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  • Best show on CN I have ever seen!

    The show is preety cool and awesome! Some people complain that this show sucks because they say it's a clear rip-off of many other shows such as: Astro Boy, Megaman and My Life as a Teenage Robot. Those people should really get a life for cring out loud! But if they still think it's no good, that's their problem, not mine!

    I think Robotboy is really cute and that story of becoming a real boy, very cute! (kinda like a pinochio spoff too)

    Tommy, real smart and cool and takes the resposabilaty of protecting Robotboy from villians very seriously.

    Lola, very smart and cute, and secret crush for Tommy. (sigh) If only he could pa more attention to her.

    Gus, comical but real greedy at times!
  • robotboy is awsome

    this show is awsome i love robotboy to bits and i think tommy is cool too. robotboy has a emotion chip so he has feelings just like a real person wich is neat. this show has great animation and a really cute plot. robotboy wants to become a real boy bit of a pinnocio spoof there. robotboy and tommy are best friends tommy somtimes calls robotboy \"ro\" for short super cute i hope they keep making this show for at least 2 or 3 series because robotboy is the cutest robotboy ever i\'m gonna give this show 9/10 it just simply excellent.
  • Another of CN's bests.

    Robotboy, Ben 10, & My Gym Partner's A Monkey are the ONLY new shows on CN worth wathcing, in my opinion. Robotboy is a cool show. Robotboy is about a robot who wants to become a real boy. But, he must also fight off the evil Kamakazi (i think thats how its spelled and it is also based off of the real Kamikaze which is a Japanese suicide pilot in World War II) because he wants to rule the world. CN, keep it up.
  • Robotboy is my favourite TV show, and I would watch it over anything else.

    Robotboy is a blue and white battle robot with three distinct modes. Deactivated, activated, and superactived. In his deactivated mode he becomes so small he can fit in a backpack, in active mode he is about the same size as a child, and in superactive mode he becomes about 4 times as big as a normal child.
    He was created by Prof. Moshimo, a balding genius, but when word got out, a little known \'genius\', Dr. Kamikazi, tryed to steal him. Moshimo gave Robotboy to Tommy, in a hope to protect him.
    Tommy and Robotboy quickly became best friends, and continue to thwart Kamikazi\'s attempts to capture him to this very day...
  • This is one of the best cartoons of 2005 (even thought it came in November)

    This was first shown in November of 2005 (for nearly a whole month at 5:30pm. Even from the previews of the show (5 seconds of them) the show looked awesome.

    Its basically about a boy who has a smart intelligent robot giving to him for safe keeping from proffessor moshimo. And they have to try and keep him from being re-programmed by Doctor Kamikazi and his assistant Constantine.

    The animation is good, the voices are good as well.

    I hope they continue to keep making this cartoon as it is one of the most original shows shown on Cartoon Network right now.

  • Its not bad.

    Pkay. so maybe its a little like my life as a teenage robot but this show is better. WAYY BETTER! It's actually pretty good for a copy of mlaatr. My Life as a Teenage Robot was absolutely horrible so i think we can all agree that this is better. I say you should watch. It is actually pretty funny plus robotboy is so cute-for a robot that is.
  • The future looks good for this show.

    Yeah, so I've only seen a few episodes of this show. That still doesn't change the fact that I think it's a great show. The characters are all original, and hold some tinges of other characters. Tommy, for example, looks a lot like Mac from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. Ro' looks like a mix of Bubbles (PPG) and XJ9 (My Life as a Teenage Robot.) Gus (a.k.a. the "G-Man") looks, and sounds, a lot like everyone's favorite fatboy, Cartman. The villans are pretty good, but they could use some tweaking. The main characters (Tommy, Gus, Lola and Ro') need no tweaking; whoever made this show hit it right on the bullseye.

    You may think this a blip on the radar, but this'll go from "under the radar" to "fan favorite" in no time!

    9.5 outta 10

    Double Trouble Tom
  • Much better than "My Life As A Teenage Robot".

    Unlike "My Life As A Teenage Robot", Robotboy, a similar but better show, is CN's own version of Nick's robot Heroine.

    The story revolves around ten yr old Tommy Turnbull and his robot companion Robotboy, whom, along with Gus (G-Man) and Lola, must fend off Dr. Kamikaze, who intends to use Robotboy for world domination, as well as his sidekick Constantine.

    With a mixed of traditional and flash animation, a creative story, and a setting that makes sense, Robotboy has seem to gain acceptance the minute it made its debut.
  • It's okay.

    It's not a perfect show and it only has room to progeress. This and Ben 10 are the two better of the new shows Cartoon Network sent to air now.

    I can only judge the show from the first episode and all I can say is that it is a good show and you should try and watch it.

  • Needs work, and lots of work.

    It's too predictable. The humor has been used on about 20 other shows, and it just lacks in many ways. The animation and colors are okay, and soemtimes computer animatio is used, but usually does not match anythign around it. The characters are so so, and the family of the main charcter has been used on problably every sitcom since 1980. Just tweak the show.
  • I show about a robot who wants to become a real boy!.........Pinocio, anyone?

    Okay, lets get cracking...
    The opening theme will make you change the channel. Plus, if this is your first time seeing the show, it tells you the plot in the theme.....not helping
    The plot is unorginal. It's about a scienctist named mochimo who created the worlds most powerful robot named (ironicly...) Robotboy. But then this dude named DR.K and his clones try to take away robotboy to make him take over the world. So then he sends him somewhere safe....somewhere he can learn to be a true boy....a true robotboy!..................WHAT!!!!
    This is what really pisses me off...None of the characters have orginal personalities.we'll start with Robotboy. He's this robot thats battery powered (yes...) and strong and stuff. I don't get it. mochimo built robotboy for no reason. the show doesn't tell you why he built robotboy. Plus he runs on frikin' BATTERIES. two AA batteries!!! stupid right? Tommy, mochimo's "biggest fan" is the boy who gets the robot. Tommy doesn't do anything but fall out of the sky and get his ass saved by robotboy. and he's a blonde Mac.
    Lola's the rich african girl with blue eye's that looks like a PPG. and she acts like she doesn't need friends.
    And Gus....don't get me started on gus. He the fat ass gross Cartman rip-off thats suposed to be the comic relief. All he does is fart and eat...haha thats funny (not!!!) He's more gross to look at then to laugh at. There's some other characters too, like Tommy's Mom (her butt is WAYYYYY to big for children XD), his frog like brother, and the antagoinsts (just as bad as the main characters)
    Overall: it's basicly 22 min of nothing. Its the same thing every episode....tommy gets a package, its a trap, he falls out of the sky, robotboy saves him, gus farts, the end.
  • Ok I just think this show stinks.

    Like what the heck is this, seriously man. It's all about the yellow hair blonde Mac-headed boy named Tommy, then he wrote a letter then he said in mind "your biggest fan Tommy Turnbull" and send it to white punk-haired professor named Professor Mashimo who created the robot and called the robot named "Robotboy" he is programmed to save from crime and stuff. Robotboy dreamed to become a real boy, so what? is like Pinocchio, right? He had two friends, there were Gus and Lola. And the villain of the show is Dr. Kamikazee his goal is to get RobotBoy to slave people and stuff

    It was ok....

    Ok, but Gus, he's always acting such a jerk to people and animals including his friends too.

    The humor is isn't very good, seriously and it has a disgusting humor on it like Gus was taking a fart ughhh disgusting.


    Overall: Poor
    Bad and disgusting humor, ok characters but not Gus, ok animation and unoriginal plots and episodes as you speak. This isn't good enough.
  • This Show was good

    This was good I really liked it because of the fat boy he was funny as hell it was just like spongebob just with a robot Why people gatin know reason
  • Robotboy may be under the radar now, but things will change soon.

    The show is what I call awesome. Next to the Eds , Billy and Mandy, Camp Lazlo and Code Lyoko, this is one of my favorite shows. I always have to watch it on Sunday because I wake up late on Saturday. The characters, though sometimes half witted, are good and funny at sometimes. The villain, Dr. Kamikazi only wants Robotboy to take over the world. Along with his assistant Constantine, he tries a handful of attempts to get Robotboy but constantly fails. He never gives up though. The animation may be simplified, but a lot of other things make up for it though. Overall, this show is good. If you si down and watch it, you might be supprised or impressed
  • Too much hate?

    Ok, many people think of this as a big... rip-off

    But I personally think even "rip-offs" CAN be good.

    I enjoy this show, a lot to be honest with you. Robotboy is just.... cute, literally, and all the other characters are really likeable (Ok, Gus CAN kiss my precious treasure down there)

    But anyway, I would argue to death that this show did NOT rip-off other shows a lot have mentioned.... I am not lying.

    A scientist created a robot and hides it someplace else from an evil scientist... nope, did not see that elsewhere.

    A random boy gets that robot and the robot considers him as his owner and they become best friends together... did not see that anywhere else either.

    Many people can argue that this show is a rip-off, but I will always talk the other direction, and no one convinces me otherwise.

    I love that show, dazzit, okai?
  • ...and yet another unoriginal show made for money-making purposes

    I really don't get why the creators are giving us such rubbish shows! I've seen this, and I was not impressed at all. The main character, Tommy is just annoying, and his best friend is even more annoying! Robotboy is just a rip-off from Jenny from the TV series "My Life as a Teenage Robot". No, I don't like that show either, but this show is just so similar to it, it's unbelieveable!

    The animation style? Yawn! The style has been used many times before. Where's the creativity? What I'm trying to say is that I'm sick of these superhero shows that try to be cool! Trust me, this just isn't.

    If you want to see a proper good superhero show, watch Teen Titans. That show is very good! This, however isn't worthy of my time!
  • Very emotional TV show. Theres also so many funny, sad or happy sences to it. People who are new to this, WATCH IT! :D

    Cartoon network has made a master piece of a cartoon this year. Some scenes are funny, sad, and happy! Your feeling changes when Robotboy starts! Awsome graphics, well designed characters, and most of all cool. I hope this cartoon never gets took down. Also Tara Strong is a great actor! The colours change nearly every second like lights on a camera display. They made some characters ugly, fat, wierd, cute(only 2), and just plain cheerful. This really IS a kid's favourite. So much laughter and giggling when watching, and my brother even cried when something happened to Robotboy! 100/10 for sure.
  • Robotboy Rules

    This is really a great show,i agree with Spongeyfan i give Robotboy a 10/10 because the characters are funny.The best character is robotboy and the funniest character is Gus.I want everybody to watch robotboy.its not the best show in cartoon network or cn but i want everybody to still watch Robotboy.
  • Robotboy, hate this show, Ha Ha just kidding, It's a terrific show with a Robot acting like a boy.

    Robotboy, hate this show, Ha Ha just kidding, It's a terrific show with a Robot acting like a boy.

    Unlike the Powerpuff Girls, he can kick butt and beat them up.

    With his owner Tommy Turnbull keeps him like a toy, cool I wish I could have him like a toy.
  • Not really the best show about robots, but it could be worse.

    "Robotboy is a battle machine with dreams of becoming a real boy"

    The show's alright, though it could use some work.

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  • This show is somewhat decent.

    Okay, ever since this show was released in the US for a while, I have seen it. And what do I think of this show? It's adequate. Not a bad show, but it's not great either.

    All right, think of this show as Pinnochio mixed with Astro Boy and Mega Man. It's about a robot named Robotboy who wants to be human. Robotboy was sent to Tommy Turnbull by Prof. Moshimo because the Professor fears that Dr. Kamikazi plans to use Robotboy for evil. It's your basic good vs. evil story. Nothing special.

    The characters in the show are pretty good, though not quite as good. For instance, Tommy Turnbull looks a lot like a blond Mac from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends while Gus, aka, G-Man, acts like Cartman from South Park if you get rid of the cursing. Also, Lola sort of looks like Ami from HHPAY, but that's about it. Oh, and Robotboy reminds me of Astro Boy and Mega Man if they had broken English.

    Now, this show may be good, but on the other hand it does not do well due to the repetitive plot in some episodes. Also, there's some slight adult humor in the show involving gross body humor, big butts (i.e. Debbie Turnbull, Tommy's mom), and other stuff. Overall, this show is average. Not bad or good. Just average. I would recommend it if you want a good laugh or if you are a fan of this show.
  • Robotboy is a pretty decent cartoon and isn't as bad as most people say (I mean the rating is a 7.0 average for crying out loud!).

    Believe it or not, this show isn't horrible, but not as good as other shows like Ben 10 or Avatar. First of all, the idea of a robot who fights crime and learns the ways of life, doesn't that sound like it's been done several times already? Anyways, I'm really shocked that people rate this lower than a 3, does it really suck that bad!? I don't think so, but it's not going to blow you away or become your favorite show unless you really love shows about robots. Yeah the jokes are crude and there are some pretty inappropriate moments and the way they portray the villains and bullies is either surreal or for dark comic relief. Anyways I do like the visual style to the show, it reminds me of several other cartoons from the 90s (Dexter's Lab, The Powerpuff Girls, etc.) as well as older shows from the 60s. (Astroboy, The Jetsons, etc.) A word of advice, please at least see this show once and if you don't like it then that's OK, this show is not for everyone but saying this show is horrible is basically saying that the Europeans have not talent when it comes to animation and this show is not racist either. So with that said, please check out Robotboy. Hey, at least it's better than Out of Jimmy's Head and Squirrel Boy which neither of those two shows have a fanbase unlike Robotboy.

    Please try to watch at least one episode, it ain't that bad. Seriously, to all the haters: If you want a cartoon that is overplayed too much on Cartoon Network and really sucks review Squirrel Boy, it's defiantly worth a 1.5 that's for sure!
  • Seems kind of like a male version of "My Life as a Teenage Robot".

    It's not really a bad show or anything, it just seems a bit unoriginal. It's actually quite similar to "My Life as a Teenage Robot", except with a male character this time instead of a girl. The character even sorta looks like Jenny (or XJ9) from MLAATR. Plus, he wants to be a real boy, same with Jenny (except she wants to be a girl). But other then that the show doesn't seem to bad, maybe not something I'd watch everyday, but really good for some people. I'd have to say if you like MLAATR or Astro Boy, you'd probably might like this too.
  • This cartoon brings shame to France and Great Britain!!!!

    Title: Well, it's really nice I must agree.

    Theme song: nah, seen better....

    Story: A robot who lives with a blonde nerd and whants to become reall boy(as if it's posible). Well, not bad, I guess...

    Art: really really really bad! Tommys head is a square, Gus(blah! I hate him >:( ) has no neck, the annoying girl has such a bad hirdo that she can't see right. And the main star - robot has a head which is FOUR times BIGGER than the rest of his body!!!! Oh! Almost forgot - the main villain is JAPANESE!!!!

    Humour: SUX!!!!!! The creators probably think that the only way to make children laugh is fart jokes. Seriously! It is just to gross to watch!!!

    Misc: another thing for what I hate this piece of **** is violence. Violence not to people offcourse, but to animals!!!! That idiot japanese guy, who has a terrible name tortures defencless animals! In one episode he makes a gerbil really big and ugly, and then the gerbil falls into the lava, is that funny to you? If it is, you are the cruelest human alive.

    In conclusion: if you know anyone who watches this show - stay away from him! He likes to torture animals, make stupid jokes and farts all day...
  • Clever and well animated cartoon!

    this is the only Brillent show on CN it is clever and very well animated although tommys head is squere and most of the charictars are dumb and odd shaped robotboy himself or itself is very well drawn and designed that is why i love the charictar robotboy more then i like the show itself oh and also the show is way to short what im trying to say is that Robotboy is one of the best charictars in history of cartoon network..(coming in next to the mask) he is cute, loveable not to mention the most powerfull robot ever (thats not just an opinoun it is fact that robotboy is the most powerfull robot ever) and just one last thing about the show the main villin kamakazi or however you spell it is pathetic yes but who cares personally i only watch the show to see the robotboy charictar it is one of the best shows ever Thanks for reading =)
  • Cute Robo!

    Robotboy is a battle machine with dreams of becoming a real boy. Upon hearing of Robotboy’s ability to spontaneously change into a fighting machine with the capability to wipe out entire armies, the evil genius Dr. Kamikazi, sets out to find Robotboy with hope of using him to enslave the world. Robotboy is sent to into hiding with a Tommy, who with the help of his friends Gus and Lola, teach Robotboy how to become a real boy as they keep him away from Dr. Kamikazi’s evil clutches. Watch him action.
  • I like this show....


    ....for all you people that are saying that it follows the usual story line about the kids keeping secrets from their parents, and the villians are crazy and have armies of whatever, you are forgetting about where Robotboy comes from...It's in the opening!! There's this guy that creates this thing and sends him away so he can be a real boy...a real robot boy....I don't remember THAT part of the story being ripped off,

    They need to show Robotboy more... And it is a little boring, but It seems that it is more liked than I thought it would be. And that guy does look like Mac, from Foster's Home For Immaginary Friends, except that his hair is longer. That kid, and the rest of this cartoon reminds me of Tom & Jerry when Chuck Jones produced it. I like that.

    I hope they keep this show for a while.
  • this is kinda cool show

    well robot boy is sortta cool but twt is cooler
    lets see, tommy is a boy who owns robotboy and his friends lola and gus help watch him. some times kamakazi trys to steal robot boy. so i like the episode when tommy gave lola the ring and when bambi was replaced by kamakazi using him to get robotvoy.
  • What's with all the hate? It's a great show to watch in my opinion.

    I'm amazed at how much hate this show gets, it's pretty damn underrated and one of Cn's best in my opinion. I used to watch this show a lot back when it came on and I remember liking it.

    This is about a robot named Robotboy who is a battle machine with dreams of becoming a real boy. Upon hearing of Robotboy's ability to spontaneously change into a fighting machine with the capability to wipe out entire armies, the evil genius Dr. Kamikazi, sets out to find Robotboy with hope of using him to enslave the world. Robotboy is sent to into hiding with Tommy,who with the help of his friends Gus and Lola, teach Robotboy how to become a real boy as they keep him away from Dr. Kamikazi's evil clutches. I don't get why people call this show a rip off of MLAATR because the show's premise doesn't sound similar. I think this show is an interesting robot story with likeable characters and decent storylines that mixes comedy and actions greatly.

    The characters are likeable and have good personalities except for Gus, he was funny occasionally but there was sometimes moments were he would get annoying and acted dumb and gross/was a selfish jerk to his friends, but he didn't prevent me from liking the show. Then there was the protagonist Robotboy who's dreams were to become a real boy, despite not having the ability to speak proper English, I can overlook it since he's a young Robot. He's probably the best character because I found it really cool how he had all those weapons when he became superactivated and he was cute as well. I'd also like to argue how the characters/designs are not rip offs of Other shows. Gus doesn't look like Cartman, despite sounding and acting a bit like him, people say that he's just the childish and gross version of Cartman when Gus is only older than Cartman by 2 years or so. Lola also doesn't look like Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls.

    The plotlines are decent enough, despite taking bits out of other show's prime, it wasn't so unoriginal to the point where they tried to compete with Johnny Test's unoriginality.

    The animation is great and does flow nicely throughout the entire series with the characters moving smooth, especially when an action scene occurs. The art direction was done pretty well and the set designs are decent enough.

    This show was another great show from my childhood, too bad it was short lived. Out of all the shows that were playing when Cartoon Network was still good, this was one of the best, and I'm so angry it got cancelled and hasn't been on TV lately. Despite having a few flaws, I think Robotboy is a great cartoon. Sure, there were a couple bad episodes, and I wouldn't exactly call it a masterpiece unless you're really into shows about Robots, but this show is defanitley worth watching even if you don't like CN.

  • But this show really kicks MLAATR's butt!

    This show was first introduced in the UK until it soon came to America and seen every episode of this show and yet it's okay and it features many stuff from any other superhero show and what if you compare this to My Life As A Teenage Robot?

    My Life As A Teenage Robot
    Basically the only weakness to this show is that it features teenage stuff and characters are yetly unnatrual to the show and maybe it's a good thing that this show is on Hitaus becaus-

    And overall Robotboy really kicks butt for sure and for the second time...

    It's okay
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