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  • Robotboy is a very good show, here's why

    It can be pleased by anyone. Not everyone has the same tastes nor the same interests. But to be honest, the reasons why people don't like that show disappoint me a little, because Robotboy is one of my favorite shows ever. I'll proove to you why are some of these reasons are actually... ridiculous.

    Why do people dislike this show:

    - ''The show is a rip-off''

    The most common one of the bunch. It is considered to be a rip-off mainly of MLAATR and Astro Boy, when all of these are actually VERY different. The only thing common about them is that they are all robots who wish to become human and they all fight crime. Astro Boy is a robot who is an attempt of reviving a little boy, Toby, who died (in a car crash in the 80's show version, killed by a robot in the 2009 movie). Jenny and Robotboy are both inventions created by their creator, not based on someone specific. Jenny is based on a female teenager, while Robotboy is based on a male child. Also, notice that Jenny is known and seen by everyone and even goes to school, while Robotboy isnt allowed to be shown in public, because it's dangerous and he is searched by many people for bad intentions. Moshimo actually sends Robotboy to Tommy because he wants Robotboy to live like a real boy, with a real boy. And he didn't send him to someone random, because Tommy has high knowledge in technology and he happens to be his biggest fan. Yes it may be based on some shows, but not because someone made a show about robots with human feelings, doesnt mean we can't do it again.

    - ''The characters aren't original''

    Please, oh please. The characters are very well designed and have different personalities that make the show interesting. Robotboy is an adorable, yet powerful robot who doesn't even look human and wants to live like one, still. Lola has the character of a little girl who hangs out with guys, no wonder why she can whine lots of times. Gus, well, he's actually representing a lot of cartoon characters. Disgusting things such as boogers, poo and other stuff like that are REAAAALLY common in shows. Robotboy shows a little, but not as much as some other cartoons. Disgusting things only appear when Gus is around. Besides, not everyone has to be this adorable child who knows everything. His personality is a lot like Cartman, I agree. But if he had to be nice and cheerful with Robotboy like Tommy and Lola are, then it would be boring. Someone acting the wrong way towards a robot is actually amusing and gives a stronger personality. As for Tommy, people complain about his square head that looks like Mac's. Uh hello? A LOT of characters are deformed. Look at Phineas from Phineas and Ferb, his head is a freaking triangle. And his family also seem to despise him, but it is common for the main characters to not get along with the family. Here, Donnie seems to be the biggest problem. His dad is a jerk to him, but sometimes he is on Tommy's side. And the mother, well, she mostly protects Tommy too. So if these characters aren't original, then neither of any other characters in cartoons.

    - ''The episodes are very repetitive''

    Now that. I can proove you very wrong. Let's take a look on Phineas and Ferb, one of the most beloved cartoons. It's always the same season in every episode, which already doesn't widden ideas. It starts out as an idea they have which they want to make (always starting with ''Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!''), their sister trying to bust them out, their friends helping them while they sing a little song and the whole invention vanishes by the end, making Candace look crazy in front of her parents. Not to mention Perry's adventures with his evil rival. Trust me, we haven't seen the episode, yet we know it by heart. Same goes for My Little Pony, another very popular cartoon. It's a bit more varied, but still the same message most of the time: something starts a problem, they try fixing it and Twilight sends a letter on what she has learned about friendship. The only episodes who really are different are the seasons premieres and finales. Robotboy does get repetitive too, I admit. But some episodes can end in a different twist too, (WARNING, SPOILERS) like in 'Cleaning Day', when Robotboy doesn't even fight of the episode, or in 'Robot Love' when he refuses to fight Mona because he loves her (until he sees her hurting Tommy, then he goes berzerk), or in 'Grow-No-Mo' when the main focus was him trying to grow up, and he didnt even fight either. A lot of episodes actually make Robotboy fight differently too. So, the fact that all the episodes are repetitive is WRONG!

    In conclusion, Robotboy may not be the most popular show, and it isnt the first show to feature a robot wannabe human, but the show is enjoyable, fun, and unfortunately very underappreciated. Cartoons like Jimmy Two Shoes, Almost Naked Animals, Problem Solverz and many more unfortunately seem to take the top over Robotboy. As a kid, I absolutely loved Robotboy. I dreamed to have a robot like him and his skills really amazed me. You can say that (Please dont hate me for this) it somehow is the Astro Boy of my generation (as Astro Boy didnt air), even if they have their differences. I loved it, while some other cartoons like Almost Naked Animals or Chowder bored me.

    Also, fun fact: Go on Youtube and look at Robotboy episodes. A lot of the episodes have 100k, 200k, 300k or more views, the highest almost reaching 2 million views. The majority of these episodes are also ''liked''.

    I don't get why some people hate the show. The show has very mixed opinions, actually. But I absolutely love this show, and it is SO, SO much better than most of the shows today. Hopefully it airs again, and makes a new season :)
  • Why the hate?

    Robotboy is awesome, funny, cool, cute, badass etc. He's not a rip-off, you are just haters! I get enjoyment out of this show 100% of the time, even though they are always repeats, they are still funny and entertaining! I REALLY hope they make more episodes!
  • I'm just going to clear the dust on this...

    This show wasn't exactly a "Rip-off". I've done my homework on the proclaimed "Rip-offies" and you haters are WAY off. The Robotboy series was made in FRANCE not in US. "My life as a teenage robot" didn't even air and France isn't known for owning manga comics or having anime series, (At least that I don't know of) more or less know of "Astro boy". As for you guys are just spitting non-sense, I can name at least 7 characters with irregular shapes for heads and your're comparing just the most commonly used character detail? Look at Jeffery from Clarance, Ed from ed edd n' eddy, Even fucking Spongebob. And another thing, the bullies are SUPPOSED to look alike, thats the JOKE to all of that crap. And comparing RobotBoy to a freakin "PowerPuff"? He's SUPPOSED to look cute and frail, you ninnies, thats the whole point, a small cute, war machine that EVERYONE is after.

    It could use some character back stories (Origins), much longer and convoluted, go for some uncommon minion types, and this show would be a go again. Looking back at the show brought back memories and laughter from it, thats how good it is.

    But the only thing thats unoriginal here are the haters...
  • What's with all the hate? It's a great show to watch in my opinion.

    I'm amazed at how much hate this show gets, it's pretty damn underrated and one of Cn's best in my opinion. I used to watch this show a lot back when it came on and I remember liking it.

    This is about a robot named Robotboy who is a battle machine with dreams of becoming a real boy. Upon hearing of Robotboy's ability to spontaneously change into a fighting machine with the capability to wipe out entire armies, the evil genius Dr. Kamikazi, sets out to find Robotboy with hope of using him to enslave the world. Robotboy is sent to into hiding with Tommy,who with the help of his friends Gus and Lola, teach Robotboy how to become a real boy as they keep him away from Dr. Kamikazi's evil clutches. I don't get why people call this show a rip off of MLAATR because the show's premise doesn't sound similar. I think this show is an interesting robot story with likeable characters and decent storylines that mixes comedy and actions greatly.

    The characters are likeable and have good personalities except for Gus, he was funny occasionally but there was sometimes moments were he would get annoying and acted dumb and gross/was a selfish jerk to his friends, but he didn't prevent me from liking the show. Then there was the protagonist Robotboy who's dreams were to become a real boy, despite not having the ability to speak proper English, I can overlook it since he's a young Robot. He's probably the best character because I found it really cool how he had all those weapons when he became superactivated and he was cute as well. I'd also like to argue how the characters/designs are not rip offs of Other shows. Gus doesn't look like Cartman, despite sounding and acting a bit like him, people say that he's just the childish and gross version of Cartman when Gus is only older than Cartman by 2 years or so. Lola also doesn't look like Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls.

    The plotlines are decent enough, despite taking bits out of other show's prime, it wasn't so unoriginal to the point where they tried to compete with Johnny Test's unoriginality.

    The animation is great and does flow nicely throughout the entire series with the characters moving smooth, especially when an action scene occurs. The art direction was done pretty well and the set designs are decent enough.

    This show was another great show from my childhood, too bad it was short lived. Out of all the shows that were playing when Cartoon Network was still good, this was one of the best, and I'm so angry it got cancelled and hasn't been on TV lately. Despite having a few flaws, I think Robotboy is a great cartoon. Sure, there were a couple bad episodes, and I wouldn't exactly call it a masterpiece unless you're really into shows about Robots, but this show is defanitley worth watching even if you don't like CN.

  • Too much hate?

    Ok, many people think of this as a big... rip-off

    But I personally think even "rip-offs" CAN be good.

    I enjoy this show, a lot to be honest with you. Robotboy is just.... cute, literally, and all the other characters are really likeable (Ok, Gus CAN kiss my precious treasure down there)

    But anyway, I would argue to death that this show did NOT rip-off other shows a lot have mentioned.... I am not lying.

    A scientist created a robot and hides it someplace else from an evil scientist... nope, did not see that elsewhere.

    A random boy gets that robot and the robot considers him as his owner and they become best friends together... did not see that anywhere else either.

    Many people can argue that this show is a rip-off, but I will always talk the other direction, and no one convinces me otherwise.

    I love that show, dazzit, okai?
  • Rip-off

    This show, is as best put, a big rip-off of a bunch of other TV shows, video games, & manga/anime involving the same premise & concept. Most noticeable Astroboy, Megaman, & My Life as a Teenage Robot. But the show is also just uninteresting, with uncreative, bland & rip-off characters, & a boring execution overall. Enough said.
  • This Show was good

    This was good I really liked it because of the fat boy he was funny as hell it was just like spongebob just with a robot Why people gatin know reason
  • Rips two things.

    What are they ripping off? Megaman and MLAATR.

    Plot: Robotboy, a robot created for unknown purpose by Dr. Moshimo, has decided to send him in safe place because some evil scientist called Dr. Kamikaze, wants to use him to take over the world. He was sent to a boy named Tommy, to keep him safe, and teach him how to act human. They should have explained the purpose of this bot.

    Characters: Tommy, a ripoff of Mac from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Gus is okay, Lola is whiny. His big brother that bullies him is a fattened version of Terrence. Terrence is more awesome and funny, while this one only serves as an annoyance and may make you to wish to beat his face. Robotboy, a rip-off of Jenny's little brother and also Megaman. Protoboy, rip-off of the badass Protoman. *whistles* Robotgirl, is one of the good characters along with Gus. Now when it comes to his school, it's now a rip-off of Fairly OddParents. For example, the bully Kurt? is it kurt? is a rip-off of Francis. and the blond girl is a rip-off of Trixie. Dr. Moshimo and Dr. Kamikaze is very generic. Now on voice acting, some are terrible, some are good.

    Action/Humor value: Humor can be nice at rare times, but most of them are pointless. The action value here is nada because it's kiddish.

    Art: Good, animation is good. A good point of this show.

    Overall: -1.3. If it wasn't for it's ripping off nature, it would be a good show. Now, Megaman is my favorite robot of all times, and I don't like him being ripped-off. Megaman laid foundations among the robotic concepts along with Transformers. See Jenny Wakeman? Her design is a little inspired by Megaman, Megaman X to be exact. See her legs? Compare it from the characters on Megaman X.
  • This show is really dumb and stupid!

    About this robot thing who can turn into a killing machine, and who dreams of becoming a real boy. But an evil genius named Dr. Kamikaze wants to use the robot so he can take over the world, or whatever.Just enslave everyone. But the robot has got to hide before anything bad happens to him. Along the way, he finds a boy and his friends and the boy decides to keep him. Then, they all have adventures while trying to hide the robot from Dr. Kamikaze. This show sucks for a few reasons:1.I don't know, the whole show sounds just plain lame, and yes I have watched it, thank you! 2.Crappy plot. I think I have heard half of this before. 3.Just flat-out gay It could spoil the potential for Cartoon Network. So, if you have never heard of this, or seen it, then don't even take a tiny glimpse at it, because you could be hypnotized into liking a complete piece of crap!
  • Used to like this show!


    I watched this show first back when it first aired and quite enjoyed it I would then watch it when I stayed at my grans at one in the morning then when I got to old to stay at my grans I had only watched it the odd time after this. I think this show is a good robot hero story with funny characters and some episodes have good storys. I would overall say it's worth a chance to watch a few episodes to see if you like it!

  • To be honest, if I were to think of a more unoriginal, mundane and just overall more annoying TV show I'd have a hard time.

    Takes itself too seriously, whilst being a bore and a general annoyance. I am writing this as I am watching it.

    So, there's this incredibly wussy kid by the name of 'Tommy' who gets victimised by little girls. Then there's this deranged madman who sounds like a bad impression of Adolf Hitler on a Saturday night. Uggh... The voices. Those horrible, wretched voices. Akin to repeatedly scratch nails on a chalkboard. We've also got this incredibly whiny Cartman-esque wimp who is a narcissistic asshat. Terrible.

    In conclusion, this show is just bad. It takes elements of Transformers and South Park and screws up what made those shows good.
  • This Show Is Loved

    This Cartoon Is The One Best Of Robot's Creativity Who Have Creation Ever.Robotboy Maybe Look Normal Robot But He 's Conceal His Superweapon(Superactivate) To Show One's Capability Of This Uncommon Robot.
    Robotboy is a pretty decent cartoon and isn't as bad as most people say.
    Clever and well animated cartoon!
    Robot Boy" isn't as bad as some others here make it, but it's not exactly must-see, either.
    It's not really a bad show or anything, it just seems a bit unoriginal. It's actually quite similar to "My Life as a Teenage Robot", except with a male character this time instead of a girl. The character even sorta looks like Jenny (or XJ9) from MLAATR. Plus, he wants to be a real boy, same with Jenny (except she wants to be a girl). But other then that the show doesn't seem to bad, maybe not something I'd watch everyday, but really good for some people. I'd have to say if you like MLAATR or Astro Boy, you'd probably might like this too. Robotboy is my favourite TV show, and I would watch it over anything else.
    Robotboy is a blue and white battle robot with three distinct modes. Deactivated, activated, and superactived. In his deactivated mode he becomes so small he can fit in a backpack, in active mode he is about the same size as a child, and in superactive mode he becomes about 4 times as big as a normal child.
    He was created by Prof. Moshimo, a balding genius, but when word got out, a little known 'genius', Dr. Kamikazi, tryed to steal him. Moshimo gave Robotboy to Tommy, in a hope to protect him.
    Tommy and Robotboy quickly became best friends, and continue to thwart Kamikazi's attempts to capture him to this very day...
    A boy that is a robot who in there right mind cares?Tommy goes different places and has different adventures but in every one so far the robotboy always saves the city
  • Robotgirl was the only thing about this show I liked, and the art direction. The plot's My Life as a Teenage Robot--with her robot brother.

    Wow. Robots wanting to be real humans-where have we heard that before? Oh yeah...My Life as a Teenage Robot. Everything about the show is a ripoff of MLAATR--Gus=Tuck, Lola=short Brad, Tommy=Mac from Foster's, just blond. Robotboy=Jenny's little brother. Or cousin. The voices are all annoying-which is a VERY bad combination with awesome/sub-par animation, your mileage definitely varies. The mad scientist is like Nora Wakeman's dad--his daughter's less annoying than him, if he is her father. Robotgirl was pretty much the only good thing about this ripoff I did like and I'm surprised it has returned. My apologies to the people who actually like this show, but it just didn't mesh.


    b. impson
  • Been there done that, and now there's more of it.

    When you think of good shows about robots you often think Transformers, MLaaTR, and so on. However if you think of any bad robot shows most likely you think of Robotboy. Robotboy has got to be one of the most predictable, unoriginal, and uninspired shows to ever exist on the face of the Earth. The show is about a kid named Tommy Turnbull who writes a letter to Professor Moshimo and asks him about his newest invention. Professor Moshimo decides to send Tommy his latest invention Robotboy, a machine that was built to save the world. With his friends Gus, and Lola Tommy and Robotboy must fight a variety of villains, but the one they are after the most is Dr. Kamikaze. Now I can usually overlook shows with premises that have been done to death, but have new stuff in it, but not only does this show fail to do so it also throws in every cliche in the book, and has ripped off several shows. One thing you will notice very quickly in this show is how some of the character's designs are rip offs from other shows. Tommy looks like Mac from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends except with blond hair. Lola looks like Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls except black. Gus almost looks like Cartman from South Park, and sounds like him as well. Professor Moshimo looks very similar to Professor Utonium from PPG. Tommy's Mom looks almost like Dexter's mom from Dexter's lab. Robotboy looks like a cross between XJ-9, and Astro Boy. Constantine looks similar to the Asian guy (can't remember name) from Jackie Chan Adventures. Kamikaze looks almost similar to Master Roshi from DBZ. When a show can't even come up with decent character designs you know your in for a bad show. As for the characters themselves they are not developed at all, and are as generic as you can get. Tommy is typical boy who gets himself into trouble all the time. Lola is a rich and know it all girl who acts like she's better than everyone else. Tommy's parents are inattentive to their son. Tommy's brother is just a run of the mill older brother who likes to pick on Tommy. Kamikaze is evil for no reason at all. Constantine is bumbling henchman. Professor Moshimo is just a generic good scientist. Robotboy himself was just built for no reason at all. I know he's supposed to fight crime, but he also wants to be a real boy as well. We never learn anything about him, and why he wants to be a real boy. Also for a sophisticated fighting machine Robotboy has a lot of trouble speaking English. You mean to tell me that despite having thousands of weapons, fly, and can change size he can't speak English properly? That's insane, and is just a dumb moment. Robotboy is also powered by the dumbest thing, AA batteries. Did Moshimo ever hear of solar energy, or nuclear power, or I would even prefer fossil fuels just anything but batteries. I can't understand how AA batteries can do all of that, and is just such poor design for a robot. By far though the worst character on this show goes to Gus. A Cartman wannabe who sounds similar to him, and looks almost like him. Gus does not do anything that makes me like or respect him at all. All he does is act like he's cool, but isn't, he gets into fights constantly, he treats his friends and animals like nothing, and makes fart or other crude jokes in every scene he's in. He's a disgrace to South Park's Cartman, and I am surprised the creators haven't sued this show yet over copyright infringement. The stories are bland and utterly forgettable. an episode goes like this. Tommy or someone is captured, Gus acts like an idiot and tries to be funny, Robotboy comes, and saves the day, and repeat. It gets very boring very fast. The humor is very microscopic. It's mostly crude humor, but very rarely did I laugh at any of the antics of Constantine, and Kamikaze. Aside from that nothing else in this show is funny. The artwork looks bad. As I said before the character's designs are rip offs, the sets look uninspired, and the colors are washed out. The animation though is really good, and thought it flowed nicely in this show. The action scenes are decent enough, but nothing too special, and are predictable. It's just Robotboy is on the verge of defeat, he comes back, and wins. I can safely say though that new episodes of this show are never coming out in America, but I feel sorry for the people of the U.K. who still see new episodes of this show. IF you are looking for a show about robots fighting evil just see Transformers, MLaaTR, Astro Boy, or anything involving robots other than this show. This show is just bland from beginning to end, and Robotboy should be shut down, and sent to a junk yard to rust away forever.
  • A show about a robot who dreams of being a true boy while fighting off villains. Seriously a show with no imagination and originality.

    This show is nothing but rip-offs of many better shows.

    First, the concept. A robot going into some scientist's biggest fan's house in order to learn to be a true boy, yet he fights off villains? Not only does this concept doesn't make any sense, it makes the show look like a last minute project without any thought of logic. If you have the most powerful machine in the world, would you send it to some child's house even though you know he might be captured by somebody? No! You would send him to the government for tests then use him as a weapon against your enemies. Plus, this is straight rip off of Astro Boy. A show without any logic makes the viewer change the channel.

    Characters have no personalities, and some of their designs are straight rip-offs of other shows. Head looks exactly like Mac's frome Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends-square. Can you say plagerism! His personality is as boring as his design. Lola looks like a powerpuff girl, so that makes the show even moreboring. She's rich, which doesn't explain why she would be friends with the commoners, especially Tommy. Gus is an imitation of Cartman but only worse. He even as fat as Cartman. Plus, his personality is like him too, which does no better for the show. He's supposed to be the comic relief, He's more of a pain to listen to than to laugh at.

    And last but not least for the protagonists, let's talk about Robotboy. Robotboy is nothing more than a rip-off of Astro Boy and Mega Man. Astro Boy because of his body shape, and Megaman because he's blue. Plus, he can transform into a more poewerful version, which is another point to why the show is stupid. If Robotboy is small in his normal stage, how come he came be over five feet tall when transformed? How can he fit all those weapons into his body when he's normal. I know transformers and Voltron and Power Rangers have an explanation, but this show gives no explanation as to why he can carry all those nuts in his body. Also, the idea of having batteries is stupid. If you can remember the show Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot,you don't see Rusty having batteries that goes dead after a certainperiod oftime. Having batteries into the most powerful machine in the world is not onlyan overused and stupid idea, but it gives the show a lame reason as to why use the batteries as a plot device.

    The villains are lame also. There's too many villains to count, but the main one is Dr. Kamikaze. Another scientist? Does that remind you of another show? It should, because having a doctor creating one robot while having another Doctor trying to take him to rule the world with his own robots is highly derivative of the show Mega Man (not NT Warrior.) This guy is an imitation of Dr. Wily but more lame. He's more like a bumbling fool than a scientist, inventing his own weird experiments to take Robotboy,which fails miserably. Overall, the characters are forgettable and annoying. Art is about uninteresting as the artwork of The Secret Saturdays if not more. Artwork is too blocky and oblique. I know that blocky shapes can be effective, but this isn't the German films Metropolis and Dr.Caligari. In fact, those two films didn't use blocky shapes to an extent to where your eyes hurt. They need to put some round shapes in it to make it appealing. Also, there's no depth in the drawings, making the show more dull and uninteresting. Colors consist of only one shade of each color. Different colors are supposed to make provide a reality to the viewer, even if it's acartoon. The colors in this show, unfortunately, creates an unoriginal world. The Artists didn't take their time with this work.

    Dialogue is as annoying as every other element mentioned so far, especially Gus's. It consists of nothing more than arguments, yells, and jokes,which are annoying since every show these days have to have a joke or else it'll look formal or early 1900's. There's nothing appealing to the character's voices since it looks cheap. Robotboy talks like a foreigner who happens to take only two years of English. Not only is this a cliché, but it can also be offensive to foreigners and give a bad reputation to Americans. Overall, inexperienced voice actors doing a boring show.

    And finally, the plot. What plot? Like Skunk Fu, this shows consists of two 11-minute episodes of nothing. It has the same plot: Tommy and friends are on a situation; Tommy or someone gets captured by someone; Robtboy comes in, transforms, saves the day and get out of the situation; end of story. It consists of these every day. The plots have no originality and are rip-offs to other shows. There's even an episode where Robotboy had to fight his brother Protoboy. Can I say rip-off of Megaman? The plot is exactly the same like the origin of Mega Man and Protoboy.

    I'm not sure if you can even call this a frame story, because, technically, it's not even a story. The show is so illogical that it's impossible to plan a story with its format. Everyone is just there to be a plot device and obstacle to Tommy and Robotboy. The villains are easily defeated too, making the story even more boring than Johnny Test. This show should be on the top 100 worst shows on history. It'sjust too boring and uninteresting to watch. Like Skunk Fu, this show was made at the last minute just to be added to a time slot. If you want to watch a better robot show but better, watch Mega Man, Transformers, Astroboy, Gundam, or any other show. Seriously, this show is a cheap filler with no story.
  • Best show on CN I have ever seen!

    The show is preety cool and awesome! Some people complain that this show sucks because they say it's a clear rip-off of many other shows such as: Astro Boy, Megaman and My Life as a Teenage Robot. Those people should really get a life for cring out loud! But if they still think it's no good, that's their problem, not mine!

    I think Robotboy is really cute and that story of becoming a real boy, very cute! (kinda like a pinochio spoff too)

    Tommy, real smart and cool and takes the resposabilaty of protecting Robotboy from villians very seriously.

    Lola, very smart and cute, and secret crush for Tommy. (sigh) If only he could pa more attention to her.

    Gus, comical but real greedy at times!
  • well that sucked.

    so the show robot boy is about a boy named tommy who writes a note to this guy. i dont really know his name, hes basicly a proffeser utomiem clone. but more nostalgia. tommy wants to see his admirers invention. so for some reason he gives him robot boy who is ment to save the world in stuff. tommy has two freinds named guss and lola. theres also this super villen named proffeser kamakazy.and his dumb but buddy assistant. who wants to take over the world. so robot boy fights him once in a while. rather unorginal! first off this show is know differant from anyother super hero show. and the mad proffeser guy is know differant from any other super villen just another mad scientist who wants to take over the world but ends up getting his but kicked buy robot boy. these super villens are know differant from each other, the action seens are actilly pretty good for the most part. but there to short. the problm with this show itself is theres way to many filler seens. like before the action seens it shows robot boy transforming in to a mega robot and its like 26 seconds long. we just want to see some action so hurry it up. theres just way to many fillers. the show is completly repenitive all it is, is this evil supper villen trys to take over world. robot boy beats him/her up day saved, the end lets go home. its the same thing over and over again.

    this is trippy 2x4 signing off!!!!!!
  • I don't like this show one bit!

    Cartoon Network Europe seem to be good at producing bad shows (excluding Fat Dog Mendoza) but this one takes the cake, even more so than the Crap Twins.

    The show is about a boy who's a robot, hence the name "Robotboy." Robotboy has several friends with the main friend being Tommy Turnbull who is supposedly a big fan of Robotboy's creator; Professor Moshimo. Robotboy was created as the ultimate robot however, many villains from around the globe including, Dr Kamikazi, General Yakitori and many other people want Robotboy's powers for themselves or...just to destroy Robotboy so they can take over the world.

    I don't want to say much more about this show because I hate it, along with the Cramp Twins, Hero: 108 and all those other shows that just plain suck!

    4.0/10 = D
  • Robotboy lives with Tommy to learn to be a true boy.

    This show is so cute. It's like a robo version of Pinnochio except Robotboy doesn't lie so his nose doesn't grow (since he doesn't have a nose), the creator sends him to live with a human boy, there's no blue fairy, and the badguy is trying to catpure him for evil purpose. But still, it's a pretty good descent show. Anyway, I think Kamikazi is not much of a genius, because if he was he would've captured Robotboy on his first try. It's too bad they never show a full hour episode when Tommy's family finds out about Robotboy, Kamikazi forms an alliance and finally creates his perfect robot clone army to take over the world, Tommy, Lola, Gus, Tommy's mom, and dad would stop him, and Tommy's dad would show some repect to his son.
  • I show about a robot who wants to become a real boy!.........Pinocio, anyone?

    Okay, lets get cracking...
    The opening theme will make you change the channel. Plus, if this is your first time seeing the show, it tells you the plot in the theme.....not helping
    The plot is unorginal. It's about a scienctist named mochimo who created the worlds most powerful robot named (ironicly...) Robotboy. But then this dude named DR.K and his clones try to take away robotboy to make him take over the world. So then he sends him somewhere safe....somewhere he can learn to be a true boy....a true robotboy!..................WHAT!!!!
    This is what really pisses me off...None of the characters have orginal personalities.we'll start with Robotboy. He's this robot thats battery powered (yes...) and strong and stuff. I don't get it. mochimo built robotboy for no reason. the show doesn't tell you why he built robotboy. Plus he runs on frikin' BATTERIES. two AA batteries!!! stupid right? Tommy, mochimo's "biggest fan" is the boy who gets the robot. Tommy doesn't do anything but fall out of the sky and get his ass saved by robotboy. and he's a blonde Mac.
    Lola's the rich african girl with blue eye's that looks like a PPG. and she acts like she doesn't need friends.
    And Gus....don't get me started on gus. He the fat ass gross Cartman rip-off thats suposed to be the comic relief. All he does is fart and eat...haha thats funny (not!!!) He's more gross to look at then to laugh at. There's some other characters too, like Tommy's Mom (her butt is WAYYYYY to big for children XD), his frog like brother, and the antagoinsts (just as bad as the main characters)
    Overall: it's basicly 22 min of nothing. Its the same thing every episode....tommy gets a package, its a trap, he falls out of the sky, robotboy saves him, gus farts, the end.
  • Ok I just think this show stinks.

    Like what the heck is this, seriously man. It's all about the yellow hair blonde Mac-headed boy named Tommy, then he wrote a letter then he said in mind "your biggest fan Tommy Turnbull" and send it to white punk-haired professor named Professor Mashimo who created the robot and called the robot named "Robotboy" he is programmed to save from crime and stuff. Robotboy dreamed to become a real boy, so what? is like Pinocchio, right? He had two friends, there were Gus and Lola. And the villain of the show is Dr. Kamikazee his goal is to get RobotBoy to slave people and stuff

    It was ok....

    Ok, but Gus, he's always acting such a jerk to people and animals including his friends too.

    The humor is isn't very good, seriously and it has a disgusting humor on it like Gus was taking a fart ughhh disgusting.


    Overall: Poor
    Bad and disgusting humor, ok characters but not Gus, ok animation and unoriginal plots and episodes as you speak. This isn't good enough.
  • This show is crap!

    One of the shows that are destroying Cartoon Network.My good Cartoon Network how could you have add this crap?A story about a stupid machine saving the world from some stupid scientis and wants to become a real boy???THAT IZ SO STUPID!There also that boring kid Tommy who has a real weird head and Gus who can eat anything and they think its funny!This show has crappy episodes and really stupid ideas and really really bad drowings.I dont know why Cartoon Network added this show?They should cancel it fast or it will destroy them soon.Dont watch this show its stupid.Really stupid!One of the worset shows on Earth
  • This Cartoon Is The One Best Of Robot's Creativity Who Have Creation Ever.Robotboy Maybe Look Normal Robot But He 's Conceal His Superweapon(Superactivate) To Show One's Capability Of This Uncommon Robot.

    Merit : 1.The One Best Of Creativity Robot 2.Design
    Of Robotboy Is So Cute What Do You Look Not Boring 3.Robotboy Is Funny Character Who Make People Laugh(Or Someone)4.Relaxant Cartoon Not Seriously 5.Some Episode Look To Be Suitable Cute (example. Robotboy And Robotgirl)6.Superweapon(Superactivate) Did Good 7.Emotion To Watch This Cartoon Feeling Enjoyable 8.Robotboy's Voice Is Suitable Looking Attractive

    Disadvantage : 1.Story Not Enough,Be Negligent 2.mostly Episodes Again And Again 3.No Innovation 4.Some Episode Robotboy Rarely Be A Lot Of Action

    Conclude : I Think Robotboy Is The One Awesome Creation In The World I Hope They Will Be Make The Best Of This Cartoon But This Story Must Be Increase For People Enjoy Watching And follow Robotboy To Be continually

    The Robotboy Just Keep Working Up
  • A show that does not bring anything new, from what we have seen in other cartoon shows.

    Personally, I like the animation style that they used for this series, because it is quite good. Plus, the super-activation mode sequence is one of the best I've seen so far, and it actually reminds me of Transformers. But then, there are really bad things about this series that makes it lame. The first being the concept of Dr. Kamikazi. Why would a mad scientist (he's actually more of a dumb scientist, than a mad one) like him, who uses all kinds of mutants and robots that he created, be interested in a robot like Robotboy, who will not obey him, unless he threatns his friends, or he brainwahses him? I mean, come on, let us be fair... The idea is just too abstract to even be true. I believe that when they created this series they had a good ideas for it, but they spoiled the series when they decided to put ideas and concepts that do not work well together. This only shows that Cartoon Network really needs to think off better ideas for their shows.
  • This cartoon brings shame to France and Great Britain!!!!

    Title: Well, it's really nice I must agree.

    Theme song: nah, seen better....

    Story: A robot who lives with a blonde nerd and whants to become reall boy(as if it's posible). Well, not bad, I guess...

    Art: really really really bad! Tommys head is a square, Gus(blah! I hate him >:( ) has no neck, the annoying girl has such a bad hirdo that she can't see right. And the main star - robot has a head which is FOUR times BIGGER than the rest of his body!!!! Oh! Almost forgot - the main villain is JAPANESE!!!!

    Humour: SUX!!!!!! The creators probably think that the only way to make children laugh is fart jokes. Seriously! It is just to gross to watch!!!

    Misc: another thing for what I hate this piece of **** is violence. Violence not to people offcourse, but to animals!!!! That idiot japanese guy, who has a terrible name tortures defencless animals! In one episode he makes a gerbil really big and ugly, and then the gerbil falls into the lava, is that funny to you? If it is, you are the cruelest human alive.

    In conclusion: if you know anyone who watches this show - stay away from him! He likes to torture animals, make stupid jokes and farts all day...
  • this show is kinda lame and unoriginal but its not so bad compared to other stuff on cn

    when it first started i tought it will be cool.but then i saw it not so great.the plot is good:prof moshimo creates a boy robot whos both emotional and ultimate fighting mashine.but evil villain doctor kamikaze wants to use him to take over the moshimo sends him to his biggest fan tommy turnball to protect him and teach him how to be a real boy.but there is a problem:how can a 10-year old boy protect him from an evil villain.simple:they made him so wimpy and easy to defeat.second:robotboy is cute,but he looks nothing like a real boy compared to astroboy who looks like a real boy and its easier for him to fit in.but nobody is even alloved do see robotboy exept for tommy and his friends so hes always in tommys room or his backpack.definitly not good conditions for him to learn how to be a real boy.episodes are a bit dull.nothing special going on.and rarely robotboy acctually learns something about a real boy life.hes mostly focused on fighting.but he cant be both a real boy and a deadly weapon.the animation:lame and kinda blocky.character design is dull and uncreative.characters:tommy looks like a blond version of mac from fosters(everybody knows that already)and he is so dull and forgetable.and his voice is so unprofecional.gus is a cartman could they copy one of the best characters ever?! its an insult! and gus is suppost to be a comic releif?well he fails in it.haha he eats alot and farts so funny NOT!! thats so overused and not funny.lola is a powerpuff girls/hihi puffyamiyumi rippof and forgetable.the main villain kamikaze made me laugh a few times but somethimes is hard to understand cause of his thick accent.but hes henchmen constantine creeps me out.before he spoke i tought he was gonna have a deep strong voice(like big dim henchmens do)but instead he sounded like a castrat.and i think hes gay and in love with kamikaze(btw its a kids show)he acts more like a maid then a henchmen.and whats the deal with kamikaze threatning with sending him to orphanage?hes an adult!well he doesnt act like one.such a crybaby.but anyway they are the most decent villains on the show.they added more villains in the new seasson.but they are so lame and forgetable and noth a serious gonna give this show 4.0.give it a chance ,wach a full episode there is a small chance you might like it.for the boys:action scenes are really boring so dont expect much.i use to wach somethimes ,but i got tired of it.
  • Tommy's a rip off of Foster's

    First off, you stop showing the show because your making season 2? And, you think you can rip off Fosters? I can't belive you guys at Cartoon network did not see it! And, it's not showing today. Hooray! Cause, who needs it? I don't. Cause it's a complete waste of my time! You should shreed it. Destroy it. Throw it away. Make it all crumple up in a garbege thing. And, have flys eats it. That's how much I seriously hate it. And, agree with this review or else . . . . . . I'll do something?

    Final Score: F-, 1
  • This is one of the reasons why Cartoon Network is struggling.

    Why Cartoon Network,why did you have to bring a terrible French animated show.I mean Tommy's head looks like Mac from Foster except Tommy have blonde hair and older than Mac by 2 years.Gus is a wanna be Cartman but he fails at doing that.His jokes is lamer than Cartman's like the one joke I heard,it goes like this
    Teacher:Where's the Yellow River located?

    Gus:Why you zip your pants and find out?

    See what I mean,it's basically toliet jokes aren't even funny.Also Robotboy how the heck he fight Super-Lame vilians while being a true boy.He's looks like Bubbles from PPG,and he's talks like a foriener who just learned English.The plot is also lame and leave people changing the channel in a few moments.This is LSUstinks11 telling you a good night.
  • Clever and well animated cartoon!

    this is the only Brillent show on CN it is clever and very well animated although tommys head is squere and most of the charictars are dumb and odd shaped robotboy himself or itself is very well drawn and designed that is why i love the charictar robotboy more then i like the show itself oh and also the show is way to short what im trying to say is that Robotboy is one of the best charictars in history of cartoon network..(coming in next to the mask) he is cute, loveable not to mention the most powerfull robot ever (thats not just an opinoun it is fact that robotboy is the most powerfull robot ever) and just one last thing about the show the main villin kamakazi or however you spell it is pathetic yes but who cares personally i only watch the show to see the robotboy charictar it is one of the best shows ever Thanks for reading =)
  • This show is somewhat decent.

    Okay, ever since this show was released in the US for a while, I have seen it. And what do I think of this show? It's adequate. Not a bad show, but it's not great either.

    All right, think of this show as Pinnochio mixed with Astro Boy and Mega Man. It's about a robot named Robotboy who wants to be human. Robotboy was sent to Tommy Turnbull by Prof. Moshimo because the Professor fears that Dr. Kamikazi plans to use Robotboy for evil. It's your basic good vs. evil story. Nothing special.

    The characters in the show are pretty good, though not quite as good. For instance, Tommy Turnbull looks a lot like a blond Mac from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends while Gus, aka, G-Man, acts like Cartman from South Park if you get rid of the cursing. Also, Lola sort of looks like Ami from HHPAY, but that's about it. Oh, and Robotboy reminds me of Astro Boy and Mega Man if they had broken English.

    Now, this show may be good, but on the other hand it does not do well due to the repetitive plot in some episodes. Also, there's some slight adult humor in the show involving gross body humor, big butts (i.e. Debbie Turnbull, Tommy's mom), and other stuff. Overall, this show is average. Not bad or good. Just average. I would recommend it if you want a good laugh or if you are a fan of this show.
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