Robotech: The Macross Saga - Season 1

A&E (ended 1983)


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Episode Guide


  • To the Stars
    Episode 36
    Khyron plans his ultimate revenge, targeting the SDF-1.
  • Season's Greetings
    Season's Greetings
    Episode 35
    Khyron plans an unusual Christmas present for the citizens of Macross City.
  • Private Time
    Private Time
    Episode 34
    A Zentraedi rebellion forms the dramatic backdrop, as Rick tries to sort out his feelings for Minmei and Lisa.
  • A Rainy Night
    Episode 33
    Claudia gives Lisa Hayes a lesson in perseverance, as she recalls the first time she met the charismatic fighter pilot, Roy Fokker.
  • Broken Heart
    Episode 32
    Khyron succeeds in capturing Minmei and Kyle and uses them in a plot to gain control of the SDF-1.
  • Khyron's Revenge
    Episode 31
    Rick Hunter patrols the skies of Earth's new civilization, on a constant vigil against alien attack.
  • Viva Miriya
    Episode 30
    A liaison is established between Breetai and the survivors of the SDF-1.
  • Robotech Masters
    Robotech Masters
    Episode 29
    War begins to creep back into the lives of those who have fought for the preservation of Protoculture.
  • 4/10/85
    The crew of the SDF-1 assess the damage that has been dealt to the Earth.
  • Force of Arms
    Force of Arms
    Episode 27
    The Earth is surrounded by Dolza's armada of over four million vessels, sent to destroy the Earth and the SDF-1.
  • The Messenger
    The Messenger
    Episode 26
    An uneasy truce is called, as the Zentraedi send an envoy (Exedore) to discuss a tentative peace plan.
  • Wedding Bells
    Wedding Bells
    Episode 25
    Max's budding romance with Miriya takes a dramatic turn, as the once-proud Zentraedi warrior considers the unthinkable: marriage with a Micronian.
  • Showdown
    Episode 24
    Lisa Hayes makes a rash decision to return to Earth, to try for a final time to convince the heads of the United Earth Government to negotiate with the Zentraedi armada.
  • Reckless
    Episode 23
    Confused by the actions of the orbiting SDF-1, the Zentraedi attack in full force.
  • Battle Hymn
    Episode 22
    The Zentraedi campaign to capture the SDF-1 escalates out of proportion, as Khyron leads a direct attack against the space battle fortress.
  • A New Dawn
    A New Dawn
    Episode 21

    The spotlight is on Minmei, as she prepares for the premiere of her first motion picture.

  • Paradise Lost
    Paradise Lost
    Episode 20

    The Zentraedi monitor the activity of the SDF-1, as Captain Gloval prepares to relocate the refugees of Macross City.

  • Bursting Point
    Episode 19

    Captain Gloval begins a journey, which he believes will end with the resettlement of the nearly 70,000 refugees stranded on the SDF-1.

  • Farewell, Big Brother

    As Rick recuperates, Roy tries to convince Minmei to break away from her busy schedule, and drop in on her injured friend.

  • Phantasm
    Episode 17

    Rick Hunter lies in a hospital bed in critical condition, after barely surviving a Zentraedi attack.

  • Battle Cry
    Battle Cry
    Episode 16

    The announcement of the governing council's decision not to allow the residents of Macross City to return to Earth is met with a rage-induced riot on board the SDF-1.

  • Homecoming
    Episode 15

    Rick is secretly ordered to fly Minmei to Japan to visit her family. The reunion is cut short, when Minmei says she will not leave the SDF-1.

  • Global Report
    Episode 14
    Captain Global prepares his report for UN Forces Headquarters. He reports about all of the Macross' encounters with the Zentradi since the initial battle on South Ataria island. From the booby trap to capture of the four soldiers by the Zentradi. Global retells it all.
  • Blue Wind
    Blue Wind
    Episode 13

    Captain Gloval plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse, as he maneuvers the SDF-1 into battle, which will determine the fate of the SDF-1 and its population of 70,000 refugees.

  • The Big Escape
    Episode 12

    Held captive in a Zentraedi prison cell, Rick, Lisa, and Ben try to figure a way off the massive alien ship, and report their findings to Captain Gloval and the crew of the SDF-1.

  • First Contact
    Episode 11
    Hikaru, Kakizaki, and Misa, having been captured by the Zentradi, are locked up in a room for study. Britai and Exedol decide to contact Zentradi Supreme Commander Bodolzaa for advice. Meanwhile, Max, having escaped capture, looks for a way to rescue the others. With her micro-video recorder, Misa records their encounters with Zentradi. Britai's ship folds to join the Zentradi main fleet and Bodolzaa, where they conduct an interview of the prisoners. Here they discover that these miclones (The Zentradi term for being the size of the humans) possess something called Protoculture. Back on the Macross, Minmay makes her singing debut.moreless
  • Blind Game
    Blind Game
    Episode 10
    Roli, Konda and Warera, after having all their recording equipment destroyed by Hikaru, report to Britai and Exedol about the broadcast they witnessed. Exedol and Britai develop a plan to allow them to capture a few humans for study. Back onboard the Macross, Captain Global finally makes radio contact with UN Forces High Command only to hear that the Macross will not be receiving ony aid. As the Zentraedi an intimidation attack on the Macross. Kamjin comes up with away to "accidentally" hit the Macross. The Attack demolishes the Macross long-range radar and they are forced to send out a Cat's Eye recon plane to guide the Macross out the asteroid field and away from the Zentraedi. Misa volunteers for the mission and she is escorted by Hikaru, Max and Kakizaki. The Zentraedi draw away Hikaru and his team and manage to capture Misa. Can Hikaru, Max and Kakizaki rescue Misa from the giants?moreless
  • Miss Macross
    Miss Macross
    Episode 9
    A TV station is now running on the Macross. To celebrate they are holding a "Miss Macross" beauty pageant. Minmay enters, and has to break a dinner date with Hikaru that was supposed to happen that same night. The Zentraedi pick up parts of the broadcast signal and soldiers Roli, Konda and Warers are sent to record as much of the broadcast as possible. Hikaru, the only pilot on duty after giving Max and Kakizaki leave for the evening, is ordered to intercept the Zentradi vessel. As he is fighting, Minmay is crowned Miss Macross.moreless
  • Sweet Sixteen
    Sweet Sixteen
    Episode 8
    As Minmei's 16th birthday approaches, Rick finds himself constantly on duty, defending the hard-pressed battle fortress from attacks by the relentless Zentraedi armada.
  • Longest Birthday
    Longest Birthday
    Episode 8
    On Minmay's sixteenth birthday. Hikaru is promoted and put in charge of two subordinates: Kakizaki Hayao and Maximillian Jenius. Before he can give Minmay her present, Zentraedi commander Kamjin Kravshera and his team attack, Hikaru, Max and Kakizaki are called out the join the fray. Hikaru survive his first encounter with Kamjin and still have time to give Minmay a Birthday present?moreless
  • Bye-Bye Mars
    Bye-Bye Mars
    Episode 7
    Having discovered an abandoned base on Mars, the Zentraedi set up a trap for the Macross. The Macross, already far off the intended course of Earth, makes a stop on Mars for much needed supplies. Driven by personal considerations, Misa requests permission to inspect the base for the origin of a emergency signal. The Zentraedi spring their trap, pinning the Macross to the surface. Misa is forced to blow up the base's underground nuclear reactor to realase the Macross. Hikaru is sent to rescue her after she finds herself trapped in the doomed base.moreless
  • Blitzkrieg
    Episode 6
    The Zentraedi are still puzzled by the actions of the SDF-1. However, Breetai, their Commander, is beginning to enjoy the challenge.
  • Daedalus Attack
    Daedalus Attack
    Episode 6
    The Macross crew develops a protective barrier from the energy anomaly left by the fold system disappearance. However, they can only create three small movable shields. As they approach Saturn, the Zentraedi send out a ship to keep the Macross from hiding in the planet's ice rings. Little do they know that the Macross doesn't intent to hide. Unfortunately the crew discovers that the main cannon cannot operate at the same time as the Pin Point Barrier. First Lieutenant Misa Hayase, Macross Bridge Operator, develops a new kind of attack in order to save the Macross.moreless
  • Transformation
    Episode 5
    The Zentraedi locate the Macross and resume their attacks. The Captain Global learns the disappearance of the fold system during their first fold severed the energy conduits that permit the firing of the main cannon. However a drastic reconfiguration of the ship can restore the connections. The Zentraedi send out a few ships to observe the Macross and Global is Forced to transform the Macross even at the cost of destroying some of the rebuilt city now nestled within it. Meanwhile, Roy and Minmay suggest to Hikaru that he should join the military so that he can continue flying.moreless
  • The Long Wait
    The Long Wait
    Episode 4
    Rick and Minmei learn they have landed in a closed-off and forgotten section of the SDF-1.
  • Lynn Minmay
    Lynn Minmay
    Episode 4
    Hikaru and Minmay, after finding themselves suddenly in outher space, finally make it back aboard the Macross. Now they discover that they are in a sealed off, unused portion of the battleship. As the macross starts its long journey back to the Earth. Hikaru and Minmay stave of fear and desperation by searching for a way back to the inhabited sectors, learning a little more about each other along the way.moreless
  • Space Fold
    Space Fold
    Episode 3
    The Captain Of Macross is forced to make a quick decision due to relentless attacks of the enemy. Using alien technology that humanity has not yet been able to test, the Macross makes a space fold near the earth's surface, above South Ataria Island. Little do they know the consequences the desperate action will have.moreless
  • Countdown
    Episode 2
    Air Racer pilot Hikaru Ichijo is about to get a joy ride in a Valkyrie Fighter from his sempai(superior) Mayor Roy Focker, when an air raid alert is called -Aliens are Attacking left alone by Focker, and having nothing better to do, he falls asleep in the cockpit only to be awoken by an order to launch into combat. Hikaru gets his first taste of combat and also meets 15 years old Lynn MinMay the young woman that will have greatest impact on the of his life. The Macross begins its launch and its crew finds themselves facing an unknown enemy and a uncertain future.moreless
  • Booby Trap
    Episode 1
    In 1999 a giant Alien spacecraft crash-lands on South Atalia Island. Humanity Proceeds to attempt to rebuild this marvel, but political conflicts centerend around the "Macross" result in a global war. After 10 years, the "Unification Wars" are finally over, the new Earth United Nations Govermment is in power, and work on the Macross is complete. On the day of launching ceremony, its main cannon fires on its own, destroying an alien spacecraft. This fateful they marks the beginning of the war between the humans on the Macross and Zentraedi, a race of humanoid aliens of giant proportions.moreless