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In the year 1999, an abandoned alien battle fortress crash-lands on the planet Earth. Our most brilliant scientists and engineers spend the next ten years reconstructing the damaged ship, and studying its highly advanced technology, known as Robotech! A race of warriors from deep space, the Zentraedi, enter the scene, bent on recovering the lost ship and destroying Earth's civilization. A battle for our planet's survival is on, and young Rick Hunter finds himself caught up in the war, piloting an unfamiliar fighter plane, with sophisticated engineering he can't begin to understand!moreless

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  • I remember when I first watched it!

    I was probably 12 and even now I still can remember all my exciment with those huge war spaceships, the aerial fights and the transformable airplanes. Also, the Rick character was something of a wonder. I never had seen a cartoon with a kid as its major character. And the scene where he shows off and the lines where he shows his "modesty" made me fall for him right away. Put that together with the mystery of why the Zentraedi are attacking, the other major characters like Commander Fokker and the action we see in the middle and end of the episode and I was hooked.

    Truth to tell, nowadays its graphics wouldn't be apreaciated, but in that time, they were also something to awe.moreless
  • the first robotech

    in the year 1999 high above macross island in the south pacific a phonable event occered in the skys which aultered the course of human history well actuly it was more around the 1980s and it was a show called ROBOTECH which changed alot of fans lives this is an 85 episode series choped up in 3 sagas the first one being the macross saga this episode interduces you to the main characters Rick Hunter, LT. Comander Roy Folker, Lisa Haze, minmy, Cladia Grant, and Comander Glovle im sorry if i got any of the spelling wrong. but anyways this starts out as a celebration about rebuilding an alien space ship that crashed landed on earth but it takes a turn for the worst when the zentriti come in to the picture and a battle ensues and rick being a cilvian at this time gets pulled in to the battle flying a plane that transforms from a plane to a giant robot and a plane with arms and legs called guardian mode after being hit with a few luckly shots rick starts to crash and uses the transforming ability to recover but not before crashing in to a few building and if u look close u see one of the building's logo braceing for the impact of rick's fightermoreless
Tom Wyner

Tom Wyner

Jonathan Wolf

Melanie MacQueen

Melanie MacQueen

Lisa Hayes, Marlene

Melissa Newman

Melissa Newman

Dana Sterling

Alexandra Kenworthy

Alexandra Kenworthy

The Regis, Azonia

Iona Morris

Iona Morris

Claudia Grant

Cam Clarke

Cam Clarke

Lance "Lancer" Belmont, Max Sterling

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    • Exedore and Breetai: Exedore: "We know they have..." Breetai: "...reflex weapons!" "Precisely, and this makes them very dangerous. So we must exercise extreme caution."
      In the original Japanese version, the term "reaction weapons" was used. At the time it was still a bit of a taboo for the "good guys" to use nuclear weapons or atomic weapons on an animated series, so the term reaction was used in place of nuclear.

      When the script was translated for Robotech, the word "reflex" was used in place of "reaction". In Robotech the term "reflex" has come to mean powerful "smart" weapons.