Robot Wars: Grand Champions

Spike TV (ended 2002)


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Robot Wars: Grand Champions

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3 2 1 Activate! Hosted by Joanie Laurer (formerly Chyna of the WWF), Robot Wars: Grand Champions brings back each episode six robots from previous series of Robot Wars to fight it out until only one is standing. It's flat out competition: no pit interviews or sidetalking, so each episode lasts only thirty minutes. Robot Wars: Grand Champions encded around the time that "the new TNN" became Spike TV. However, you can read up on what happened on the show here in this guide. Robot Wars: Grand Champions is based on the 4th Wars of UK Robot Wars tournament, with each 1-hour episode condensed to 30 minutes by cutting the following: - All interviews - Craig Charles's commentary - Announcements of minor awards (eg: best designed robot, best engineered robot) - Award ceremonies - Mini-games (eg: Robot Pinball, Sumo Basho, Robot Football) - Celebrity Special episode In addition, the following was changed: - Jonathan Pearce's commentary was replaced by Stefan Frank's speeches - Joanie Laurer appears between matches instead of Craig Charles - Units of measurement are converted from metric to imperial - Robots' strength and weaknesses replaced the notes from the UK version of the show (eg: Chaos 2's note of 'Cost 250 pound to build' is changed to 'Strengths: Unbeaten in Competition Weaknesses: Limited CO2 Supply') - The warning text 'BUILDING ROBOTS IS DANGEROUS AND SHOULD NOT BE DONE WITHOUT GREAT CARE', which also appeared in Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors and Robot Wars Extreme, was added.moreless
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  • TNN ripped off season 4 of the UK version. Basicly nothing else.

    What more do I need to say. TNN ripped off the orrigional Robot Wars added Chyna [a large bazongad babe frow WWF] removed everything from the UK version and gave it to America. If TNN would get any robot combat show it should be Battle Bots. This was pathetic no wonder it got canceld.
  • What the? Only one season?

    I know this show's rating is rather low, but it's always been a favorite show of mine. There's just something about all this robot bashing, metal smashing action that just entices me. Anybody who likes violent, extreme action will like this show. Robot Wars is not just a live action show with a bunch of robots beating on each other; it's a show that challenges people of all ages to test their limits and build the ultimate fighting robot. Roboteers all over the world are in on the action hoping to achieve this goal. The Grand Champions edition also lets us see what's going on in the world of the UK, the inventors of Robot Wars. Is there anything wrong with that? I think not! All the more fighting robot mayhem for us to enjoy!moreless