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    so you all think watching 10 - 15 min of previews and commervcials about the shown and then 5 min of show is a good program ? I got so board with your extended begining that I turned it and watched HGTV the rest of the morning. Initially I set my DVR to record your series but I removed it. Yawn.........


    robotics design engineer
  • Great show, needs to come back

    What's not to like about robots beating the living daylights out of each other? Of course, what this show lacked for arena hazards (where Battlebots had plenty), they made up for it with House Robots, most of which were destructive (like my two faves Sir Killalot and Dead Metal). You got to see robots thrown out of the arena, another feature not present on Battlebots. I first saw Robot Wars on TNN (now Spike TV) and thoroughly enjoyed it and it was just as good when I saw the UK version. A shame it isn't on anywhere though.
  • there is something

    I was seeing this TV-show and was very amazing how much adrenaline I was got at once!
  • A fun to watch time passer :))

    Robot fighting, who thought of this I wonder? Me thinks it's absolutely brilliant, and it's so much fun to watch the little metal boxes smash each other to pieces down there on the arena floor! Some may think it is just pointless and waste of time, but it's exactly the opposite! This is a great show, and Craig Charles and Jonathan Pearce makes things even better. but the best person on this show has to be Phillipa Forrester, constantly running around inside the workshop and asking funny questions or giving bad news (fighting Razer anyone? *Tumbleweed rolls by*) to the competing teams.
    Please, someone, bring this show back from the dead!
  • American TV Execs take note

    I managed to catch an episode of this wonderful show purely by accident. I decided to stay home one Saturday afternoon, and as I was flipping around the channels, I happened across it. The first thing I heard was the voice of the host, Craig Charles, that I immediately recognized from another wonderful show, Red Dwarf. So I watched the show, and it was amazing! It's like...the Americans talk about how it'd be cool to do this or that, and it's usually just talk, Us Brits are getting out into the garage, and actually building this stuff, and finding their way onto international television, as well!
  • Mad robot action - Loads of fun. Classic.

    Robot Wars has always been a classic for me. When it first came out, I was still in primary school, and I remembered Robot Wars was on Friday nights at 19:00. I went to see the World Championships with my dad in London, and I got all the toy robots, the videos and the 2 computer games. My favourite robot was Chaos 2, even though when we saw him at the World Championships, he drove into the pit!!! Going to see it on Sunday this week - a touring version called Roving Robots. Should be great fun and like the show!
  • The lost art of robotic combat.

    This was one of the 1990s shows that brought science fiction and model kit fans' hobbies to life. Its main competition was "Battle Bots." The idea was fairly simple: build robots and duel them against each other. The machines tore each other to bits. The crowd cheered for its favorites just as if this were a wrestling tournament. Yet there were no guarantees. A robot of lesser might, but with a determined pilot, could hack its way to victory and win in an upset. I thought this would have made a dynamite video game. It's off the air now, but at least it lives on in memory.
  • My all time favorate. Theres no other show like this, Which is a shame as The shows is no more :(

    Ever since I was just 5 I loved this show. I still do now.
    It amazed me to see how powerful and destructive Machine's could be. Unfortly, Becasue the show moved to Channel Five, It was removed becasue No one knew it had Moved there, And Five said that It wont score many Viewers.
    However, In the UK there is Roaming Robots which Tours around the UK. There are some robots from Robot wars on there, Such as M2, Ripper, Terrorhurtz, Dantomkia, Mute, Big Nipper, Storm II.

    Overall I think robot wars should return, It was great, It scored 6 Million Viwers on BBC2.
  • best show

    this is one of the best show i have ever watched (considering i have probably watched at least five hundred some shows, thats saying something). I whould have to say my favorite house bot is the Royal Sir KIllalot. He was the terminator or the house bots and then some. i mean tall about overkill, its a mircle any of the competiters bots survived the battle when he was in the ring. I don't think that you could make him any more deadly, not even by adding on guns and live ammunition. but all this is just my personal opinion.
  • Where have you gone Robot Wars?

    Robot wars was such a successful show, why did they take it off TV? I loved the classic Hypno-disc and Razer fueds, and Firestorm IV was a really good fighter, I also miss Shunt Sumos and the Gauntlet runs, and my favourite robots in battle, Behemoth, Razer, Hypno-disc, Panic Attack, Chaos 2 and all the house robots, The Featherweight battles and so on. And I also know I and the other reviewers arent the only robot wars fans on this site. I speak for all the Robot Wars fans when I say Robot Wars needs to be brought back on TV soon.
  • Best show ever!

    Why dont they show reruns of this show? It was cool!

    Basic fromat:
    A whole bunch of robots go though a tournament to see whos the best. A very good action show. If you like chrry show, with absalutley no vilonce whatsoever, this show isnt for you. But, if you like carnage,destruction, and chaos, this show is for you.

    Youll see some of the best robots are:
    Chaos 2
    Fire storm 4
    Cat(cant say his real name)
    Panic attack(sometimes)

    The house robots are amazing! They do the most damage out of ANY robot. They ROCK, mark my words.

    Bottom Line:This shw if for those who like destruction. To bad I cant fin any more epsidodes were I live.
  • Robot Wars has been a personal favourite of mine, at first I simply had nothing better to watch, but then it just got better and better each time and I couldn\'t stop watching it. At first there was not much destruction, but soon came along Razer...

    In series one the most successful design was to turn over opponents as none could self-right. In series two and three Razer, Hypno-disc and Chaos 2 came along and after that more have came along, such as Terrorhurtz and Tornado, some improved like X-terminator, but some faded away like my favourite Hypno-disc. One of the greatest things was evolution, an example of this was Series five Winner Razer had never previously won a heat. Suprises always came along and the destruction improved lots, from a tiny dent being classified as great damage to sheete of armour flying off. Looks like ultimate improvement to me. Since it was cancelled I have recorded repeats onto videos from Sci-Fi and Jetix and bought DVDs and Videos such as Razer, Hypno-disc, Chaos 2 and The First World Championship. I will try to keep them until I have totally forgotten and bring back them glorious memories.

    Robot Wars is the reason I got into the sport of Robot combat in the first place. There was so much action and carnage and House Robots in this show! My favorite robots have to be Chaos 2, Firestorm, Gravity and Typhoon 2. Absolutely flippin' fantastiC! Stupid Channel 5. If Robot Wars remained on BBC, it still would have continued to be a phenomonon!

  • I want more Razer!

    I used to love watching this show. I taped every episode of it. I still have most of the episodes taped, and when I have enough time I will watch them all again.

    Sadly, I never saw the first season (I don't think it was ever shown in Australia), but I'm sure I've seen enough thanks to flashbacks on the show in the later seasons.

    I was a huge Razer fan, right from the beginning in season 2. I sat in disappointment when it experienced its infamous bad luck, and I cheered whenever it won victoriously (and always with style).

    Apart from the occasional amazing battles, the sheer ingenuity of the robots themselves, the assortment of styles and weapons designed by a wide range of mostly likeable roboteers, never ceased to amaze me.

    Sure, it had its flaws. It was a bit too kiddy every now and then, and the synthetic behind-the-scenes grudges were pretty bad, but you get past those.

    I wish they'd make a new series. I want Razer to rightfully reclaim its title.

  • Clearly, the only reason Hypnodisc did so well was because he was sleeping with Matilda.

    It\'s been years since I last watched an outing of Robot Wars and, to be honest, my memory of it is very fuzzy. I do know about the roundup of \"house bots\" like Sir Kill-A-Lot and gang. I know that pro wrestling stars Mick Foley(Yay!) and Joanie Laurer(UGH!) were hosts. And I remember thinking Hypnodisc being the most annoying competitor in \"sports entertainment\" since Triple H and Blandy Orton, and even that one is questionable, since I also recall a flipper bot whose name escapes me that pretty much dominated everything as well.

    I\'m writing this review mainly to say that I thought this was a very good show, and is quite worth catching if you get the chance. Last I checked, it was still airing on G4--but I hate that network with a passion, so I ain\'t setting foot in.
  • Robot Wars, where art thou?

    I love Robot Wars! Why did they move it to Channel 5 and then to Jetix!? My mother says we cannot get Sky/Cable because its too expensive! No fair! How I love the mayhem, carnage and robots smashing, crashing, thrashing and bashing eachother all day long. I've only seen two episodes of the 7th War, my fave part is when the two small robots are flung off the flipper, one flying out of the arena and the second falling into the pit! Classic! Bring back Robot Wars to BBC1/BBC2/ITV/Channel 4, please?!
  • Not as good as Battlebots.

    Robot Wars is a good show but it is #### compared to Battlebots [the king of robotic combat]. Robot Wars is to soft since most of the destruction is caused by the robots breaking down [because british bots arent as good as american ones being poorly armored and with ####### weapons] and the house bots. If you took out the house bots and put a wall around the little bars on the side of the arena it would be better. In all the episodes ive seen there arent many real destructive bots except Razer, Hypnodisc, Typoon and 259. If there were better bots and more well matched fights it would be better.
  • a show about robots that fight. many people from all over the world build robots to compete. excelent

    this an amazing show you never get bored watching it. i have spent many hours on my sofa screaming at the tv at my fave bot. you'll love this if your male and tom boys will ove it as well.
    and as all robot wars fans say R.I.P (rust in peace)
  • Robotwars a quick rundown

    The first wars

    If you saw the first wars you would have seen that the robots were simple. Roadblock for example was simply a bent road sign that trundled around the arena surviving everything and pushing helpless oponents into the pit. No robots had self righting mechanisms, and even so mortis was beaten by it in a contraversial judges decision.

    Original presenter Jeremy Clarkson was quickly dropped and in Craig Charles hands the programme has a little more humour though some of his scripted introductions and poetic round-ups are a bit feeble. The commentator is Jonathan Pearce who is the easily excitable football commentator from Channel 5. Pearce obviously gets his name from what he does to your ear-drums. With some of the ‘wars’ though the lack of any discernable aggression from the robots means Pearce has to earn his crust to make it exciting.

    The second wars saw the dawn of the SRIMEC (self righting mechanism) in the famous moment when Cassius was overturned and did a neat 180 degree flip up again, Robots evolved into wedge shaped beings with blades

    The next step was flippers. SRIMEC\'s also became flippers to turn each other over! Examples from series 4 are [Chaos 2] and [Gemini] powerfull flipper\'s enables them to send Robots out or the arena I feel that only since series 3 that Robotwars really become enjoyable with the start of HYNODISC. based on a lego model made by a 4 yr old, the robot\'s spinning disk revs up and causes caos, as it rips the shells of robots to pieces! the power is phenominal, and great to watch. The initiative that goes into building the robots is superb, and often the wars can be funny as well!

    The Stars

    The stars usually are the robots themselves. These fall into two categories – those that are trying to win and these all look like manic video recorders and those that look like the products of an overactive imagination. What usually happens is that those in the first category push those in the second category into a pit or into the clutches of the house robots. The house robots have been built with large budgets and usually crush, mangle, set fire to the odd robots and then throw them into the pits. More usually what happens is one of the competitors robots becomes immobilised (i.e. it just stops). Sometimes there is controversy when two robots go into the pit at almost the same time. You can be sure if these incidents go to the judges the seeded robot always gets the verdict courtesy of a rule you’ve never heard of before.

    Robot Wars is good harmless fun. The robots are the stars, their makers usually mad geeks who just want to let off steem. The presenters have the right balance of fun and seriousness.
  • This reminds me of a robotic soap opera with wrestling.

    I'm a fan of Dave Lister and Red Dwarf and this reminds me of something.
    I think the idea of a show with robots fighting each other is as ridiculous as a soap opera starring androids and robots.

    What would the cliffhanger be like "Who shot Data?"
    This is the worst idea since reality TV.
    Marquenzo Madsci out!
  • Damn you Channel 5!

    As much as I loved Robot Wars, there's no denying that when it moved to Channel 5 it got worse.
    I remember when it first aired on BBC2, presented by Jeremy Clarkson, it was totally different back then compared to what it turned into. To start off with you would have to go through this assault course for the Robots to go through, if they made it they would advance to battle another Robotier.

    After a couple of years it began to get slow and boring, so they introduced Robot Wars: Extreme which was just an updated version of the 3rd Series. And soon they would do International Wars including America, Belgium, Germany etc. After the 5th series I think, Channel 5 started airing it, they didn't really advertise it that much and people didn't know it had switched channels.

    The 7th and Last series finally arrived and just flopped because of bad coverage by Channel 5 and no advertising what-so-ever. In my opinion, Channel 5 ruined it, if they advertised it more then it would probably still be going today.
  • Come Back on TV!!¬!

    Why taken of after a stunning year? Why taken of after 150 episodes as 600 fights. It was good, if you love burning things and destrution. Then you found it! Asi want to say BrInG iT BaCk! Only 7 Years. But had a good life and so it is getting popular. Only a bit. Love Destruction? Love Fire? Love Carage? Only One place to be. mRobot Wars!
  • Robot Wars. An all time favorite of people who love destruction.

    Robot Wars was a very weak show to start with but ended up with some brilliant robots competing. The First War went to Roadblock.
    The second to Panic Attack. The third to Chaos 2. The Fourth to Chaos 2. The Fifth to Razer. The sixth to Tornado. The seventh to Typhoon 2.
    It was an epic battle to get to the top.
    My personal favorites are Chaos 2, Hypno Disc, and Roadblock. Chaos 2 simply because it was unbeaten 2 times in a row!! Hypno disc because it's the only real contender Chaos 2 was worried about. Roadblock because it won the first ever war. Forth would be Cassius becuase it was the inventor of the self-righting mechanism. If you like destruction this is for you.