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  • Season 1
    • Nana's Run / From Wretchneya With Love
      "Nana's Run": Thrasher and Blastus join a group that Maimy starts. Soon, Thrasher's nana is about to expire, Thrasher and Blastus don't send her to another planet to explode soon enough and she goes crazy. In the end, they end up going to another planet and an army of Teddy Bears attack. "From Wretchneya With Love": Series finale. Blastus dates a princess from the planet Wretchnya.moreless
    • Trial of Robocles
      Trial of Robocles
      Episode 5.2
      Thrasher and Blastus start going through puberty and must journey to Jockstrap Island and pass the Trial of Robocles in order to become men.
    • Mean Green / The Trials of Robocles
      On a field trip to a forest to chop down evil trees, Thrasher befriends a talking plant who is after a highly-guarded fertilizer called SuperFudge.
    • El Presidente / Field of Screams
      "El Presidente" - Thrasher's reign as the all-powerful student body president leads the school and his friendship with Blastus to the brink of destruction. / "Field of Screams" - Thrasher and Blastus turn to a physical enhancement drink to excel at the ultra-violent Mutilationball, but "the tonic's" side effects might be more dangerous than the game.moreless
    • From Wretchneya With Love
      Blastus is excited because he has finally hooked up with a "Model" girlfriend named Shock-sana, from the poor planet of Wretchneya. To impress her, Blastus makes up one lie after another, and pretends to be a super-rich, middle-aged robot who lives in a mansion and has a limo. When Blastus is found out, however, Shock-sana still thinks his life as a normal robot is more impressive than her own, and immediately suggests that they get married together! But Thrasher has a stinking suspicion that Blastus isn't the only robot who has been keeping secrets and telling lies in their "Relationship."moreless
    • Nana's Run
      Nana's Run
      Episode 9
      In order to impress Maimy, Thrasher tells her that he and Blastus would love to help her take care of the senior citizens living on Infernus, despite the dangerous fact that robot senior citizens go nuclear and explode once they hit 90 years old. But when Thrasher is told he has to send his old Nana off of Infernus, he's reluctant to do so and wants to find a way to turn Nana's clock back so that she doesn't have to explode. But what Thrasher doesn't realize is that in the final hours of a robot senior citizen's life, they turn violent and become energy vampires, feasting on the life sources of other robots. Can Thrasher do the unthinkable and get rid of his old Nana, or will the whole planet explode because of Thrasher's feelings for his Nana?moreless
    • The Trials of Robocles
      Thrasher, Blastus, and all their high school peers begin to go through the awkward changes of puberty. Before they can be considered men, they must travel to Jockstrap Island in order to defeat a bunch of vicious monsters so that they can earn new motorcycles!
    • The Mean Greens
      The Mean Greens
      Episode 7
      Thrasher, Blastus, and their fellow high school robots are about to face the greatest enemy known to Robot kind: plants! But Thrasher is unconvinced of the potential danger and/or malice plants might have to him. So when a tiny, talking plant that calls itself The Plant Spirit of Infernus, asks Thrasher to take the plant to someplace where it won't get cut down by the other vicious robots, Thrasher willingly agrees. But what Thrasher doesn't realize is that The Plant Spirit has ulterior motives for befriending Thrasher; namely, using Thrasher to break into a highly guarded facility which stores the most powerful Super Fertilizer known to Robot kind! When Thrasher's tiny plant friend turns into a giant, destructive monster, it falls to both Blastus and Thrasher to defeat the manipulative, overgrowing weed.moreless
    • Field of Screams
      Field of Screams
      Episode 6
      Blastus and Thrasher are unwillingly drafted to play in their high school's most dangerous sport ever: Mutilation-ball! But when they find out that girls really love the Alpha Dog of their team, they become determined to do everything they can to replace Tacklebot as the new Alpha Dogs. But when exercise isn't enough for them, a mysterious school janitor, who used to be a famous Mutilation-ball player known as The Beast; offers them a strange tonic that makes them super-strong and super-aggressive in the Mutilation-ball game. With their new anger and muscles, Blastus and Thrasher might have what it takes to become Mutilation-ball pros...if the game doesn't destroy them first!moreless
    • El Presidente
      El Presidente
      Episode 5
      Blastus helps Thrasher stage a school revolution that turns Thrasher into the new Student Body President of their high school. But things get complicated when Thrasher's crush, Maimy, FINALLY develops an interest in him and starts to warm up to Thrasher by wanting to be his first lady. Will Thrasher let the power go to his head, or will Blastus have to help him out of a tight fix?moreless
    • Playdate
      Episode 4
      Thrasher agrees to babysit Maimy's younger baby brother in order to get on a more friendly basis with her, and Thrasher brings his younger baby sister along so the babies will have someone to play with. But when the two destructive infants quickly prove to be too much for Thrasher to handle alone, he calls on Blastus for help. Blastus informs Thrasher that as long as the babies get to play with their favorite toy of Tickle Me Psycho, then their violent carnage can be contained. But when Tickle Me Psycho is revealed to have a mind of his own, Thrasher and Blastus find that they now have two problems to solve. One is stopping the Tickle Me Psycho toys from causing an uprising against all toddlers, and the other is stopping the young children from completely destroying their home town.moreless
    • No Child Left Benign
      Thrasher and Blastus, deeply worried about an upcoming test they don't want to take, decide to develop and express feelings so that they will get put into a special school-room for robots that don't have to take the test. What Thrasher and Blastus don't realize however is that their new school room peers may actually be on a one way trip to doom!moreless
    • Bling Thing
      Bling Thing
      Episode 2
      Thrasher and Blastus sell their robot coolant in an attempt to get robot upgrades in order to impress girls.
    • Frenemy
      Episode 1
      Thrasher and Blastus join a new social networking website called Frenemy. Unfortunately, Frenemy takes on a life of its own and won't leave Thrasher and Blastus alone.