Season 1 Episode 7

The Mean Greens

Aired Monday 8:40 PM Jan 03, 2011 on Cartoon Network

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  • About Robot Twilight: That's the movie that makes you STUPID!

    Okay, so the lcass is on a field trip to "outside" were they have to do their part for the environment... by killing it! Thrahser doesn't feel like it, as he belives plants aren't that bad, so he goes to rest to the bus. There he meets a plant, who asks him to protect her. Thrasher tells Blastus & Weenus, who disspprove of it.

    So then, plant asks to take him to the super-fudge, a huge pile of fertilizer. They go there, and Thrasher tells Dreadnot (who works part time as guard) that he is doing a report for school. There Blastus, Weenus & Gore-ax (the plant-expert), try to avoid the lant of eating the fudge. Plant eats it and grows huge & evil and his Gore-ax. Gore-ax tells Thrasher & Blastus that they need to eat him to defeat plant. Then they grew all powerful (We're killer robots, with emphasis on the word Killer) and go to take donw the plant. blastus is knocked out so thrahser has to defeat her. He does.

    Overall: AWesome episode. The best one of the series. I loved how Weenus felt like one of the main ones here. Plus the jokes were all hit. 10/10.