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  • A show that does not bring anything new, from what we have seen in other cartoon shows.

    Personally, I like the animation style that they used for this series, because it is quite good. Plus, the super-activation mode sequence is one of the best I've seen so far, and it actually reminds me of Transformers. But then, there are really bad things about this series that makes it lame. The first being the concept of Dr. Kamikazi. Why would a mad scientist (he's actually more of a dumb scientist, than a mad one) like him, who uses all kinds of mutants and robots that he created, be interested in a robot like Robotboy, who will not obey him, unless he threatns his friends, or he brainwahses him? I mean, come on, let us be fair... The idea is just too abstract to even be true. I believe that when they created this series they had a good ideas for it, but they spoiled the series when they decided to put ideas and concepts that do not work well together. This only shows that Cartoon Network really needs to think off better ideas for their shows.