Season 1 Episode 1

Dog-Ra / War and Pieces

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Dec 28, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Dog-Ra / War and Pieces
Dog-Ra: Tommy and Gus adopt a lost puppy. However, when Tommy and his family leave Robotboy alone in the house, the dog transforms into a half beast-half machine, with his sights set on Robotboy! War and Pieces: While repairing Robotboy, Tommy accidentally loses the device that allows Robotboy to fight. Now Tommy must get his friend back to Professor Moshimo before someone attacks! Summaries courtesy of CartoonNetwork.commoreless

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  • Gah! The first episode of the horror!

    Robotboy,ahh i used to like this show yeah when it was 2005 and late 2006 now i know how god awful this show is and i know why this show is getting bad reviews it rips off My Life as a Teenage Robot(many people said it was never really watched the show but sounds like crap) and many people say SpongeBob SquarePants is bad this episode(Dog Ra have'nt seen the other one but i bet it's crap) sucked and was the worst way to start the series also that part where Tommy and Robotboy hugged was annoying plus now it's on everything to do with Robotboy also,this show is unfunny and i'd rather watch a teen show than watch this Robotboy is a pain in the neck *tuts* what are kids show coming to these days? this is not a classic. Robotboy makes robots look stupid plus he's not cute he is ugly i am not trying to spam but i can voice my opinion on Robotboy on this since this is the first episode? and i have seen Dog Ra it's awful.moreless
  • I'm glad that Tommy finally trusts his robot pal.

    When Tommy and Gus saw a cute-looking dog on the middle of the road,they save it and took it back home.Tommy and Gus began with an argue about WHO will keep the dog.Tommy wins,and his family also like the dog very,VERY MUCH!Only Robotboy doesn't like the dog and almost attack it!Tommy was angry at Robotboy and took his batteries away.Soon the dog changes into a big,monster dog!It was really D. Kamikazi's another creation to catch Robotboy.When Gus is walking in the park,the monster dog wanna attack him but Robotboy,been put in his batteries,saved Gus and he hid under a bench.Robotboy destroys the monster dog.Once again,D. Kamikazi failed to capture Robotboy.When Tommy apologized to Robotboy and asked for his forgiveness,Robotboy refuses but quickly say that he was just kidding.I just like this episode and learn that never be attracted by someone cute.moreless
  • very first episode i saw

    This is the first episode i saw and it was really funny i instantly fell in love with robotboy any way Tommy finds a puppy on his way home and takes him home with him but Robotboy tries to blast him aand gets into trouble with Tommy. Robotboy tries to tell Tommy that the puppy was "evil" but Tommy just thinks Robotboy is jelous and the next day Tommy makes Robotboy promise to look after "sparky" while he's at school and of course sparky is evil and smashes the house up and Tommy thinks Robotboy did it and deactivates him. and then sparky becomes the monster dog again and Tommy reactivates Robotboy and he defaets sparky. Tommy apoligises to Robotboy for not beliveing him and they friends again. a really cute episode i give it 7/10moreless
  • 10/10.

    Robotboy is a great show the reason why i watch it is because of this great episode its just so freakin funny.If you dont watch Robotboy you really need to because tears come from your eyes RobotBoy Rules.This episodes about,Dog Ra: Tommy finds a dog while walking home and decides to take it home with him, but unknown to Tommy is that this little dog is an evil device created by an evil scientist. TBA: This episode is soposed to be War and Peices


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