Robotboy - Season 2

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Wrestling with Gus / The Soothsayer
    Wrestling with Gus: Gus sets up a wrestling ring to showcase his talents, but when Kurt, Stu and Mookie show up, he gets more than he bargained for. Meanwhile, Kurt's father tries to get footage of Robotboy in the ring.The Soothsayer: Gus loses Robotboy to Kamikazi in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. And with Robotboy's new ability to predict the future, Kamikazi knows Tommy's rescue plan. How will they ever get Robotboy back? Summaries courtesy of CartoonNetwork.commoreless
  • Kamispazi / Kami-Chameleon
    Kamispazi: While Tommy's mom is at a day spa for Mother's day, Constantine dresses up as her and infiltrates the Turnbull house to capture Robotboy. Kami-Chameleon: When Dr. Kamikazi sends henchmen to Tommy's school disguised as teachers, Tommy tries to send Robotboy back home, but his metallic companion won't go, not before one intense game of dodge ball! Summaries courtesy of CartoonNetwork.commoreless
  • Fight / Cast Iron Constantine
    Fight: Challenged to an after school fight, Tommy learns that he can sync Robotboy's fighting moves to his own body. The plan seems to be working until Constantine spots Robotboy and decides to attack. Cast Iron Constantine: Constantine goes undercover as the school chef to capture Robotboy. But he ends up falling in love with Dr. Culpepper and forgets all about his mission. Summaries courtesy of CartoonNetwork.commoreless
  • Tummy Trouble / Valentine's Day
    Tummy Trouble: Dr. Kamikazi plants a mind-controlling tapeworm in Gus's stomach, planning to use him to steal Robotboy. But the tapeworm, Walter, gets overly attached to his hefty host. Valentine's Day: Kamikazi uses fake valentines to lure Tommy, Lola and Robotboy to his tunnel of love. But once there, the young lovers are ambushed with love arrows and Robotboy falls for Gus! Summaries courtesy of CartoonNetwork.commoreless
  • Attack of the Killer G-Men / Party Out of Bounds
    Attack of the Killer G-Men: Dr. Kamikazi steals some drool from Gus to make evil clones with the intention of capturing Robotboy. Party Out of Bounds: Donnie's birthday party gets dangerous as Dr. Kamikazi, Bjorn and Kurt's father all secretly attend. When DJ Kamikazi hypnotizes the guests, the three-way battle for Robotboy begins! Summaries courtesy of CartoonNetwork.commoreless
  • The Consultant / Feline Frenzy
    The Consultant: When Kamikazi sends Tommy a rare Human Fist action figure, Tommy neglects Robotboy. Feeling unwanted, Robotboy leaves. Just then, Kamikazi's forces take Tommy hostage. Feline Frenzy: When Kamikazi steals all the Bay Area's cats, the people blame it on alien robots and lash out against anything robotic, including Robotboy! Summaries courtesy of CartoonNetwork.commoreless
  • Manchurian Robot / Door to Door
    Manchurian Robot: While attending a diplomatic party, Robotboy is captured by Kurt's father and programmed to attack on command. But things go awry when the ambassador turns out to be a double agent and kidnaps Lola. Door to Door: Gus is so intent on winning the candy sale, that he's ready to give up Robotboy to a disguised Kamikazi who pledges to buy one million boxes from the student with the most interesting science project. Summaries courtesy of CartoonNetwork.commoreless
  • Shelf Life / The Babysitter
    Shelf Life: After Tommy refuses to sell Robotboy to Princess Justine, she hires Donnie to steal him. And with an unfinished upgrade, Robotboy could be more dangerous than ever in the wrong hands. The Babysitter: With Tommy's parents away for the weekend, Dr. Kamikazi sends a beautiful Russian assassin to babysit. Agent Kalashnikov, however, seems more interested in finding and stealing Robotboy. Summaries courtesy of CartoonNetwork.commoreless
  • Tether Tommy / The Tune Up
    Tether Tommy: With the help of Robotboy, Tommy wins the local Tetherball competition. Soon, he's on his way to the Grand Nationals. But little does he know, Kamikazi's entered the tournament himself. The Tune Up: When Robotboy catches a virus, Tommy takes him to see a robot doctor. Kamikazi quickly steals Robotboy and programs him for uncontrollable violence. No will Tommy have to terminate his old friend? Summaries courtesy of CartoonNetwork.commoreless
  • Bambibot / Double Tommy
    Bambibot: Tommy can't believe his luck when Bambi suddenly starts showing interest in him. But he soon learns that it's not her at all but a Kamikazi Bambibot! Double Tommy: Dr. Kamikazi kidnaps the real Tommy and replaces him with an evil clone assigned to capture Robotboy! However, the clone gets used to his new pampered life as 'Tommy' and refuses to follow orders! Summaries courtesy of CartoonNetwork.commoreless
  • Kindergarten Chaos / Robot Girl
    Kindergarten Chaos: Tommy and Gus sign up to be kindergarten 'book-buddies,' but when Tommy's buddy steals Robotboy, it's a whole new story. Robot Girl: When Professor Moshimo creates Robotgirl as a companion for Robotboy, their mischievous adventures end up getting them in big trouble! Summaries courtesy of
  • There's Something About Stevie / The Homecoming
    There's Something About Stevie: At first, Kamikazi's huge boar clone, Stevie, is too soft. But when Constantine accidentally exposes Stevie to toxic waste, he becomes a hideous monster intent on destroying everyone, even Kamikazi! The Homecoming: Disguised as Moshimo, Dr. Kamikazi convinces Tommy to give up Robotboy. But Tommy soon realizes he's been tricked and sets off with the real Moshimo, leaving Lola and Gus to try and save Robotboy. Summaries courtesy of CartoonNetwork.commoreless
  • Robotman / A Tale of Two Evil Geniuses
    Robotman: Professor Moshimo creates an ultra powerful adult version of Robotboy, named Robotman! When he is sent to live with Tommy too, he gets all the attention and a neglected Robotboy soon runs away. A Tale of Two Evil Geniuses: After losing the Evil Genius awards again, Dr. Kamikazi challenges General Yakitori to prove he's really the best evil genius. The first to capture Robotboy is the winner. Summaries courtesy of CartoonNetwork.commoreless
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