Season 3 Episode 25

Symphony of Light

Aired Daily 3:00 PM Jun 28, 1985 on

Episode Recap

Corg and Scott engage in a brutal aerial dogfight. The intensity of their conflict is reflected in the battle between the Earth and alien forces. The shock troopers are no match for the new Shadow Fighters. The Invid cannot fight what they cannot see and are being destroyed despite their best efforts. As Admiral Hunter's fleet blasts the Invid battalions, Scott finishes Corg with his teammates' help.

The Regess feels the death of her children. The aliens have no choice – stay and be slaughtered, or leave the planet forever. For the Invid Mother, there can only be one decision: "Whether one race or the other emerges victorious is of little meaning. Such hatred can only breed more hatred. Oh, my children…if we stay, this conflict will rage from generation to generation. Hear me! When we sensed the first indications of the protoculture resources on this world, we thought that, at last, we had found the home for which we searched. We called together all our people scattered through galaxies to begin life anew on this planet. We rebuilt a world that had nearly been destroyed by evil, and we constructed the Genesis Pit in order to pursue the path of enlightened evolution…but it was not enough. The Earth is reviving and will eventually regain its proper balance in accordance with the laws of nature. However, the humans have been too strongly influenced by the malignant shadow of the Robotech Masters and are only intent upon the destruction of their race. We, the Invid, will continue our evolutionary development elsewhere. We shall consume all the protoculture and rise to a higher plane. Come with me! Discard this world and follow the spirit of light as he beckons us onward!"

The Invid leave. With nothing to fight, Hunter's fleet ceases its attack. Lancer and Sera guard the Great Hive and the Regess as she beckons her children to the stars. Sera chooses to remain on Earth. Lancer seems content to have her stay with him.

The humans celebrate their victory. Lancer gives his last performance as yellow Dancer, revealing his true identity to the public at last. Scott Bernard accepts a final military mission. With the threat of war behind him, he can enjoy duty and look forward to his return as well. Rand and Rook decide they have a more permanent partnership in store for their future. Annie and Lunk form their own family.

Lancer dedicates his last song to the commander of the freedom fighters, Scott Bernard. "He's leaving the Earth behind and with it, the most precious possessions – his friends – the people who love him most. But when he comes back, we'll be here to welcome him home with open arms."

Scott Bernard has more than friends to come home to. Ariel promises to wait for him on their new home – Earth. As the lieutenant bids goodbye to the planet, he abandons old memories as well. The pain of the past is forgotten in the future's bright promise.