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  • well that sucked.

    so the show robot boy is about a boy named tommy who writes a note to this guy. i dont really know his name, hes basicly a proffeser utomiem clone. but more nostalgia. tommy wants to see his admirers invention. so for some reason he gives him robot boy who is ment to save the world in stuff. tommy has two freinds named guss and lola. theres also this super villen named proffeser kamakazy.and his dumb but buddy assistant. who wants to take over the world. so robot boy fights him once in a while. rather unorginal! first off this show is know differant from anyother super hero show. and the mad proffeser guy is know differant from any other super villen just another mad scientist who wants to take over the world but ends up getting his but kicked buy robot boy. these super villens are know differant from each other, the action seens are actilly pretty good for the most part. but there to short. the problm with this show itself is theres way to many filler seens. like before the action seens it shows robot boy transforming in to a mega robot and its like 26 seconds long. we just want to see some action so hurry it up. theres just way to many fillers. the show is completly repenitive all it is, is this evil supper villen trys to take over world. robot boy beats him/her up day saved, the end lets go home. its the same thing over and over again.

    this is trippy 2x4 signing off!!!!!!