Robotech: The Macross Saga

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1982 on A&E

Episode Recap

The Zentraedi continue their assault on Atalia Island, deploying battle-pods off the islands coast. As the aircraft carrier "Prometheus" deploys helicopters to investigate, Hikaru tries to understand how to operate the Valkyrie, which is now in the middle of Macross City. The helicopters from the Prometheus are quickly shot down by the battle-pods. Captain Global receives orders to launch the Macross to combat the aliens. Under protest, Captain Global agrees to launch the ship.
Hikaru attempts to pilot the battloid and ends up crashing into the home of Lynn Minmay. The Macross attempts liftoff using the anti-gravity control system, but the gravity pods tear away from the ship just as it takes off causing the Macross to come crashing back into the ground.
After beating back the first wave on alien fighters, Roy leaves his fighter group to go check on Hikaru. Hikaru decides that there are too many controls to remember, so Roy has him switch to guardian-mode. The military begins evacuation of the civilian population to shelters. Roy explains the basic controls of the battloid while making repairs to the Valkyrie. As the Zentraedi battle-pods reach the shores of Atalia Island, the Zentraedi warships in lunar orbit fire on the island clearing a path.
Before entering the shelter, Minmay realizes that she forgot her diary and goes back for it. While in the city, she becomes caught in the fighting between the Vakyries and the battle-pods. Roy and Hikaru arrive just in time to save her from being killed. Hikaru picks up Minmei with the hand of his Valkyrie and attempts to get her to safety while Roy provides cover for Hikaru and Minmay's escape. While flying away, a stray shot severs the arm which Hikaru is carrying Minmay. Hikaru opens his canopy and gets Minmay inside before she falls to her death. Distracted, Hikaru runs right into a battle-pod. When he recovers, he sees Minmay unconscious in the back. In a fit of anger, he fires on the battle-pod until his gun pod is empty. The battle-pod collapses and a hatch open on the back. A giant 45 foot human-looking alien steps out and makes his way towards Hikaru, who just stares in shock. Shots ring out and the alien falls dead just as it reaches Hikaru. Hikaru sees Roy standing behind the alien corpse, gun pod in hand. The Macross finally launches using conventional booster rockets. Roy takes off towards the Macross and prompts Hikaru to follow, but he doesn't move.