into the Pit, however, they still survived because Terror Turtle was immobilized first. Fight 2: Maximus Vs Mr. Nasty Vs Nite Rider House Robots: Matilda and Sir Killalot This fight had some pretty good robots. Maximus had a flipper and spinning disc combintion. The disc spun at a record breaking 18,000 RPM! That's the spinning power of over 5 Hypno-Discs! Mr. Nasty had a classic spike, and Nite Rider had a large rotating lance similar to Killalot's. At the start of the match, Mr. Nasty slammed into Maximus, disabling their drive. It wasn't long until Maximus was driving very slow and sluggishly. They were able to press the release button, but that was it. They just stopped right on the flame pit. Refbot was about to count Maximus out, but Nite Rider was imobilized as well. Refbot decided to count Nite Rider out. Sir K then moved Nite Rider over to the floor flipper. Nite Rider flew through the air right on top of Matilda! Matilda hit Nite Rider with her flywheel. Then Sir Killalot grabbed hold of Nite Rider's lance and bent it out of shape. Then he spun around with Nite Rider in his grasp. However, Killalot lost his balance and fell over! HA! Mr. Nasty pushed Maximus into the Pit, but they were still going through. Nite Rider was then placed on the Drop Zone, where a TV fell right on NR's lance. Not bad aim on that lance! Matilda then destroyed the TV. Mr. Nasty and Maximus go through! Fight 3: Maximus Vs Roobarb House Robots: Shunt and Mr. Psycho Roobarb flipped the limping Maximus over. Maximus used the flipper to self-right. Roobarb flipped them again. Roobarb then tried to flip Maximus out of the arena, but Maximus' armor was to slippery. Roobarb then pushed Maximus into the CPZ where Shunt and Mr. Psycho hammered and axed Maximus. Unbelievably, Maximus' ultra-thick armor only gave Maximus a few scratches. However the disc stopped and Mr. P's claw bent the flipper. Refbot counted out Maximus and Shunt pushed them towards the Drop Zone where a cooker fell on top of them. The only thing that was actually damaged was the cooker! Mr. Psycho hammered Maximus one last time. Roobarb goes through to the New Blood Heat Final! Fight 4: Mute Vs Mr. Nasty House Robots: Sgt. Bash and Dead Metal This fight was pretty dull. It was only a few simple flips and rams until Mr. Nasty started drving around in circles, rendering them immobile. Sgt. Bash couldn't take it. He fired his flamethrower at the Ref, and then suddenly got into a fight with him! Refbot gave Bash a yellow card as Mute pressed the Pit Button, but Sgt. Bash just continued chasing the Ref around the arena shooting fire at him, trying to push him down the pit. Bash stopped shooting flames at Refbot. The ref had to use his own fire extinguisher to put out the Sargent's torch. Mute flipped Mr. Nasty into Dead Metal, who was practically the only robot in the fight behaving. Dead Metal roasted Mr. Nasty on the flames as time ran out. The judges' decision wasn't a hard one. Mute is through to the heat final! Final: Roobarb Vs Mute House Robots: Shunt and Sgt. Bash Mute flipped Roobarb, but they self-righted. Mute flipped Roobarb again, nearly out of the arena, but Roobarb rolled right back in at the last second. Roobarb flipped Mute, but Mute flipped himself over. (It was a bit hard; all he could do was jump upside-down in the air.) Roobarb activated the Floor Spinner. Mute then gave Roobarb a piggy-back ride into the Pit release button. Mute accidently ripped the tire off the wall and it went rolling across the arena in front of the Shunt Cam. Mute nearly flipped Mute then pushed Roobarb into the CPZ. Shunt axed Roobarb. In the Shunt Cam, you could see a giant hole on Roobarb's side. With 15 seconds remaining, Mute drove right over the flame pit and got stuck. They stayed roasting on the flame pit as time ran out. CEASE! The judges decided that Mute was the winner and would move on to the New Blood Final!moreless

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