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  • Been there done that, and now there's more of it.

    When you think of good shows about robots you often think Transformers, MLaaTR, and so on. However if you think of any bad robot shows most likely you think of Robotboy. Robotboy has got to be one of the most predictable, unoriginal, and uninspired shows to ever exist on the face of the Earth. The show is about a kid named Tommy Turnbull who writes a letter to Professor Moshimo and asks him about his newest invention. Professor Moshimo decides to send Tommy his latest invention Robotboy, a machine that was built to save the world. With his friends Gus, and Lola Tommy and Robotboy must fight a variety of villains, but the one they are after the most is Dr. Kamikaze. Now I can usually overlook shows with premises that have been done to death, but have new stuff in it, but not only does this show fail to do so it also throws in every cliche in the book, and has ripped off several shows. One thing you will notice very quickly in this show is how some of the character's designs are rip offs from other shows. Tommy looks like Mac from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends except with blond hair. Lola looks like Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls except black. Gus almost looks like Cartman from South Park, and sounds like him as well. Professor Moshimo looks very similar to Professor Utonium from PPG. Tommy's Mom looks almost like Dexter's mom from Dexter's lab. Robotboy looks like a cross between XJ-9, and Astro Boy. Constantine looks similar to the Asian guy (can't remember name) from Jackie Chan Adventures. Kamikaze looks almost similar to Master Roshi from DBZ. When a show can't even come up with decent character designs you know your in for a bad show. As for the characters themselves they are not developed at all, and are as generic as you can get. Tommy is typical boy who gets himself into trouble all the time. Lola is a rich and know it all girl who acts like she's better than everyone else. Tommy's parents are inattentive to their son. Tommy's brother is just a run of the mill older brother who likes to pick on Tommy. Kamikaze is evil for no reason at all. Constantine is bumbling henchman. Professor Moshimo is just a generic good scientist. Robotboy himself was just built for no reason at all. I know he's supposed to fight crime, but he also wants to be a real boy as well. We never learn anything about him, and why he wants to be a real boy. Also for a sophisticated fighting machine Robotboy has a lot of trouble speaking English. You mean to tell me that despite having thousands of weapons, fly, and can change size he can't speak English properly? That's insane, and is just a dumb moment. Robotboy is also powered by the dumbest thing, AA batteries. Did Moshimo ever hear of solar energy, or nuclear power, or I would even prefer fossil fuels just anything but batteries. I can't understand how AA batteries can do all of that, and is just such poor design for a robot. By far though the worst character on this show goes to Gus. A Cartman wannabe who sounds similar to him, and looks almost like him. Gus does not do anything that makes me like or respect him at all. All he does is act like he's cool, but isn't, he gets into fights constantly, he treats his friends and animals like nothing, and makes fart or other crude jokes in every scene he's in. He's a disgrace to South Park's Cartman, and I am surprised the creators haven't sued this show yet over copyright infringement. The stories are bland and utterly forgettable. an episode goes like this. Tommy or someone is captured, Gus acts like an idiot and tries to be funny, Robotboy comes, and saves the day, and repeat. It gets very boring very fast. The humor is very microscopic. It's mostly crude humor, but very rarely did I laugh at any of the antics of Constantine, and Kamikaze. Aside from that nothing else in this show is funny. The artwork looks bad. As I said before the character's designs are rip offs, the sets look uninspired, and the colors are washed out. The animation though is really good, and thought it flowed nicely in this show. The action scenes are decent enough, but nothing too special, and are predictable. It's just Robotboy is on the verge of defeat, he comes back, and wins. I can safely say though that new episodes of this show are never coming out in America, but I feel sorry for the people of the U.K. who still see new episodes of this show. IF you are looking for a show about robots fighting evil just see Transformers, MLaaTR, Astro Boy, or anything involving robots other than this show. This show is just bland from beginning to end, and Robotboy should be shut down, and sent to a junk yard to rust away forever.