Robot Wars: Extreme

Season 2 Episode 9

Show 9 - New Blood Heat 4

Aired Unknown Aug 15, 2003 on Channel Five
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Show 9 - New Blood Heat 4
Cedric Slammer From: Lankashire Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 0.56M X 0.85M X 0.70M Power: 2 X 1200W Electric Motors Weapons: Spinning Blade Strengths: Self Righting Mechanism Weaknesses: Weak Construction Team Captain: Jason Alty With: James Craigg and Michael Zenczak Bash Gordon From: Middlesex Weight: 97 Kilos Dimensions: 0.32M X 1.00M X 1.00M Power: 750W Electric Motor Weapons: Axe and Flipper Strengths: Powerful Weaponry Weaknesses: Untested Design Team Captain: Tony Vincent With: George Vincent and Tony Colliver Pressure From: Essex Weight: 100 Kilos Dimensions: 0.56M X 1.00M X 0.75M Power: Electric Motors Weapons: Axe, Flippers & Side Spikes Strengths: Strong Armour Weaknesses: Poor Pushing Power Team Captain: Mike Hamilton-Macy With: Adam and Charlotte Hamilton-Macy Piranha From: Dorset Weight: 95 Kilos Dimensions: 0.85M X 1.10M X 0.67M Power: 750W Electric Motors Weapons: Spiked Titanium Blade Strengths: Strength and Speed Weaknesses: Untested Srimech Team Captain: Rhys Bennett With: Melanie Bennett Fatal Traction From: Birmingham Weight: 98 Kilos Dimensions: 0.49M X 0.90M X 0.65M Power: 6 X 20V Electric Motors Weapons: Flywheels Strengths: High Traction Weaknesses: Flammable Team Captain: Bryn Price With: Harry and Felix Price Dr. Fist From: East Yorkshire Weight: 98 Kilos Dimensions: 0.50M X 1.00M X 0.92M Power: 36V Electric Motors Weapons: Vertical Disc Strengths: Powerful Weaponry Weaknesses: Exposed Wheels Team Captain: Paul Clark With: Kal Almuktar Fight 1: Cedric Slammer Vs Bash Gordon Vs Pressure House Robots: Mr. Psycho and Shunt A lot of the robots in this fight alone had some very unique designs. Cedric Slammer had a large spinning car wheel with Cedric the Monkey riding on top, Bash Gordon had this sort of axe-flipper combination and Pressure had an axe an flippers from every side. As the fight started, Cedric Slammer hit Bash Gordon's side and the armour was ripped away! Bash Gordon pressed the Pit Button and Cedric started ramming Pressure, scratching the paint and damaging one of the self righting mechanisms. Pressure was immobilized, but not until Bash Gordon drove themselves over the Pit! Bash Gordon seemed to be too big for the Pit, but then Cedric Slammer slammed them until they finally went in. Cedric and Pressure move on to the next round! Fight 2: Fatal Traction Vs Piranha Vs Dr. Fist House Robots: Matilda and Mr. Psycho Another fight with more unique looking robots. Piranha, who happened to be friends with the Razer team, had this sort of saw-hammer. Fatal Traction had 2 spinning side discs and a bunny in a pot on board and Dr. Fist was this 2 wheel drive vertical disc robot. Piranha came out and hit Fatal Traction with their saw-hammer. Fatal Traction tried to fight back with the spinning flywheels, but they were very ineffective due to their small size and power. Meanwhile, Dr. Fist was simply driving around the arena, trying to stay out of the fight. Refbot tried to push Dr. Fist into the action, but Dr. Fist refused. Fatal Traction and Piranha continued fighting and Fatal Traction pressed the Pit Button. Dr. Fist was doing absolutly nothing so Refbot pushed him onto the flame mat. Dr. Fist is powered by a gas engine so right now they were in trouble. Dr. Fist was smoking and were dead. Mr. Psycho hammered Dr. Fist, but missed. He tried again, but then Matilda came in and Psycho hit Matilda! Matilda recovered and hit Dr. Fist with her flywheel. Refbot counted Dr. Fist out and Mr. Psycho dropped Dr. Fist on the flame pit again. Dr. Fist was burning badly. Mr. Psycho held Dr. Fist's wheel up and hammered them again just as Cease! was called. Piranha and Fatal Traction go through! Fight 3: Cedric Slammer Vs Fatal Traction House Robots: Growler and Sir Killalot The monkey Vs the bunny It was all pants really for the bunny. Their flywheels never worked. Cedric's flywheel, on the other hand, totally demolished Fatal Traction, ripping off their wheel covers, bending the self righting belts and hurling pieces off in different directions. Fatal Traction was pushed into the CPZ. Sir Killalot pushed Fatal Traction back into the arena, but then his brest plate fell off...again. Refbot counted Fatal Traction out and the House Robots moved Fatal Traction to the Drop Zone. A bunch of car wheels came down on top of Fatal Traction, but Cedric came in too tight and took a tire on the head! Growler then pushed FT onto the floor flipper, flipping them through the air. Growler then roasted FT on the flame pit. The bunny was now rabbit stew. FT was flipped again just as Cease was called. Cedric Slammer moves on to the Heat Final! Fight 4: Pressure Vs Piranha House Robots: Matilda and Shunt Down in the Pits, Simon Scott of the Razer team said that Piranha may be the New Blood Champion. Well, Pressure's axe wasn't working, but they were still able to push Piranha into the wall and Matilda ripped up Piranha's armor with her flywheel. Piranha fought back, pushing Pressure into Shunt and both robots axed him. Pressure escaped and lifted Piranha up. Piranha tried hitting Pressure with their saw-hammer, but some hits missed. Both robots continued ramming and hitting each other until time ran out. The judges decided to let Pressure through because the damage caused from Matilda to Piranha made all the difference. Heat Final: Cedric Slammer Vs Pressure House Robots: Sir Killalot and Sgt. Bash Cedric the Monkey had had his head bandaged. At the moment, they weren't causing any real damage to Pressure, but it was enough to be seen. Pressure pushed Cedric Slammer into the CPZ, but Cedric escaped just as Sir Killalot came in. Pressure were moving very sluggishly. They seemed to be immobile, but ran away when Sir Killalot came too close. Cedric started bending the teeth of Pressure's flipper. Pressure pushed Cedric Slammer into the wall next to the Disc Button. Sir Killalot closed in on the two robots. Cedric was stuck against the wall, but Pressure was trapped on the flame pit. Sir Killalot buried his lance into Cedric and with time running out, roasted Cedric on the flame pit and spun around and around and around...CEASE! Sir Killalot hurled Cedric across the arena. Cedric Slammer moved on to the New Blood Final because they had caused more damage to Pressure.moreless

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