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    • Battle for Zandon
      Battle for Zandon
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      After brief concern from the Terrakors that the rockslide may have destroyed Compucore, Zanadon becomes airborne, as the Protectons try to move it out reach. While Venturak and Compucore monitor the city's functions, the other Protectons explore various regions of the city, but when Argus is attacked by Nemesis, he realises that "Kontor" has opened the city's dome to allow the Terrakors access. Tyrannix and Bront battle in the city's sporting stadium, while Steggor pursues Narra into the medical bay. Defeating Steggor, Narra discovers Venturak, the charade over, preparing to abscond with Compucore. No match for both Venturak and Tyrannix, Narra is defeated, and Nemesis and the Terrakors escape, with Compucore in their clutches. As the Protectons struggle to even close the city's domes with Compucore, the now-airborne Terrastar soars overhead, and begins its attack…!moreless
    • The Final Attack
      The Final Attack
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      The Terrastar razes Zanadon, and in the ensuing conflagration, the Protectons attempt to penetrate the Terrastar's hull. Nemesis directs the ship into space, into a nearby asteroid belt, knocking all by Argus and Narra off into the void. They smash their way into the ship, and Narra is quickly knocked off into space by Tyrannix, leaving Argus and Exeter alone to face the assembled Terrakors. Struggling against the airless vacuum, Exeter directs the Terrastar towards a giant asteroid, then grapples with Kanawk, as Argus overcomes the Terrakors and comes to his aid, hurling Kanawk aside, and escaping from the ship with Exeter and Compucore as it crashes into the asteroid, exploding in a giant fireball. Floating in space, Argus is picked up by the other Protectons, who have survived by combining together. They return to the surface of Skalorr, and begin plans to rebuild their world, with help from the humans, who all agree to stay and help their new allies. But in the void of space… Nemesis still lives…moreless
    • All for One
      All for One
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Held captive in a pit by the rock creatures, the humans are threatened by a monstrous feline, which Exeter uses to escape. Snatching a Siliton crystal, Exeter recharges Jerrok, who saves himself and holds off the rock creatures while the humans recharge the other Robotix and interface with the nearest ones they can find. This leads to some unstable partnerships, as Argus ejects Gaxon from his cockpit for almost forcing him to kill a rock creature. Goon and Bront fuse into a battering ram that smashes open a path to freedom, but when Tyrannix opens fire on the rock creatures, he triggers the volcano, forcing all the Robotix and humans to partner up correctly to most efficiently save both themselves, and the rock creatures from destruction. The rock creatures lead the Protectons to safety, but the Terrakors manage to survive on their own, and once again attack Zanadon, as Tyrannix buries the city in a rockslide…moreless
    • Zarru Takes the Plunge
      Zarru Takes the Plunge
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Zarru crash-lands somewhere in the icy tundra region of Skalorr, where the Terrakors have successfully located the Terrastar, submerged in a lake. As they attempt to reactivate the ship, the Protectons – running low on energy – set out searching for Zarru. Goon is given the unenviable job of launching the Terrastar, and quickly loses control of the ship, burying it in an avalanche. Moving quickly, Zarru invades Goon's control capsule, but is thrown from it, and rescued by the Protectons. The Terrakors are forced to flee due to their own depleting energy levels, and both factions head for Siliton Mountain to locate the crystals they need to recharge. However, the Terrakors have a head start, and stage a flash flood to wash the Protectons away…moreless
    • The Factory of Death
      The Factory of Death
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      The Protectons struggle against the factory's various machines, while Zarru and Flexor put together the unfinished Robotix as best they can. A distress call from Argus forces them to activate the new Robotix, infusing it with the essence of the Protecton, Boltar, who stomps to the aid of the captive Protectons and rescues them. However, Exeter refuses to left Zarru be Boltar's pilot, instead appointing Flexor his partner, and, in an effort to prove to Exeter that he is skilled enough, Zarru sets out to locate the Terrakors…moreless
    • Attack of the Rock Creatures
      Attack of the Rock Creatures
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Boltar's bulk shields the Protectons from the flood, and their continue on their search for the crystals, but both factions are they captured by a bizarre race of rock creatures, who feed on the crystals also, who separate their human partners from them and imprison them in their subterranean realm within a volcano. As the humans watch, they see the rock creatures smelt their ship, and it soon becomes apparent that the Robotix are to share the same fate, with Jerrok going first…!moreless
    • Bront Stands Accused
      Bront Stands Accused
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      The Protectons only just manage to escape Zanadon as Compucore seals the city's dome to contain the explosion to only one of its multiple sectors. The situation is made worse by Venturak, who implicates Bront as a traitor, forcing the other Protectons to imprison him until his innocence can be proved. In the ensuing confusion, Tyrannix and Goon attempt to steal Compucore, but Venturak fights back, fearing Nemesis's wrath. Nemesis and Steggor then re-enter the fray, and Zarru frees Bront, who convinces the other Protectons he is not a traitor by helping them claim victory in the battle. Exploring inside Zanadon, Zarru discovers an incomplete Robotix body requiring additional parts to complete it. Venturak directs the Protectons to a nearby factory that will contain the parts they need, where the Terrakors have already set up an ambush…moreless
    • Battle of the Titans
      Battle of the Titans
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Pursued by a battle cruiser, the starship of captain Exeter Galaxon crashes on the ruined planet of Skalorr and is left for dead. But the crew survive, only to immediately find themselves caught up in a battle between two factions of gigantic robot creatures, the Protectons and Terrakors, that emerge from the ground beneath their feet. The Terrakors flee the scene, and the Protectons befriend Exeter and his crew, helping to rebuild their ship. During the repairs, Narra and Zarru discover that humans can interface with Robotix to enhance their abilities, and a renewed attack by the Terrakors forces Bront to put the new discovery to the test…moreless
    • Captured
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      The Protectons and humans at the oasis manage to survive by burrowing their way out, and Argus's failure to respond to his radio hailing prompts Bront to return to the base to investigate. Meanwhile, Nemesis infuses Argus's body with the essence of the Terrakor, Terragar, and they escape with Compucore. Bront pursues them, but is almost tricked by Terragar, posing as Argus, the deception only revealed by Lupus's presence at the controls. Bront seizes Compucore and flees into the crystalline Desert of Illusions, but, one by one, the illusions are dispelled, and Bront is staring down Terragar's cannon barrel…moreless
    • Paradise Lost
      Paradise Lost
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Interfaced with Exeter, Bront uses his new abilities to rescue Argus, who, interfaced with Tauron, helps him fend the Terrakors off. In the ensuing brief moment of peace, Argus takes the humans to the Protectons' underground base, where the history of Skalorr is related by Compucore, the planet's central intelligence. Three million years prior, the organic, lizard-like races of the Protectons and Terrakors were forced to set aside their hostilities when their sun began to go nova. While Nemesis planned to use Compucore to launch his ship, the Terrastar, to transport a select few to safety off the planet, Compucore itself suggested the use of underground stasis tubes to preserve the entire population…moreless
    • Traitor In Our Midst
      Traitor In Our Midst
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      The story of Skalorr's history continues, as the entire population of the planet seal themselves in stasis tubes. However, a radiation leak threatens their lives, and Compucore is forced to transfer and store their essences in itself. When the radiation levels finally reach normal millions of years later, Compucore transfers the essences of four Protectons and four Terrakors into the Robotix, giant machines created to rebuild Skalorr. The ensuing battle led into current events. As salvage and repair on the ship continues, Kanawk, Gaxon, Lupus and Nommo, dissatisfied with Exeter's leadership, set out on their own to find the Terrastar, and offer their services to the Terrakors…moreless
    • A Spy is Born
      A Spy is Born
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Nemesis accepts Kanawk's offer, and with the renegade humans and Terrakors interfaced, they stage a diversion to lure the Protectons out of their base, shortly after the Protectons complete the construction of a new Robotix, which is infused with the essence of another Protecton, Kontor. With tbe battle raging outside, Nemesis and Tyrannix penetrate the base and replace Kontor's essence with the Terrakor, Venturak, who then interfaces with another turncoat human, Traxis, and is appointed as a spy within the Protecton ranks. His first action is to reveal to the Terrakors that the humans' food supply is dwindling, resulting in an attack on their ship and the theft of their remaining rations…moreless
    • Crash Landing
      Crash Landing
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Repairs on the human ship continue apace, and success is finally achieved, only for the Terrakors to attack the Protectons just as Exeter's crew blasts off. Helpless before the interfaced Terrakors, the Protectons are facing certain doom, until Exeter's crew return to save them – only to discover that the Terrakors' stole their guidance system when they took their food, causing them to crash land…moreless
    • Firestorm at the Oasis
      Firestorm at the Oasis
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      With their interface restored, the Protectons fend off the Terrakors, but Exeter's ship is now beyond repair, and the humans are still without food. Compucore releases probes to locate consumable vegetation, discovering an oasis that the humans and Protectons head for, while Argus and Venturak remain to guard Compucore. While the other Terrakors raze the oasis in an inferno, Nemesis invades the Protecton base with Venturak's help, and captures Argus, erasing his essence…moreless
    • The Lost Cities
      The Lost Cities
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Narra and Jerrok come to Bront's aid, and the Terrakors flee, leaving Terragar's deactivated body behind. Compucore is able to restore Argus using a back-up copy of his essence, and the hunt then begins for Zanadon, the Protectons' old city. Unbeknownst to them, however, they are pursued by Steggor, who has left the Terrakors while they search for their own city, Terrakordia, only to discover that it has been crushed by a glacier, and that the Terrastar is nowhere to be found. Enraged, Tyrannix turns on Nemesis and claims leadership of the Terrakors for himself, heading off with Goon to join Steggor. Meanwhile, the Protectons seek to reactivate Zanadon, turning to "Kontor," as he was responsible for creating the city. Venturak sabotages the turbo flow generator, pinning the blame on Bront as the generator threatens to explode and destroy the entire city…moreless