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  • This show is somewhat decent.

    Okay, ever since this show was released in the US for a while, I have seen it. And what do I think of this show? It's adequate. Not a bad show, but it's not great either.

    All right, think of this show as Pinnochio mixed with Astro Boy and Mega Man. It's about a robot named Robotboy who wants to be human. Robotboy was sent to Tommy Turnbull by Prof. Moshimo because the Professor fears that Dr. Kamikazi plans to use Robotboy for evil. It's your basic good vs. evil story. Nothing special.

    The characters in the show are pretty good, though not quite as good. For instance, Tommy Turnbull looks a lot like a blond Mac from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends while Gus, aka, G-Man, acts like Cartman from South Park if you get rid of the cursing. Also, Lola sort of looks like Ami from HHPAY, but that's about it. Oh, and Robotboy reminds me of Astro Boy and Mega Man if they had broken English.

    Now, this show may be good, but on the other hand it does not do well due to the repetitive plot in some episodes. Also, there's some slight adult humor in the show involving gross body humor, big butts (i.e. Debbie Turnbull, Tommy's mom), and other stuff. Overall, this show is average. Not bad or good. Just average. I would recommend it if you want a good laugh or if you are a fan of this show.
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