Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles

Premiered Feb 07, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • It's about time that they put the efort out there

    it not the orig but it has lots going for it! above par animation and has the makings of a great show , give it a try robotech fan or not . but i do wish they would have finished the sentinals instead. and with a live action movie coming this DVD should tie you over till it comes out ... and hell if were all lucky we'll get this, The clone wars CG series, ghost in the shell and and some of the classics into the main stream and with the giant robot fad back in style we may even get some new voltron to go with the proposed movie as well ... we can only hope
  • About time Robotech was back.

    It is great to finally see some more Robotech after all this time. I hav been waiting since 1985 find out what happened to all my favorite characters.

    The story picks up where the New Generation of Robotech left off and introduces us to new characters and the promise of future DVD or series. The blending of CG and traditional animation could be better but the story does come through. The CG if shaded properly would not have been near as noticable.

    The music is superb. The soundtrack for this movie is easliy one of the many highlights.

    Can't wait for more.
  • Save your time and money on this dud.

    It's nothing like the original show. The story sucks. There are very few of the characters that you love. The mix of traditional animation and CG animation is terrible. I want my money back - it's embarassingly bad. Stick to the old DVDs, novels or comics for your Robotech fix. Simply garbage.