Season 3 Episode 25

Symphony of Light

Aired Daily 3:00 PM Jun 28, 1985 on

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  • The End ???

    For 20 years now I\'ve watched and waited for something to be done since the last moments of this amazing episode.

    This is it, the final battle for Earth. The REF has massed all of its available ships and are attacking the invid with everything they have. Meanwhile planet side Scott Bernard is facing of with the Invid Prince Corg. The battle does not go well for Scott and in the opening moments he is downed by the battle hungry prince.

    Meanwhile inside Reflex Point the rest of Scott\'s group is attempting to persuade the Regiss to leave the earth peacefully before the Expeditionary force does something very drastic (any know the term: Scorched Earth).

    Scott and Marlene(Ariel) have a brief discussion about feelings and duty and the encounter leaves the two heartbroken.

    This is a must see with (as I said at the beginning) the last few moments screaming for a sequel. Anyone that saw this originally knows that the series restarts immediately after this episode (kinda like Monopoly: do not pass go, do not collect $200.00).

    Fortunately... after 20 years, Harmony Gold (the company that to this day still owns the rights to Robotech) is making an OAV (Original Animated Video) due out this fall. It is 60% traditional anime, 40% CGI (all new animation). The trailer can be found here: