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  • I show about a robot who wants to become a real boy!.........Pinocio, anyone?

    Okay, lets get cracking...
    The opening theme will make you change the channel. Plus, if this is your first time seeing the show, it tells you the plot in the theme.....not helping
    The plot is unorginal. It's about a scienctist named mochimo who created the worlds most powerful robot named (ironicly...) Robotboy. But then this dude named DR.K and his clones try to take away robotboy to make him take over the world. So then he sends him somewhere safe....somewhere he can learn to be a true boy....a true robotboy!..................WHAT!!!!
    This is what really pisses me off...None of the characters have orginal personalities.we'll start with Robotboy. He's this robot thats battery powered (yes...) and strong and stuff. I don't get it. mochimo built robotboy for no reason. the show doesn't tell you why he built robotboy. Plus he runs on frikin' BATTERIES. two AA batteries!!! stupid right? Tommy, mochimo's "biggest fan" is the boy who gets the robot. Tommy doesn't do anything but fall out of the sky and get his ass saved by robotboy. and he's a blonde Mac.
    Lola's the rich african girl with blue eye's that looks like a PPG. and she acts like she doesn't need friends.
    And Gus....don't get me started on gus. He the fat ass gross Cartman rip-off thats suposed to be the comic relief. All he does is fart and eat...haha thats funny (not!!!) He's more gross to look at then to laugh at. There's some other characters too, like Tommy's Mom (her butt is WAYYYYY to big for children XD), his frog like brother, and the antagoinsts (just as bad as the main characters)
    Overall: it's basicly 22 min of nothing. Its the same thing every episode....tommy gets a package, its a trap, he falls out of the sky, robotboy saves him, gus farts, the end.