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Robotboy is a battle machine with dreams of becoming a real boy. Upon hearing of Robotboy’s ability to spontaneously change into a fighting machine with the capability to wipe out entire armies, the evil genius Dr. Kamikazi, sets out to find Robotboy with hope of using him to enslave the world. Robotboy is sent to into hiding with a Tommy, who with the help of his friends Gus and Lola, teach Robotboy how to become a real boy as they keep him away from Dr. Kamikazi’s evil clutches.
The series debuted in the U.K in November, each episode airing straight. The series is expected to have 52 episodes which is equal to 26 half hour episodes.

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  • What's with all the hate? It's a great show to watch in my opinion.

    I'm amazed at how much hate this show gets. This show is very underrated in my opinion ans one of Cn's best. I used to watch this show a lot back when it came on Cartoon Network and I remember liking it alot.

    I'd also like to say that how this show is not a rip off of MLAATR. The premise may sound simlar, but I think that some rip offs can be good.

    This show is about a 10 year old boy named Tommy who sends a letter to a professor to get Robotboy and become friends with him. Robotboy also tries becoming a real boy.

    I think this show has decent storylines and relatable characters. Well, one of the unrelatable charecters is Gus. He was rude to his friends and acted dumb and gross, and he was pretty much a Cartman rip off, sometimes he could be funny but other times he was arrogant. All the other characters are fine though. But one problem with Robotboy is that he had trouble speaking proper English, but I can overlook it since he's a robot.

    The humor was alright, however, they use crude humor as a gag sometimes, and alot of its from Gus, but I can overlook it since they didn't go overboard with it amd it was sometimes funny.

    Animation's good and it does flow fluidly through the show, and the artwork is decent.

    This show is very underrated. I don't see how they can get rid of this but crap like Johnny Test gets to stay. I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, unless you're really into shows about robots. But it's defanitley worth watching even if you don't like CN.moreless
  • Too much hate?

    Ok, many people think of this as a big... rip-off

    But I personally think even "rip-offs" CAN be good.

    I enjoy this show, a lot to be honest with you. Robotboy is just.... cute, literally, and all the other characters are really likeable (Ok, Gus CAN kiss my precious treasure down there)

    But anyway, I would argue to death that this show did NOT rip-off other shows a lot have mentioned.... I am not lying.

    A scientist created a robot and hides it someplace else from an evil scientist... nope, did not see that elsewhere.

    A random boy gets that robot and the robot considers him as his owner and they become best friends together... did not see that anywhere else either.

    Many people can argue that this show is a rip-off, but I will always talk the other direction, and no one convinces me otherwise.

    I love that show, dazzit, okai?moreless
  • Rip-off

    This show, is as best put, a big rip-off of a bunch of other TV shows, video games, & manga/anime involving the same premise & concept. Most noticeable Astroboy, Megaman, & My Life as a Teenage Robot. But the show is also just uninteresting, with uncreative, bland & rip-off characters, & a boring execution overall. Enough said.
  • This Show was good

    This was good I really liked it because of the fat boy he was funny as hell it was just like spongebob just with a robot Why people gatin know reason
  • Rips two things.

    What are they ripping off? Megaman and MLAATR.

    Plot: Robotboy, a robot created for unknown purpose by Dr. Moshimo, has decided to send him in safe place because some evil scientist called Dr. Kamikaze, wants to use him to take over the world. He was sent to a boy named Tommy, to keep him safe, and teach him how to act human. They should have explained the purpose of this bot.

    Characters: Tommy, a ripoff of Mac from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Gus is okay, Lola is whiny. His big brother that bullies him is a fattened version of Terrence. Terrence is more awesome and funny, while this one only serves as an annoyance and may make you to wish to beat his face. Robotboy, a rip-off of Jenny's little brother and also Megaman. Protoboy, rip-off of the badass Protoman. *whistles* Robotgirl, is one of the good characters along with Gus. Now when it comes to his school, it's now a rip-off of Fairly OddParents. For example, the bully Kurt? is it kurt? is a rip-off of Francis. and the blond girl is a rip-off of Trixie. Dr. Moshimo and Dr. Kamikaze is very generic. Now on voice acting, some are terrible, some are good.

    Action/Humor value: Humor can be nice at rare times, but most of them are pointless. The action value here is nada because it's kiddish.

    Art: Good, animation is good. A good point of this show.

    Overall: -1.3. If it wasn't for it's ripping off nature, it would be a good show. Now, Megaman is my favorite robot of all times, and I don't like him being ripped-off. Megaman laid foundations among the robotic concepts along with Transformers. See Jenny Wakeman? Her design is a little inspired by Megaman, Megaman X to be exact. See her legs? Compare it from the characters on Megaman X.moreless

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