Robson Arms

Season 1 Episode 5

A Certain Vintage

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Jul 01, 2005 on CTV



  • Trivia

    • The music that Stanley is listening to in the scene where he argues with Geoff is Mozart's The Magic Flute, Aria (No. 14), Queen Of The Night.

    • William B. Davis used to live with one of Margot Kidder's best friends but he and Margot never met, until they played an unhappily married couple on Robson Arms.

  • Quotes

    • (Stanley is eating bacon and eggs, while Geoff makes a wheatgrass shake)
      Stanley (to Geoff): Whipped lawn clippings for breakfast, why didn't I think of that? Oh, that's right, I'm not a rabbit!

    • Elaine: Yeah, Carlisle used to just be totally interested in what made people tick, you know. That's how we met; I was interesting, and he was interested.

    • Elaine: Sometimes when you choose an older partner...
      Geoff: Older lovers are from Mars, and younger lovers are from Venus.
      Elaine: Yeah, more like young lovers are from now, old lovers are from 'Not now, dear.'

    • (Stanley asks about Mr. and Mrs. Wainwright)
      Stanley: Did you uncover the secrets to their success?
      Geoff: Drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.
      Stanley: What do you mean?
      Geoff: Medicine cabinet.
      Stanley: You didn't!
      Geoff: It looks like Marilyn Monroe's stomach in there.

    • (looking at a glass of scotch)
      Carlisle: The whole world in a glass... so many subtleties.
      Geoff: A toast to subtleties.
      Elaine: It's been a long tim esince you paid attention to any of my subtleties.
      Carlisle: Waste of energy, paying attention to something that isn't there. That's one of my favourite things about you, dear; you're clear as crystal.

    • Geoff: You fell in love, gave up your practice to be together.
      Carlisle: She was mad as a cat, one flat-out beautiful girl. Well, the College frowns on these things, and uh, with the pregnancy, uh... they decided to relieve me of my practice.
      Stanley: Pregnancy?
      Elaine: Oh, I lost it.
      Stanley: I'm sorry.
      Elaine (to Carlisle): No, no, we still have each other, don't we, Honey?
      Carlisle: The sensible thing would have been to relieve me of you, and let me keep my practice.

    • (Geoff is crying)
      Geoff: A part of me... of me! is going to be missing.
      Stanley: It's okay. I'm probably going to lose my teeth.
      Geoff: Yeah, but I might lose my hair.
      Stanley: Yeah, that's going to be tough. (pause) I'm probably going to lose control of my bladder.
      (they both start to laugh)

  • Notes

    • Jason Dedrick and Tom Saunders were credited as "The Mottomakers".

    • This episode carried the CTV advisory: This program deals with mature subject matter and contains scenes of nudity and coarse language. Viewer discretion is advised.

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