Season 2 Episode 3

Kindergarten Chaos / Robot Girl

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Jul 29, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Kindergarten Chaos / Robot Girl
Kindergarten Chaos: Tommy and Gus sign up to be kindergarten 'book-buddies,' but when Tommy's buddy steals Robotboy, it's a whole new story. Robot Girl: When Professor Moshimo creates Robotgirl as a companion for Robotboy, their mischievous adventures end up getting them in big trouble! Summaries courtesy of CartoonNetwork.commoreless

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  • Robot Girl: Robot Boy visits Moshimo while Tommy goes camping with his family. He meets another robot to play with, and it is a girl.

    That part of the episode was kwaii (cute)! At first, they look like twin sibilings, but I honestly thought Robot Boy and Robot Girl would make a perfect couple. It's just too bed she only appeared in this episode and the other one: The Return of Robot Girl. I wonder if there is a Japanese animated version of this series? If there was Robot Boy and Robot Girl would end up being a lovey dovey couple in the final episode after a great battle with one of his enemies. Or something like that. I wonder if Robot Girl gets to stay with Lola in The Return of Robot Girl? Oh well, cest la vie.moreless
  • YES!!!!! robotboy finally gets a girlfriend. it is sooooo cute to watch them play together. its is sooo cute. the did reveal that robotboy has a sense of love.

    okay, kidergarden thingie is weird but the robot girl she is dooo cute!!!! i always wonderd, who read my mind? that is tottally cool but guess whta. i didnt wacth that episode.

    but i know the summary by memory. its pretty amazing. yes! i cant believe i am so so so right. he does have to love somebdy. cool. aswome. cool. revealing. aswome .ill stop starting right now.
  • Kindergarten Khaos:Tommy and Gus are book buddies in the school kindregarten. Everything's fine until Kamikazi makes trys to capture Robotboy! Robotgirl:Moshimo makes a girl version of Robotboy called Robotgirl while Tommy's gone camping with his fmoreless

    i luv the robotgirl epi 'cause i think she and robotboy make a perfect couple! they hugged, holded hands flied togheter... it's so kewl. i liked how robotboy was trying to protect robotgirl from kamikazi's clones. he's a real gent.

    the other epi's not so kewl. first off: why did tommy had to be book buddy?! normaly that's a detention! i would understand gus having to do it, but tommy?! that's kinda weird, don't u think? tommy turnbull a.k.a. mister short, blond and well-behaved? something's not right! maybe he watching robotboy fight and the principal thought it was him. I dunno!moreless
  • Okay,it's a little bit gross that Robotgirl hugged Robotboy.

    This episode's great.Although I didn't watch "Kindergarden Chaos",I still gonna watch it.Let me tell you.Robotgirl's cute but she's a little bit naughty and never listens to Robotboy and the others.Like eating ice-cream,flying out of the house and break windows.They aren't allow to eat ice-cream,because it causes a mess.Robotgirl defeats Robotboy by threatening him that he's a timid guy,or I mean robot.But still,Robotgirl's appearance really rocks Robotboy's world.Her unknown abilities and knowledge made her look sweet and funny,just like Starfire from "Teen Titans".Starfire didn't understands Earth,so Robotgirl didn't understands everything.That really is good.Fortunately,Robotgirl doesn't know HOW to attack,and Kamikazi thought that she was useless.But,in Robotboy's eyes,she's good enough for him.moreless

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