Season 1 Episode 10

From Wretchneya With Love

Aired Monday 8:40 PM Jan 24, 2011 on Cartoon Network
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From Wretchneya With Love
Blastus is excited because he has finally hooked up with a "Model" girlfriend named Shock-sana, from the poor planet of Wretchneya. To impress her, Blastus makes up one lie after another, and pretends to be a super-rich, middle-aged robot who lives in a mansion and has a limo. When Blastus is found out, however, Shock-sana still thinks his life as a normal robot is more impressive than her own, and immediately suggests that they get married together! But Thrasher has a stinking suspicion that Blastus isn't the only robot who has been keeping secrets and telling lies in their "Relationship."moreless
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  • So long, Robotomy. At least you ended on the perfect way possible. With Megawatt being ran over by a bus. Twice.

    Okay, so Robotomy was cancelled due to high production costs and low interest on forgein market. But at least we have 10 fun segments.

    So Blatus is braggin about her new girlfriend from Wretchneya, Shockzana. But he told her that he is 45, owns a mansion and has an assistant. So when they meet, Thrasdher & blastus hijack a limousine and drive to MEgawatt's house.

    There they break in via window, and he tells her MEgawatt's family are ghosts (they beleivbe so too). Thrahser tells him to come clean with Shockzana, he does, and she forgives him. Then on a date, she aks him to marry, but doesn't show up on thev wedding day.

    Then Thrahser goes to look for her, and finds her stealing the wedding gifts. She revelas she is a space pirate that seduces guys and steals the presents. They fight and she returns to Wretchneta with the gifts.

    On a bonus scene, Megawatt & his parents are acting all ghost-y and Megawatt says that he can go through a bus. The bus rans over him, and they realize they're alive (Megwatt's mom: Well, Megawatt probably isn't). He asks for help and a 2nd bus rans over him.

    Overall: Good episode, but the last 3 were far better. Anyways the last scene was priceless & the perfect way to end it. 8.5/10.moreless

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