Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 8:40 PM Oct 25, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • You see my buzz? You're killing it!

    So Weenus tells T&B abot this new site called Frenemy, were you take a bunch of stangers and turn them into your friends. T&B join, but nooone befriends them, and 10000 years pass. Blastus uses his time machine to go back and they kill their past selves. So then they send a complanit to Frenemy who answers and befirends them. Soon, Frenemy begins to act as a total stalking freak, and then the PRincipal tells T&B too try Squeeker, a parody of Twitter. Frenemy catches them on Squeeker and kill it, so then T&B decide to got and cut their firendship with Frenemy for good. They go to some mount where Frenemy catches them with his tenctacles and then Thrasher gets the idea to tell evetyone to poke him, killing it. Then they try a dating site, but ending up poking it too.

    Overall: Nice premiere, and nice comedy. 9/10.
  • Todays Status: My favourite social networking site wants to kill me. (some slight spoilers but too much)

    Robotomy gets off to a great start with it's Premiere episode, Frenemy!

    Frenemy is all about Blastus and Thrasher signing up for a popular website called Frenemy. Frenemy's turns strangers you don't know into your friends but chaos ensues when Blastus and Thrasher don't make any friends whatsoever which makes Frenemy suggest that the Actual Website Itself! decides to manifest in the real world and become their friend instead.

    Frenemy is paranoid, clingy and doesn't allow the two to join any other website, it ruins their reputation and even kills a parody of Twitter.

    Overall this episode was a good starting point although in my opinion this show falls short of Regular Show and Sym-Bionic Titan however, this show should not be cancelled and continue on because it's yet another gem on the new new CN.

    If CN keep this up they're going to retain their former glory!

    8.0/10.0 = B/A+