Season 1 Episode 3

No Child Left Benign

Aired Monday 8:40 PM Nov 08, 2010 on Cartoon Network
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No Child Left Benign
Thrasher and Blastus, deeply worried about an upcoming test they don't want to take, decide to develop and express feelings so that they will get put into a special school-room for robots that don't have to take the test. What Thrasher and Blastus don't realize however is that their new school room peers may actually be on a one way trip to doom!moreless
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  • "She's gonna cancel our recital or Mamma Mia!"

    So, it0s test day. The test that will prove if they are killer robots of pity robots who eat donuts. So when they realize the sunshine class (robots with feelings) doesn't have to take the test, they fake feelings to get in the class. They have a great time and everytthing until they relaize the teacher is only a hologram.

    The class is on a spaceship, and they are goign to destory these retraded robots (weoll, not retarded, with feelings). So, they try to make the sushine robots violent, saying that the teacher cancelled their Mamma Mia recital. It works, and it give Blasuts an opportnutiy to change the route fo the ship back home. The ship destorys the whole school when crashing, and T&B instantly pass the test.

    Overall: Great episode. They are starting to adjjust to the fast-pacing fo the show, and the humor was great too. 9.5/10.moreless
  • Cartoon Network's answer to "Futurama!" :D This looks like it's going to become a really good show! 8) Enough said! ;)

    When "Futurama" got put onto the Cartoon Network Adult Swim block, people everywhere were raving about the comedic genius of a cartoon show they didn't know existed thanks to a certain OTHER network that would never let it have a completely fixed airing schedule routine. But some bonehead named Snyder sold the rights to air the show of "Futurama" to Comedy Central, leaving Cartoon Network no show (other than "The Jetsons") that made fun of a possible future with robots in them! :roll: Thankfully, this show is yet another successful demonstration of the Cartoon Loyalists fighting back against the Network Traitors, as it proves that ANY Cartoon shown on Cartoon Network is ALWAYS going to PWN a live-action piece of Network trash no matter HOW much its over-advertised! :idea: This new show called "Robotomy" explores a very unique "What if?" Concept about a society of robots living on a fighting, frantic, battling planet filled with destructive machines! Yet in this madness, are two lone robot souls who possess sensitivity, caring, and understanding. They have no personal desire to hurt or destroy, they just want to be cool like any other Teenage Robot (not a reference to "My Life As a Teenage Robot!") :lol: And although Thrasher and Blastus have threatening names, they do not want to be destructive forces against other robots. So when a ninth grade test comes along that will grade the two male robots (not "I, Robot") :lol: on their ability to be destructive. Looking for a way to get out of taking this test that goes against their nature, they realize if they express their natural feelings that they usually keep dormant, they'll get put into a special room filled with other students of their kind, that don't have to take the Benign Test. But when Thrasher and Blastus discover the truth about their new 'School-room,' they must incite their fellow robots into fighting against a system that wants to destroy them purely for not wanting to fight! This reverse psychology works to save the robots, and even lets Thrasher and Blastus ace their tests! ;)moreless

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    • It is learned in this episode that robots who express positive feelings and don't act psychotic are put into a special school-room that turns out to be a rocket that shoots them into a hot sun in order to completely destroy them.

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    • Blastus (Referring to the teacher): She's going to cancel our recital of Mamma Mia!
      Mamma Mia! is a popular musical play and motion picture revolving around the Disco dance songs of the Swedish Pop Group, ABBA.