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  • Robotboy is a pretty decent cartoon and isn't as bad as most people say (I mean the rating is a 7.0 average for crying out loud!).

    Believe it or not, this show isn't horrible, but not as good as other shows like Ben 10 or Avatar. First of all, the idea of a robot who fights crime and learns the ways of life, doesn't that sound like it's been done several times already? Anyways, I'm really shocked that people rate this lower than a 3, does it really suck that bad!? I don't think so, but it's not going to blow you away or become your favorite show unless you really love shows about robots. Yeah the jokes are crude and there are some pretty inappropriate moments and the way they portray the villains and bullies is either surreal or for dark comic relief. Anyways I do like the visual style to the show, it reminds me of several other cartoons from the 90s (Dexter's Lab, The Powerpuff Girls, etc.) as well as older shows from the 60s. (Astroboy, The Jetsons, etc.) A word of advice, please at least see this show once and if you don't like it then that's OK, this show is not for everyone but saying this show is horrible is basically saying that the Europeans have not talent when it comes to animation and this show is not racist either. So with that said, please check out Robotboy. Hey, at least it's better than Out of Jimmy's Head and Squirrel Boy which neither of those two shows have a fanbase unlike Robotboy.

    Please try to watch at least one episode, it ain't that bad. Seriously, to all the haters: If you want a cartoon that is overplayed too much on Cartoon Network and really sucks review Squirrel Boy, it's defiantly worth a 1.5 that's for sure!
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