Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Monday 8:40 PM Nov 15, 2010 on Cartoon Network
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Thrasher agrees to babysit Maimy's younger baby brother in order to get on a more friendly basis with her, and Thrasher brings his younger baby sister along so the babies will have someone to play with. But when the two destructive infants quickly prove to be too much for Thrasher to handle alone, he calls on Blastus for help. Blastus informs Thrasher that as long as the babies get to play with their favorite toy of Tickle Me Psycho, then their violent carnage can be contained. But when Tickle Me Psycho is revealed to have a mind of his own, Thrasher and Blastus find that they now have two problems to solve. One is stopping the Tickle Me Psycho toys from causing an uprising against all toddlers, and the other is stopping the young children from completely destroying their home town.moreless
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  • Best: Blatus' stealth mode.

    So Thrasher overhears that Maimy has a little borhter, so he arranges a playdate with his sister. But he doesn't get it, and he ends up babysitting the kids while she goes out with Megawhatt. He calls Blastus for help but they can't control the kids. They try to use Tickle Me Psycho (the kids favorite toy!), but he escpaes and starts to wreck the city and start a revolution with the other Psychos. At the schoolyard, where Weenus gets to ride the giant rocket (Blastus didn't want to, he think's the rocket is STUPiD!). There Maimy tells Thrasher how irresponsible he is etc etc. and Weenus falls down and a abby takes Blastus face off. Blastus start crying but it's not because of his face, it's because he wanted to ride the rocket.

    Overall: Great epsode. ut I liked the rocket plot more than the Psycho plot. And Blastus stealth mode was hilarious. 9/10.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • It's revealed in this episode that Blastus is equipped with a secret Stealth Mode. When it's activated, it turns Blastus completely invisible to any, and all other robots and/or creatures. The only drawback to Blastus' Stealth Mode is that he can't talk while its activated, as he has to break out of Stealth Mode in order to talk normally.

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    • Tickle Me Elmo: The Robotomy toy of Tickle Me Psycho is an obviously parody/reference to the Sesame Street based toy that when it was initially released in 1996, it was considered revolutionary for having touch recognition and personal interaction previously unheard of in a child's toy.