Robotech: The Macross Saga

A&E (ended 1983)


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  • absolutely wonderful,a good classic and a very good story.heheh not to mention the good mechs.a landmark anime for me.

    i love this anime for this is the very first anime that i have watched completely and i was completely hooked since then.from season one to season 3 and along with the other installations it has some good sountracks and some good story lines and along with its great animation for its time 1985 hehe remastered edition is good enough for me. i like the idea of turning jets into planes with arms and legs to a human like form of a robot its a nice idea.not to mention the intricate idea of using a love story in a chaotic senario.for me its a truly wonderful anime to watch.
  • The show that made anime mainstream

    While shows like Starblazers, Speed Racer and Captain Harlock came before Macross otherwise known as Robotech in the US... I feel it was Robotech that paved the way for the current anime boom.

    No other anime show before Robotech made such an impact on the youth of America and most anime fans who ended up at anime clubs watched this series. From the toys to the original giant F.H.E. video tape boxes Robotech was massive and everywhere when it hit the US market... and the core of Robotech was Macross. No other anime has gotten attention like this 20+ year old series and at great cost was remastered for dvd release.

    This anime is a classic and a must watch for any anime fan even if it looks dated by todays standards.
  • The show that literally developed Robotech. This has to be a classic in every word or form. If it had not been for this show Robotech could not exist!

    I just enjoy this anime it has many aspects that just reaps rewards. It has history, it has influence, and it has a story-line that goes beyond the norm. Since Robotech is technically a continuation of the Macross series than I would suggest watching it sit back and enjoy it.
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