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  • Robotomy! what happen to ya?

    Robotomy was CN's answer to Robot Jones. they maybe just don't like robots at all!

    it really good it feels like superjail for kids, CN lost the idea of keeping this show longer! it really would done better if they knew a better way to treat the show.
  • This show had some potential, but I was pulled off the air too quickly.

    How could people cancel shows like this that would potentially become successful and greenlight crap like Problem Solverz?!
  • What idiot would make this?

    I'm surprised at Cartoon Network. How they could greenlight shit like this easily, but cancel Ed, Edd, n' Eddy before it even had a chance is beyond my increased levels of cognitive thought.
  • Found Out A Strange Reason Why This Was Cancelled

    The executives kept putting the show in out of production. Don't understand that completely, Show would have been really good.
  • What idiot would cancel this?

    I'm surprised at Cartoon Network. How they could greenlight shit like Incredible Crew easily, but cancel this excellent show before it even had a chance is beyond my increased levels of cognitive thought.
  • i Really liked it when it was on cause it was funny

    i watched it when it came on cause i would get bored then i actually came to like it
  • A show that had potential, end by CN

    When it aired I really liked it, I was really suprised when it ended. I thought it had potential but not according CN. It could have helped CN get back on its feet but they cancelled the show.

    Really dumb move by CN to cancell this show
  • Another show screwed by the network!

    Grand. And another show that's not Ben 10-cubed gets canceled. Like a bad dream come true. It wasn't even there for a month before someone shot it down to the ground anyway. Patty Bouvier burn CN's studio to the ground with one stray cigarette and laugh in the head executive's face; and she's not even Cartoon Network's, she's Fox's. What sort of evil mastermind would come up with such a heinous plot to rule the world? Some idea, Stuart. Grand idea to cancel yet another show and earn even MORE wrath from fans. And thank you, Robotomy haters, Symbionic haters, and other cool show made my day.

    Sincerely, b. impson
  • Perfect just perfect!

    20 years from now people are gonna be like "Remember Adventure Time" Your gonna say "Yeah, that was funny". Well us who actually bothered to turn on our tv tuned into Robotomy. This show was funny and it was better than Adventure Time or Mad. But you wouldn't know that (and don't pretend like you watched it, because we all know you didn't) It probably got canceled because the lack of advertising. Ugh, it just makes me mad. No one gave this a chance because there just watching Adventure Time. The show was hilarious, I you saw one episode you know what I'm talking about. The funniest joke was probably in the episode "No Child Left Benign" when Thrasher and Blastus came in and started singing that Hugs and Kisses song and everyone panicked.
  • In 3 words. Screwed. By. CN.

    Do you remember ths show? Of ocurse not. ONe day CN said, hey! we're premiering a new show. It aird moslty unadvertised until December. Then CN tried advertisnig, but the last 4 episodescame and went. With no rerun slots, it waseventually cnaelled due to high costs (it wasnb't animated in Korea, all in USA) and lack of interest in forgein market.

    Anyways the sotry was about thrahser & blastus 2 killer robots that live in Insanus, a planet were is ok to burn your friend to death if he eats your pudding. Thrahser hada crush on Maimy, the popular girl who datred the rich dude Megawhaat. Jock Takclebot & techer Dreadnot. And let's not forget bipolar awesome robot Weenus.

    Overall: It was great, but it was doomed befroe it even started. It's shame as it was awesome. 9/10.