What network will carry this series

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    i just want to know if it will be picked up by a network
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    This chronicle of the Robotech adventure was deliberatly set out to become a 'straigh to DVD' release.  According to the distributors of Robotech (Harmony Gold, Madman Entertainment etc), there are plans for a series, however this was only going to be thought about once the reaction to RTSC (Robotech - The Shadow Chronicles) was judged.

     If you were to judge the ability of the creators and distributors to make a new, updated series of Robotech, then maybe pay close attention to the official website (www.robotech.com), and await an anouncement from them. They are the premiere contacts for all things Robotech.

     I know I for one would LOVE for a new and more fresh series of Robotech to be produced, however its in the hands of the corporate big-wigs.

    Hope this helps !

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