Robot Wars: Extreme

Season 2 Episode 8

Show 8 - New Blood Heat 3

Aired Unknown Aug 01, 2003 on Channel Five
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Show 8 - New Blood Heat 3
Chopper From: Hampshire Weight: 99 Kilos Dimensions: 0.33M X 1.57M X 1.16M Power: 3 X 750W Electric Motors Weapons: Rotary Chopper Strengths: High Speed Rotor Weaknesses: Poor Traction Team Captain: Ian Bennett With: Guy and Tom Gisson ICU Weight: 96 Kilos Dimensions: 1.16M X 1.02M X 0.66M Power: 2 X 24V Electric Motors Weapons: Pneumatic Axe Strengths: 4 Wheel Drive Weaknesses: Unreliable Team Captain: Nick Pritchard With: Judy Pritchard and Graham Pritchard Mad Dog From: Essex Weight: 99 Kilos Dimensions: 0.64M X 1.25M X 0.81M Power: 2 X 750W Electric Motors Weapons: Flipper Strengths: Very Powerful Flipper Weaknesses: Lacking Experience Team Captain: Chris Isaacs With: Roger Partridge Storm II From: Suffock Weight: 96 Kilos Dimensions: 0.16M X 0.79M X 0.72M Power: 2 X Electric Motors Weapons: Rammer Strengths: Runs Both Ways Up Weaknesses: Untested in Battle Team Captain: Ed Hoppitt With: Andrew Rayner and Tim Bence Revolution 2 Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 0.63M X 1.12M X 1.06M Power: 6 X 500W Electric Motors Weapons: Flywheel Strengths: Destructive Weaponry Weaknesses: Poor Armour Team Captain: Roger Webb With: Gordon Anderson Direct Action Weight: 97 Kilos Dimensions: 0.42M X 1.07M X 0.60M Power: 2 X 800W Electric Motors Weapons: Flywheel Disc Strengths: Works Upside Down Weaknesses: No Rear Protection Fight 1: Chopper Vs ICU Vs Mad Dog House Robots: Matilda and Sir Killalot Chopper got its spinning blade up to speed. Mad Dog hit ICU, knocking some of its eyes off. Chopper then drove into the CPZ and Matilda ripped off on of its side panels! Mad Dog then drove into the CPZ and Sir Killalot trapped him. Chopper then got stuck on the flames, but Refbot pushed him off. Mad Dog stopped moving. Refbot counted Mad Dog out as ICU pressed the Pit Button and nearly fell in! Matilda demolished Mad Dog's rear end and Sir Killalot placed Mad Dog onto the Drop Zone. For some reason, Sir K's breast plate fell off right next to Mad Dog! The garbage bin tipped over, but the balls inside it all missed Mad Dog completely. Sir Killalot then pitted Mad Dog. Chopper and ICU move on! Fight 2: Storm II Vs Revolution 2 Vs Direct Action House Robots: Mr. Psycho and Sir Killalot Storm II looked boring, but was very impressive, slamming the black and white Direct Action into the CPZ and devastating speeds. Direct Action was stuck in the CPZ where Mr. Psycho's hammer almost came down on them! Revolution then hit Direct Action with their awesome spinning flywheel, but then Storm II drove under Revolution and the flywheel broke. Storm then continued slamming Fatal Traction into the guardrails. Fatal Traction then pressed the Pit Button and Storm nearly drove in! Fatal Traction unfortunately beat them to it. Storm II and Revolution 2 move on! Fight 3: ICU Vs Revolution 2 House Robots: Dead Metal Vs Sgt. Bash Revolution 2 got their flywheel spinning, but unfortunately, because their robot was so big, they kept hitting the guardrails until one of the cog wheels fell off. Revolution was immobilized. ICU pushed Revolution into the CPZ and the House Robots attacked it. ICU then had a go at Sgt. Bash, axing his flamethrower, but causing no damage. Revolution was counted out and ICU opened the Pit. Revolution was pushed onto the floor flipper. Revolution was flipped right onto Bash's head! Sgt. Bash then pushed Revolution into the Pit...sort of. ICU moves on to the Heat Final! Fight 4: Chopper Vs Storm II House Robots: Sgt. Bash and Shunt Storm II looked so boring that the team attached spikes to its backside. We never saw them in action though. Storm slammed Chopper into the rail so hard that Chopper flipped over! Chopper didn't have a srimech, so they were counted out. Shunt moved Chopper to the floor flipper. Chopper was shot into the air, but it wasn't enough. Shunt tried again and this time, Chopper went flying through the air upside down! Jonathan Pearce said that Chopper flew farther than the Wright Brothers. Chopper was then roasted onto the flame pit and pushed into the Pit of Oblivion. Storm II moves onto the Heat Final! Heat Final: ICU Vs Storm II House Robots: Growler and Mr. Psycho Everyone was beginning to think that Storm II was this sort of Tornado rip-off. Although Storm was said to be a lot more powerful than Tornado. Well, in the Heat Final, they didn't do much. All Storm did was drive under ICU and knock some of the boggly eyes off! ICU's aeriel fell off as well. They were dead right before the fight even started. ICU was counted out and the biggest bots on the block gave ICU a vicious beating. ICU were flipped, hammered, clawed, had bowling balls dropped on it and were eventually pitted. The message on ICU's base panel said "I'll be back". Mr. Psycho hammered ICU one last time. Storm goes through to the New Blood Final!moreless

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