Robson Arms

Season 1 Episode 5

A Certain Vintage

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Jul 01, 2005 on CTV

Episode Recap

The camera pans in from the street, showing houses, then Robson Arms. We see Fred at the computer; Hal in his apartment kissing a girl as Nick looks on then walks away; Geoff and Stanley in bed together asleep. The alarm clock rings, Geoff leans over and kisses Stanley's neck. Stanley says that he's up....for work, which disappoints Geoff. He gets out of bed and stands at the window, looking out and scratching his bare behind; Geoff looks disgusted.

Stanley is cooking breakfast, and Geoff talks to him about eating healthier; he's worried about Stanley eating eggs. Stanley stands at the window, looking out and eating his bacon and eggs. He sees the Wainwrights and comments about how in love the two of them are, still doting on each other. He tells Geoff, "that could be us in our golden years."

Geoff is giving a massage to Carslisle Wainwright, and talking about health. Carslisle says that he's worried about dying before Elaine, his wife, as she's 15 years younger than he is. Geoff expresses surprise that Carslisle has thought about these things; Carslisle expresses surprise that Geoff hasn't. He motions to a picture of Geoff and Stanley on the wall and comments that he'd have thought that Geoff would have considered these things, what with his father and all.

Geoff is at the waterfront with a friend; the two of them are putting on rollerblades while the friend tells Geoff about the great time that he had at a club. He tells Geoff that he should come next time. Geoff says that he hangs out with Stanley now, and that that's all they do -- just hang out. The friend suggests that because Stanley is older, maybe he's just tired, and that Geoff should shake things up.

In their apartment, Geoff asks Stanley to go out to the clubs with him. Stanley says no, but tells Geoff that he should go. He then complains about the "lite" salad dressing, which angers Geoff. Stanley relents and says yes to going out dancing; Geoff suggests that maybe Stanley can wear the leather pants that he used to wear when they first met.

Stanley is standing in front of Geoff, shirtless, in his leather pants. His rather large stomach is hanging over the waist of the pants, which look like they've been painted on, they're so tight. When Geoff sees him in the pants, he changes his mind about going out.

Elaine and Carslisle Wainwright are in the street, talking. Elaine walks off, leaving Carslisle alone. Stanley watches from his window. Geoff watches Stanley and doesn't look happy.

In the hallway, Geoff bumps into Elaine. They gossip; she tells him about the female tenant on the first floor who's doing it with the guy on the second floor [reference to episode 1 "Dancing The Horizontal Mambo"], and she invites him back to her apartment for drinks and gossip. They sit in her livingroom, talking about their relationships. Geoff asks her how she and Carslisle met; Elaine says that Carslisle was interested and she was interesting; he gave up everything for her. Geoff comments that Carslisle used to be a psychiatrist, and Elaine confirms this. She then asks how he and Stanley met; Geoff tells her it was at a mutual fund seminar. She asks if he and Stanley still have any mutual interests?

Geoff is in the bathroom of the Wainwright's apartment, and he's looking through the medicine cabinet. There are a lot of pill bottles in there. He grabs at a hand towel and knocks Mr. Wainwright's dentures into the toilet.

As he's leaving the Wainwright's apartment, Geoff invites Elaine and Carslisle to his and Stanley's place for dinner on Saturday.

Geoff and Stanley are in bed, talking about their days. Stanley asks if Geoff discovered the secret to the Wainwright's success, and Geoff tells him that it's drugs, lots of drugs. The conversation turns sexy, they kiss. Stanley's head disappears from the screen, moving down Geoff's body. Suddenly, Geoff winces, and Stanley asks, "What the hell is that? It feels like a rock!" Geoff says it's nothing, and that it's been there for a while.

At the doctor's office, Geoff and Stanley listen as the doctor gives them the bad news that the left testicle will have to be removed. Afterwards, there will have to be more tests. Stanley asks when this can be done, and suggests that it should be as soon as possible.

Back in their apartment, Geoff stands nude before a mirror, looking at himself. Stanley stands in the doorway and looks at Geoff. He looks unhappy and worried.

Stanley is in the livingroom, listening to Mozart and drinking scotch. Geoff comes into the room and they have an argument. Stanley is angry that Geoff left it so long and then is horrified when Geoff tells him that he's decided not to have the surgery. When Stanley starts talking about health, Geoff becomes even angrier, calling the situation "a cosmic ****ing joke." He's upset at the irony of the situation; that he, a healthy 30-year-old should have cancer while Stanley, who lives on a diet of bacon and scotch, is healthy. He throws a jar of mustard that he's holding at the wall, where it shatters. Just then, there's a knock at the door -- it's the Wainwrights.

The atmosphere in the apartment is extremely tense. Elaine, noting the mustard on the wall, comments, "I love what you've done with the mustard." Elaine seems to be drunk, or high on he drugs. The group sit around in silence. Stanley gets some scotch for Carslisle, and that gives the two of them something to talk about. Carslisle offers a toast to subtleties, and Elaine comments that it's been a long time since he's noticed ~her~ subtleties. He tells her that she has none. Geoff, trying to change the topic of conversation, comments that Elaine has told him about her and Carslisle's first meeting and how romantic it was. Carslisle says that there's nothing romantic about disciplinary hearings, that Elaine was as mad as a cat, and they got married because of the baby. They all look to Elaine, she explains that she lost the baby, "but we still have each other," she says to Carslisle. He says that the disciplinary board should have relieved him of her and left him with his practice.

Elaine and Carslisle are leaving Geoff and Stanley's apartment. They thank them, and as Geoff closes the door, Stanley comments that the evening was awful. He asks Geoff if that's what they'll be like in their golden years, then says that the two of them won't have the chance to have the chance to grow old and bitter together. He leaves the room.

Geoff is going through a box of old pictures, letters and papers. Later on, Stanley finds him sitting with a card on his chest, staring off into space. The card is a Valentine's Day card that Stanley gave to him early in their relationship. Geoff has been crying; he's scared and angry about the surgery, and tells Stanley that things weren't supposed to be this way; he wasn't supposed to be the one who would need looking after. Stanley comforts him, telling Geoff that he'll still be around to take care of him. They talk about their future together, and end up laughing together.

Henry Armstrong is in the hallway, shooting a hockey puck against the wall. Yuri comes in and stares at Henry who stares back at Yuri. Yuri looks away first. Each walks away in different directions without ever having said a word.

Stanley is coming in the front door of Robson Arms just as the Wainwrights are leaving. They seem to be happy once more. Elaine asks about how Geoff is doing. Carslisle suggests that they should have another evening together, and comments that he had a fine time the last time.

Geoff is in bed, recovering from the surgery. Stanley comes in, wearing rollerblades and a rollerblading outfit. He's holding a glass of whipped wheatgrass in his hand, which he drinks. Geoff asks if he switched from scotch for him? Stanley tells him that when Geoff is better, "I promise you an exceptionally long finish." They kiss and hug as the camera pulls back.