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  • A show about a robot who dreams of being a true boy while fighting off villains. Seriously a show with no imagination and originality.

    This show is nothing but rip-offs of many better shows.

    First, the concept. A robot going into some scientist's biggest fan's house in order to learn to be a true boy, yet he fights off villains? Not only does this concept doesn't make any sense, it makes the show look like a last minute project without any thought of logic. If you have the most powerful machine in the world, would you send it to some child's house even though you know he might be captured by somebody? No! You would send him to the government for tests then use him as a weapon against your enemies. Plus, this is straight rip off of Astro Boy. A show without any logic makes the viewer change the channel.

    Characters have no personalities, and some of their designs are straight rip-offs of other shows. Head looks exactly like Mac's frome Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends-square. Can you say plagerism! His personality is as boring as his design. Lola looks like a powerpuff girl, so that makes the show even moreboring. She's rich, which doesn't explain why she would be friends with the commoners, especially Tommy. Gus is an imitation of Cartman but only worse. He even as fat as Cartman. Plus, his personality is like him too, which does no better for the show. He's supposed to be the comic relief, He's more of a pain to listen to than to laugh at.

    And last but not least for the protagonists, let's talk about Robotboy. Robotboy is nothing more than a rip-off of Astro Boy and Mega Man. Astro Boy because of his body shape, and Megaman because he's blue. Plus, he can transform into a more poewerful version, which is another point to why the show is stupid. If Robotboy is small in his normal stage, how come he came be over five feet tall when transformed? How can he fit all those weapons into his body when he's normal. I know transformers and Voltron and Power Rangers have an explanation, but this show gives no explanation as to why he can carry all those nuts in his body. Also, the idea of having batteries is stupid. If you can remember the show Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot,you don't see Rusty having batteries that goes dead after a certainperiod oftime. Having batteries into the most powerful machine in the world is not onlyan overused and stupid idea, but it gives the show a lame reason as to why use the batteries as a plot device.

    The villains are lame also. There's too many villains to count, but the main one is Dr. Kamikaze. Another scientist? Does that remind you of another show? It should, because having a doctor creating one robot while having another Doctor trying to take him to rule the world with his own robots is highly derivative of the show Mega Man (not NT Warrior.) This guy is an imitation of Dr. Wily but more lame. He's more like a bumbling fool than a scientist, inventing his own weird experiments to take Robotboy,which fails miserably. Overall, the characters are forgettable and annoying. Art is about uninteresting as the artwork of The Secret Saturdays if not more. Artwork is too blocky and oblique. I know that blocky shapes can be effective, but this isn't the German films Metropolis and Dr.Caligari. In fact, those two films didn't use blocky shapes to an extent to where your eyes hurt. They need to put some round shapes in it to make it appealing. Also, there's no depth in the drawings, making the show more dull and uninteresting. Colors consist of only one shade of each color. Different colors are supposed to make provide a reality to the viewer, even if it's acartoon. The colors in this show, unfortunately, creates an unoriginal world. The Artists didn't take their time with this work.

    Dialogue is as annoying as every other element mentioned so far, especially Gus's. It consists of nothing more than arguments, yells, and jokes,which are annoying since every show these days have to have a joke or else it'll look formal or early 1900's. There's nothing appealing to the character's voices since it looks cheap. Robotboy talks like a foreigner who happens to take only two years of English. Not only is this a cliché, but it can also be offensive to foreigners and give a bad reputation to Americans. Overall, inexperienced voice actors doing a boring show.

    And finally, the plot. What plot? Like Skunk Fu, this shows consists of two 11-minute episodes of nothing. It has the same plot: Tommy and friends are on a situation; Tommy or someone gets captured by someone; Robtboy comes in, transforms, saves the day and get out of the situation; end of story. It consists of these every day. The plots have no originality and are rip-offs to other shows. There's even an episode where Robotboy had to fight his brother Protoboy. Can I say rip-off of Megaman? The plot is exactly the same like the origin of Mega Man and Protoboy.

    I'm not sure if you can even call this a frame story, because, technically, it's not even a story. The show is so illogical that it's impossible to plan a story with its format. Everyone is just there to be a plot device and obstacle to Tommy and Robotboy. The villains are easily defeated too, making the story even more boring than Johnny Test. This show should be on the top 100 worst shows on history. It'sjust too boring and uninteresting to watch. Like Skunk Fu, this show was made at the last minute just to be added to a time slot. If you want to watch a better robot show but better, watch Mega Man, Transformers, Astroboy, Gundam, or any other show. Seriously, this show is a cheap filler with no story.
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