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Robotboy is a battle machine with dreams of becoming a real boy. Upon hearing of Robotboy’s ability to spontaneously change into a fighting machine with the capability to wipe out entire armies, the evil genius Dr. Kamikazi, sets out to find Robotboy with hope of using him to enslave the world. Robotboy is sent to into hiding with a Tommy, who with the help of his friends Gus and Lola, teach Robotboy how to become a real boy as they keep him away from Dr. Kamikazi’s evil clutches.
The series debuted in the U.K in November, each episode airing straight. The series is expected to have 52 episodes which is equal to 26 half hour episodes.

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  • Robotboy is a very good show, here's why

    It can be pleased by anyone. Not everyone has the same tastes nor the same interests. But to be honest, the reasons why people don't like that show disappoint me a little, because Robotboy is one of my favorite shows ever. I'll proove to you why are some of these reasons are actually... ridiculous.

    Why do people dislike this show:

    - ''The show is a rip-off''

    The most common one of the bunch. It is considered to be a rip-off mainly of MLAATR and Astro Boy, when all of these are actually VERY different. The only thing common about them is that they are all robots who wish to become human and they all fight crime. Astro Boy is a robot who is an attempt of reviving a little boy, Toby, who died (in a car crash in the 80's show version, killed by a robot in the 2009 movie). Jenny and Robotboy are both inventions created by their creator, not based on someone specific. Jenny is based on a female teenager, while Robotboy is based on a male child. Also, notice that Jenny is known and seen by everyone and even goes to school, while Robotboy isnt allowed to be shown in public, because it's dangerous and he is searched by many people for bad intentions. Moshimo actually sends Robotboy to Tommy because he wants Robotboy to live like a real boy, with a real boy. And he didn't send him to someone random, because Tommy has high knowledge in technology and he happens to be his biggest fan. Yes it may be based on some shows, but not because someone made a show about robots with human feelings, doesnt mean we can't do it again.

    - ''The characters aren't original''

    Please, oh please. The characters are very well designed and have different personalities that make the show interesting. Robotboy is an adorable, yet powerful robot who doesn't even look human and wants to live like one, still. Lola has the character of a little girl who hangs out with guys, no wonder why she can whine lots of times. Gus, well, he's actually representing a lot of cartoon characters. Disgusting things such as boogers, poo and other stuff like that are REAAAALLY common in shows. Robotboy shows a little, but not as much as some other cartoons. Disgusting things only appear when Gus is around. Besides, not everyone has to be this adorable child who knows everything. His personality is a lot like Cartman, I agree. But if he had to be nice and cheerful with Robotboy like Tommy and Lola are, then it would be boring. Someone acting the wrong way towards a robot is actually amusing and gives a stronger personality. As for Tommy, people complain about his square head that looks like Mac's. Uh hello? A LOT of characters are deformed. Look at Phineas from Phineas and Ferb, his head is a freaking triangle. And his family also seem to despise him, but it is common for the main characters to not get along with the family. Here, Donnie seems to be the biggest problem. His dad is a jerk to him, but sometimes he is on Tommy's side. And the mother, well, she mostly protects Tommy too. So if these characters aren't original, then neither of any other characters in cartoons.

    - ''The episodes are very repetitive''

    Now that. I can proove you very wrong. Let's take a look on Phineas and Ferb, one of the most beloved cartoons. It's always the same season in every episode, which already doesn't widden ideas. It starts out as an idea they have which they want to make (always starting with ''Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!''), their sister trying to bust them out, their friends helping them while they sing a little song and the whole invention vanishes by the end, making Candace look crazy in front of her parents. Not to mention Perry's adventures with his evil rival. Trust me, we haven't seen the episode, yet we know it by heart. Same goes for My Little Pony, another very popular cartoon. It's a bit more varied, but still the same message most of the time: something starts a problem, they try fixing it and Twilight sends a letter on what she has learned about friendship. The only episodes who really are different are the seasons premieres and finales. Robotboy does get repetitive too, I admit. But some episodes can end in a different twist too, (WARNING, SPOILERS) like in 'Cleaning Day', when Robotboy doesn't even fight of the episode, or in 'Robot Love' when he refuses to fight Mona because he loves her (until he sees her hurting Tommy, then he goes berzerk), or in 'Grow-No-Mo' when the main focus was him trying to grow up, and he didnt even fight either. A lot of episodes actually make Robotboy fight differently too. So, the fact that all the episodes are repetitive is WRONG!

    In conclusion, Robotboy may not be the most popular show, and it isnt the first show to feature a robot wannabe human, but the show is enjoyable, fun, and unfortunately very underappreciated. Cartoons like Jimmy Two Shoes, Almost Naked Animals, Problem Solverz and many more unfortunately seem to take the top over Robotboy. As a kid, I absolutely loved Robotboy. I dreamed to have a robot like him and his skills really amazed me. You can say that (Please dont hate me for this) it somehow is the Astro Boy of my generation (as Astro Boy didnt air), even if they have their differences. I loved it, while some other cartoons like Almost Naked Animals or Chowder bored me.

    Also, fun fact: Go on Youtube and look at Robotboy episodes. A lot of the episodes have 100k, 200k, 300k or more views, the highest almost reaching 2 million views. The majority of these episodes are also ''liked''.

    I don't get why some people hate the show. The show has very mixed opinions, actually. But I absolutely love this show, and it is SO, SO much better than most of the shows today. Hopefully it airs again, and makes a new season :)moreless
  • Why the hate?

    Robotboy is awesome, funny, cool, cute, badass etc. He's not a rip-off, you are just haters! I get enjoyment out of this show 100% of the time, even though they are always repeats, they are still funny and entertaining! I REALLY hope they make more episodes!
  • I'm just going to clear the dust on this...

    This show wasn't exactly a "Rip-off". I've done my homework on the proclaimed "Rip-offies" and you haters are WAY off. The Robotboy series was made in FRANCE not in US. "My life as a teenage robot" didn't even air and France isn't known for owning manga comics or having anime series, (At least that I don't know of) more or less know of "Astro boy". As for you guys are just spitting non-sense, I can name at least 7 characters with irregular shapes for heads and your're comparing just the most commonly used character detail? Look at Jeffery from Clarance, Ed from ed edd n' eddy, Even fucking Spongebob. And another thing, the bullies are SUPPOSED to look alike, thats the JOKE to all of that crap. And comparing RobotBoy to a freakin "PowerPuff"? He's SUPPOSED to look cute and frail, you ninnies, thats the whole point, a small cute, war machine that EVERYONE is after.

    It could use some character back stories (Origins), much longer and convoluted, go for some uncommon minion types, and this show would be a go again. Looking back at the show brought back memories and laughter from it, thats how good it is.

    But the only thing thats unoriginal here are the haters...moreless
  • What's with all the hate? It's a great show to watch in my opinion.

    I'm amazed at how much hate this show gets, it's pretty damn underrated and one of Cn's best in my opinion. I used to watch this show a lot back when it came on and I remember liking it.

    This is about a robot named Robotboy who is a battle machine with dreams of becoming a real boy. Upon hearing of Robotboy's ability to spontaneously change into a fighting machine with the capability to wipe out entire armies, the evil genius Dr. Kamikazi, sets out to find Robotboy with hope of using him to enslave the world. Robotboy is sent to into hiding with Tommy,who with the help of his friends Gus and Lola, teach Robotboy how to become a real boy as they keep him away from Dr. Kamikazi's evil clutches. I don't get why people call this show a rip off of MLAATR because the show's premise doesn't sound similar. I think this show is an interesting robot story with likeable characters and decent storylines that mixes comedy and actions greatly.

    The characters are likeable and have good personalities except for Gus, he was funny occasionally but there was sometimes moments were he would get annoying and acted dumb and gross/was a selfish jerk to his friends, but he didn't prevent me from liking the show. Then there was the protagonist Robotboy who's dreams were to become a real boy, despite not having the ability to speak proper English, I can overlook it since he's a young Robot. He's probably the best character because I found it really cool how he had all those weapons when he became superactivated and he was cute as well. I'd also like to argue how the characters/designs are not rip offs of Other shows. Gus doesn't look like Cartman, despite sounding and acting a bit like him, people say that he's just the childish and gross version of Cartman when Gus is only older than Cartman by 2 years or so. Lola also doesn't look like Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls.

    The plotlines are decent enough, despite taking bits out of other show's prime, it wasn't so unoriginal to the point where they tried to compete with Johnny Test's unoriginality.

    The animation is great and does flow nicely throughout the entire series with the characters moving smooth, especially when an action scene occurs. The art direction was done pretty well and the set designs are decent enough.

    This show was another great show from my childhood, too bad it was short lived. Out of all the shows that were playing when Cartoon Network was still good, this was one of the best, and I'm so angry it got cancelled and hasn't been on TV lately. Despite having a few flaws, I think Robotboy is a great cartoon. Sure, there were a couple bad episodes, and I wouldn't exactly call it a masterpiece unless you're really into shows about Robots, but this show is defanitley worth watching even if you don't like CN.

  • Too much hate?

    Ok, many people think of this as a big... rip-off

    But I personally think even "rip-offs" CAN be good.

    I enjoy this show, a lot to be honest with you. Robotboy is just.... cute, literally, and all the other characters are really likeable (Ok, Gus CAN kiss my precious treasure down there)

    But anyway, I would argue to death that this show did NOT rip-off other shows a lot have mentioned.... I am not lying.

    A scientist created a robot and hides it someplace else from an evil scientist... nope, did not see that elsewhere.

    A random boy gets that robot and the robot considers him as his owner and they become best friends together... did not see that anywhere else either.

    Many people can argue that this show is a rip-off, but I will always talk the other direction, and no one convinces me otherwise.

    I love that show, dazzit, okai?moreless
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