Robot Wars: Extreme

Season 2 Episode 7

Show 7 - New Blood Heat 2

Aired Unknown Jul 25, 2003 on Channel Five
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Show 7 - New Blood Heat 2
Night Raider From: Lankashire Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 0.44M X 1.20M X 0.86M Power: 2 X 750W Electric Motors Weapons: Pneumatic Ram and Flipper Strengths: Heavily Armoured Weaknesses: Easily Flipped Team Captain: George Towell With: Trevor Holder and Mick Blackburn Thor From: Northamptonshire Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 0.59M X 1.95M X 1.16M Power: 2 X Electric Motors Weapons: Hammer Strengths: Explosive Weapon Weaknesses: Thin Armour Team Captain: Jason Marston With: Lee Cornish Hell's Teeth From: Lincolnshire Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 0.26M X 1.45M X 1.20M Power: 3 X 750W Electric Motors Weapons: Spinning Disc Strengths: Runs Both Ways Up Weaknesses: Exposed Wheels Team Captain: Shane Swan With: Andrew Shepherd and Paul Morton Chip From: Wales Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 0.25M X 1.37M X 0.73M Power: 2 X 750W Electric Motors Weapons: Spinning Disc Strengths: Strong Side Armour Weaknesses: Inexperienced Driver Team Captain: Rob Jones With: Tom Ross and Gareth Jones Edgehog From: Cheshire Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 0.84M X 1.19M X 0.80M Power: 2 X 750W Electric Motors Weapons: Axe and Wedge Strengths: Powerful Weapon Weaknesses: Driver Control Team Captain: Stephen Egerton With: William Ashton RT81 From: Lincolnshire Weight: 190 Kilos Dimensions: 1.60M X 1.30M X 1.30M Power: Electric Motors Weapons: Large Hammer Strengths: Heavily Armoured Weaknesses: No Self Righting Mechanism Team Captain: Andrew Lovelace With: James and Callum Collins Fight 1: Night Raider Vs Thor Vs Hell's Teeth House Robots: Mr. Psycho and Sir Killalot Thor tried to hammer Night Raider, but every blow missed. Hell's Teeth buried his disc into Night Raider as Night Raider pushed Thor into the wall. Thor hammered Night Raider and pushed them into Mr. Psycho who hammered them. They were hammered again and again by Mr. Psycho. Eventually, they were pushed into the CPZ where the House Bots knocked him out cold. Night Raider was counted out. Thor pressed the Pit Button. Mr. Psycho picked Night Raider up and carried him across the arena. He drove onto the Floor Spinner, but nothing was going to cause 1,600 pounds of metal to spin out. Night Raider was placed on the floor flipper and flipped into Mr. Psycho. Thor and Hell's Teeth were still going at it as Mr. Psycho hammered Night Raider again when time ran out. Thor and Hell's Teeth go through! Fight 2: Chip Vs Edgehog Vs RT81 House Robots: Sir Killalot and Mr. Psycho The fight started out with Edgehog and Chip going at it. RT81 was still walking slowly into the arena. It goes 2 mph so don't expect Grand Prix speeds. Mr. Psycho pushed RT81 into the arena. Chip pressed the Pit Button. Edgehog then axed RT81's black and yellow body. (It's a tire) RT81's turret spun around a few times, but then they caught fire. Edgehog got too close to the CPZ and Mr. Psycho hammered them! Edgehog then lifted his axe up and smacked Mr. Psycho right in the chin! Mr. Psycho slammed Edgehog into the wall. The House Robots showed no mercy to Edgehog. Chip was the only robot in the arena moving, but RT81 was the robot that Refbot was counting out. Sir Killalot and Mr. Psycho regrouped and then Psycho buried his claw into RT81, but couldn't get a grip. Sir Killalot buried his claw into RT81 and moved him over to the Drop Zone. A cooker fell down on the walker, but they were still standing. Chip and Edgehog go through! Fight 3: Chip Vs Thor House Robots: Growler and Mr. Psycho Chip now had a spike strip to replace their disc that stopped working. It didn't help at all. One hit from Thor's hammer stopped them dead. Thor continued hammeing Chip and had a go at Growler. Growler slammed Thor into the wall, but now he was stuck right on top of Thor's hammer and in danger of falling out! Mr. Psycho was hammering Chip and then he drove over and knocked Growler off the wall and they both tried to dismantle Chip. At one point, Mr. Psycho nearly fell into the Pit while trying to make room for Refbot! After being counted out, Chip was hammered a few more times, flipped and pitted. Thor goes through to the Heat Final! Fight 4: Edgehog Vs Hell's Teeth House Robots: Dead Metal and Sgt. Bash This fight also went quick. Edgehog's ultra fast axe imediately punctured HT's tire, causing them to drive around in circles. Edgehog axed the other tire and Hell's Teeth stopped moving. Refbot counted Hell's Teeth out while Edgehog was still hammering them. That fight sucked. Edgehog decided to have a go at the House Robots. He axed Dead Metal, causing superficial damage to the House Robot (even when one shot took his eye out! Ouch!) Edgehog then attacked the Sgt., knocking out his back end. Sgt. Bash's machanics were exposed! Refbot helped Sgt. Bash pull his trousers up and Dead Metal started sawing into Edgehog. As Hell's Teeth was launched through the air on the floor flipper, DM was trying to cut Edgehog's saw off, but he was on a bad angle. DM decided to forget about Edgehog and helped Bash push Hell's Teeth onto the Drop Zone, where a garbage can tipped over and dumped tennis balls, ping pong balls and bowling balls falling right on top of them! Edgehog is through to the final! Final: Thor Vs Edgehog House Robots: Sgt. Bash and Sir Killalot Thor's hammer wasn't as effective as it was before. Edgehog was moving very quickly hitting them with the axe, but eventually Thor hit them and pushed them into the CPZ. The House Robots eradicated Edgehog. Refbot pushed Edgehog into the Disc Button. Edgehog self-righted, but they were dead. Refbot counted out Edgehog. The House Robots then pushed Edgehog onto the Floor flipper, hurling Edgehog through the air. Sir Killalot then pitted Edgehog. Thor is through to the New Blood Final!moreless

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