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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • The Return of Robotgirl / Momma's Boy
      The Return of Robotgirl: Robotboy's friend and fellow creation of Professor Moshimo, Robotgirl, arrives at Tommy's house suffering from memory damage and bearing a distress message from Moshimo. Momma's Boy: With his headquarters being fumigated, Dr. Kamikazi comes to stay with his mother. When Tommy, Gus and Robotboy come to the house selling magazine subscriptions, Dr. Kamikazi tells his mother to invite them in for dinner. Every time Mrs. Kamikazi turns her back, Dr. Kamikazi and his wiener-dog clones fight to capture Robotboy.moreless
    • The Revenge of Protoboy / Everybody Loves Grandma
      The Revenge of Protoboy: Robotboy's evil twin brother, Protoboy, returns to destroy Robotboy. Robotboy fights him off, but Protoboy isn't done yet. He lures Robotboy back into battle by attacking the cruise ship that Tommy's parents are on. Everybody Loves Grandma: A visit from Tommy's Grandmother is disrupted by a series of attacks from General Yakitori, who's jealous that he doesn't have a family of his own and determined to destroy the happy Turnbull family. Robotboy does his best to defend his adopted family, but after repelling assault after assault, he eventually runs out of battery power. *Summaries courtesy of YTV.commoreless
    • Donny Turnbull's Day Off / Robomonkey Shines
      Donny Turnbull's Day Off: Donny stays home from school to get the inside scoop on Robotboy. Robomonkey Shines: Tommy makes Robotboy a Robomonkey to play with. However, it goes bad and wrecks havoc on the party that Tommy's mom is throwing.
    • Bowling for Dummies / Tween for a Day
      Bowling for Dummies: An ordinary day of fun at the bowling alley turns into high-stakes drama when Tommy, Gus, Lola and Robotboy are challenged to a bowl-off by the villains Dr. Kamikazi and Klaus von Affenkugel. The game becomes a lot more interesting when Gus agrees to give the bad guys Robotboy if they win. Tween for a Day: Professor Moshimo gives Robotboy a cybernetic skin, which enables him to impersonate a real boy for six hours. He dons the skin and heads for school where, unrecognized by anyone, he gains notoriety as the new class clown, but runs afoul of the administration. *Summaries courtesy of YTV.commoreless
    • Udder Madness / Bad Nanny!
      Udder Madness: Tommy and Gus spend a weekend at a ranch, letting Robotboy do all the work. But when an alien tries to abduct Robotboy, the boys have to work together to get him back. Bad Nanny!: Sick of the fooling around that Tommy and Gus do, Tommy's mom hires a nanny to wipe them into shape. It turns out, however, that the nanny is actually Felonius Hex in disguise.moreless
    • I Hero! / Rats!
      I Hero! / Rats!
      Episode 8
      I Hero!: Feeling that Tommy respects the Human Fist more than him, Robotboy becomes his own super hero- Super Herobotboy. However, a reporter advertises that Robotboy is actually an alien and it's up to the G-Man-man to help clear Robotboy's name. Rats!: Dr. Kamikazi comes up with a plan to get inside Tommy and Robotboy's house- he pretends to be a rat exterminator. Unfortunately, Constantine misunderstands Kamikazi's orders and fills Tommy's house with Rats- with Kamikazi inside.moreless
    • Robotboy's Fifteen Minutes / The Old Switcharobot
      Robotboy's Fifteen Minutes: Robotboy stars in a popular Internet video. The Old Switcharobot: Robotboy's evil brother impersonates his sibling to find Professor Moshimo.
    • Knockoffs / Gus's Mix
      Knockoffs: Robotboy clones malfunction and cause trouble. Gus's Mix: Gus takes an ill-advised additive with strange side effects.
    • The Curse of Truckenstein / Robolympics
      The Curse of Truckenstein: At a monster truck ralley, Gus gets sucked in to the legend of Truckenstein... literally. Robolympics: Robotboy faces off against past robot foes in the first ever Robolympics.
    • Aunty Gravitee / Cheezy Fun for Everyone
      Aunty Gravitee: After Gus is abducted by Aunty Gravitee, he forms a special bond with her other "freaks." Cheezy Fun for Everyone: Kamakazi invites Robotboy to celebrate his birthday at a kid-friendly family restaurant, but he has alterior motives.
    • Runaway Robot / Grow - No - Mo!
      [B/]Runaway Robot:[B/] The unthinkable has happened Tommy and Robotboy fall out after an argument so Robotboy moves into Gus's house.[Grow-No-Mo:[B/] Robotboy wants to grow up like Tommy. Then discovers a way but things get out of hand.
    • Vitamin Sucker / Ogbot
      Vitamin Sucker: A crime consultant hired by super-scrawny billionaire Klaus Von Affenkugel creates a "Vitamonger" ray, which sucks the vitamins out of the food supply of the Bay Area and delivers them to Affenkugel. The megadose of nutrients turns him super-strong, but everyone else grows weak from a lack of vitamins. Ogbot: Tommy discovers an old robot, called Ogbot, being thrown out. He takes it home and repairs it only to discover that Ogbot, who was developed for a lunar expedition, believes he's on the moon. Ogbot's attempts to establish a moon base in the Bay Area lead to disaster and Tommy decides to shut him down. However, Robotboy, sympathetic to a fellow robot, refuses to let him. *Summaries Courtesy of YTV.commoreless
    • Gus's Big Mouth / Small Problems
      Gus's Big Mouth: When Tommy makes Gus go to the dentist, the dentist turns out to be Gus's arch-enemy Felonious Hexx. Felonious outfits Gus with a pair of magical teeth that make him insult the wrong people at the wrong time. Soon, Gus is running for his life from a mob of angry tough guys. Small Problems: Robotboy loves Tommy's action figure toys but hates that they can't think or talk. Using the same super processor that powers him, Robotboy gives Tommy's toys intelligence. But when the two toys get a look at the cartoon characters they're based on, they discover they're mortal enemies. *Summaries Courtesy of YTV.commoreless
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