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  • This cartoon brings shame to France and Great Britain!!!!

    Title: Well, it's really nice I must agree.

    Theme song: nah, seen better....

    Story: A robot who lives with a blonde nerd and whants to become reall boy(as if it's posible). Well, not bad, I guess...

    Art: really really really bad! Tommys head is a square, Gus(blah! I hate him >:( ) has no neck, the annoying girl has such a bad hirdo that she can't see right. And the main star - robot has a head which is FOUR times BIGGER than the rest of his body!!!! Oh! Almost forgot - the main villain is JAPANESE!!!!

    Humour: SUX!!!!!! The creators probably think that the only way to make children laugh is fart jokes. Seriously! It is just to gross to watch!!!

    Misc: another thing for what I hate this piece of **** is violence. Violence not to people offcourse, but to animals!!!! That idiot japanese guy, who has a terrible name tortures defencless animals! In one episode he makes a gerbil really big and ugly, and then the gerbil falls into the lava, is that funny to you? If it is, you are the cruelest human alive.

    In conclusion: if you know anyone who watches this show - stay away from him! He likes to torture animals, make stupid jokes and farts all day...