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  • this show is kinda lame and unoriginal but its not so bad compared to other stuff on cn

    when it first started i tought it will be cool.but then i saw it not so great.the plot is good:prof moshimo creates a boy robot whos both emotional and ultimate fighting mashine.but evil villain doctor kamikaze wants to use him to take over the moshimo sends him to his biggest fan tommy turnball to protect him and teach him how to be a real boy.but there is a problem:how can a 10-year old boy protect him from an evil villain.simple:they made him so wimpy and easy to defeat.second:robotboy is cute,but he looks nothing like a real boy compared to astroboy who looks like a real boy and its easier for him to fit in.but nobody is even alloved do see robotboy exept for tommy and his friends so hes always in tommys room or his backpack.definitly not good conditions for him to learn how to be a real boy.episodes are a bit dull.nothing special going on.and rarely robotboy acctually learns something about a real boy life.hes mostly focused on fighting.but he cant be both a real boy and a deadly weapon.the animation:lame and kinda blocky.character design is dull and uncreative.characters:tommy looks like a blond version of mac from fosters(everybody knows that already)and he is so dull and forgetable.and his voice is so unprofecional.gus is a cartman could they copy one of the best characters ever?! its an insult! and gus is suppost to be a comic releif?well he fails in it.haha he eats alot and farts so funny NOT!! thats so overused and not funny.lola is a powerpuff girls/hihi puffyamiyumi rippof and forgetable.the main villain kamikaze made me laugh a few times but somethimes is hard to understand cause of his thick accent.but hes henchmen constantine creeps me out.before he spoke i tought he was gonna have a deep strong voice(like big dim henchmens do)but instead he sounded like a castrat.and i think hes gay and in love with kamikaze(btw its a kids show)he acts more like a maid then a henchmen.and whats the deal with kamikaze threatning with sending him to orphanage?hes an adult!well he doesnt act like one.such a crybaby.but anyway they are the most decent villains on the show.they added more villains in the new seasson.but they are so lame and forgetable and noth a serious gonna give this show 4.0.give it a chance ,wach a full episode there is a small chance you might like it.for the boys:action scenes are really boring so dont expect much.i use to wach somethimes ,but i got tired of it.