Season 1 Episode 2

Constabot / Cleaning Day

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Jan 14, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • When we got shown Constabot, we didnt get war and peices shown with it, instead we got cleaning day...

    Cleaning day (I might as well tell you about it, I dont know if it has been shown other there yet))

    Tommy is supposed to clean his room and bunks off to the beach with the G-man, deb (tommy's mum) clears his room of his toys including robotboy and gives them to a adoption home, this kid booker who gets robotboy is a kind of a nerd who is bullyed by 3 other kids. I wont give much else away just incase it will get shown there later...

    Constabot is a good episode though and the same with war and peices.

    Constabot has to be in the top 5 robotboy episodes I have seen (that includes the 2nd series)
  • Cool Episode

    Great episode this episodes about,Constabot In an attempt to impress his boss, Constantine tries to build his own robot, called Constabot, to ensnare Robotboy. Tommy intervenes to save Robotboy from Dr. Kamikazi's evil grasp, but when the tables turn it is Tommy that needs saving! War and PiecesGus bursts into Tommy's room and knocks over Robotboy causing him to loose his aggro-capacitor. Robotboy is unable to fight without it! Tommy must get Robotboy to Professor Moshimo ASAP!
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