Robson Arms

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Friday 10:30 PM Jul 29, 2005 on CTV

Episode Recap

The camera pans in from the street scene to the apartment of the Misses Dubois, where we see them lying on the sofa, looking peaceful. It then pans up to the apartment of Bobbi and Bobby, and Bobby asks, "Do you smell gas?"

In a cemetery, the tenants of Robson arms are bidding their final farewell to the Misses Dubois. As they begin to leave, Toni asks Nick if he knows what happened, if it was an accident. Nick tells her, "I heard it was suicide." Bobby and Bobbi are about to leave, when Bobby sees Yuri standing on his own. He tells Bobbi that he's going to talk to Yuri, and she doesn't want him to do that. He goes over anyway, and invites Yuri to dinner with them. Bobbi is visibly upset by this, and she shouts at Bobby, "He's NOT coming to dinner!"

Yuri is in his apartment, alone, feeding Bushy-Bush, whom he calls "Furry". He puts on a record, pours himself a drink, toasts a picture of the two Misses Dubois, then dances around his apartment.

Yuri is asleep on the sofa, passed out from his drinking. He wakes up because there's a drip in the ceiling, and it's landing on his face. He then hears a noise at the door, so jumps up and quickly puts the chain on the door, just before it opens up. A man puts his face to the opening, and Yuri asks him, "Who the **** are you?" "I'm the new owner; who the **** are you?" is the answer.

The new owner is inspecting the building, and Yuri is with him. They're in the basement, looking at the pipes, which have various rags tied around them. "You fixed this?" asks the new owner. Yuri begins to ask him about his relationship to the Misses Dubois, asking if he's their cousin? The new owner says that he's their second cousin. He then asks how much it would cost to get the building fixed up. Yuri tells him that if he hires contractors, it'll cost him a bundle, but that he, Yuri, will cut him a deal. He then asks the new owner if he has a wife and kids. The new owner says that he does and asks why. Yuri comments that the Misses Dubois' apartment might be cramped for a family, but if the new owner gives Yuri some time and a budget, he can knock out a few walls, and have the place fixed up in no time. The new owner asks, "Do you think I'm a masochist? I'm gonna put this palace up for sale."

In the store, Toni is talking to Yuri about the new owner, saying that she doesn't like it.....a new owner, new renovations, and higher rent. Yuri tells her that it'll all be ok.

Yuri knocks on Geoff and Stanley's door. Geoff answers and Yuri tells him that he's there to fix the toilet. Geoff can't believe it - he tells Yuri that he complained about the toilet a month ago. Yuri says, "Yeah, well, a month ago, I was backed up." "Yeah," says Geoff, "so was the toilet. So we called a plumber, and he came the same day." He slams the door in Yuri's face.

Yuri is in Sault's apartment, fixing the pipes. He tells her that the drip is fixed now, and she asks if he wants a medal?

Yuri sees Carslisle at his door, and asks if he can count on him for a reference? Carslisle tells Yuri that he was just thinking about him, and that he has something for him. He goes into his apartment and comes back out with a book that he'd written years ago on job hunting. He tells Yuri that it may be outdated, but the gist remains the same.

As Yuri leaves Carslisle's door, he checks on "Fluffy" in his shirt pocket, then bumps into Bobbi in the hallway. Bobbi tells him that she told Bobby "about us." Yuri asks, "What us? We slept together once, a month ago." Bobbi says that she couldn't live with herself, and that Bobby's furious. Yuri says he isn't worried about Bobby. We then see Bobby on the stairs, with a large stick in his hand. Bobbi comments, "Oh my god, that's his kendo stick." Yuri runs away.

Yuri makes it to the Misses Dubois' apartment, and locks the door, but Bobby comes in the other door. They fight, but Yuri manages to get the kendo stick away from Bobby, so the fight is in his favor. He manages to push Bobby to the ground, and stands there, in the middle of the living room, triumphantly. Just then, the whole room begins to shake in an earthquake. There's plaster and dust everywhere, and when the dust settles, Bobby sees a large hole in the ceiling. He looks down to where the ceiling fell, and there's a large portion of the roof on top of Yuri, who is trapped under it. Bobby sits there and just looks at this, while Yuri asks, "Bobby?? Boy Bobby?? I think I'm stuck.....where's Furry?" Bobby asks who Furry is, and Yuri tells him that Furry is his hamster.

Tenants are exiting the building. Carslisle asks Alicia if she's ok? She says that she feels all jitterbuggery. He suggests that they go outside in case there are aftershocks.

In the Misses Dubois' apartment, Yuri is still trapped under the fallen ceiling. "Can you get this **** off me?" he asks. Bobby tells him to "go screw." Yuri tells Bobby that he can't imagine how sorry he (Yuri) is. Bobby is still sitting on the floor, stunned, and he moans to himself, "I can't believe that my marriage is over." Yuri tells him, "Look, if your wife jumped me as fast as she did, your marriage was already over." He then tells Bobby that he's kidding, and explains, "we were drunk, and, no, not horny, .... confused." None of this is helping Bobby any, and he begins to throw small pieces of plaster at Yuri. He then gets up to leave, and Yuri asks, "You're gonna send for help, right?" Bobby tries to leave, but the first door is stuck, and as he grabs the other doorknob, it comes off in his hand. The two of them are trapped in the apartment together.

Bobbi is sitting on the front steps of Robson Arms. Toni comes out and tells her that she shouldn't stay there. Bobbi says, "My husband is still in there."

Inside, Bobby is crying quietly. Yuri asks, "are you crying?" and then says that this is why he stays away from the 'emotional stuff'. Bobby tells Yuri that he's unlovable, and Yuri counters with, "I'm a man!" Bobby retorts, "You're an asshole!" and then adds that Yuri sucks at his job. Yuri asks, "so I guess I won't be getting a reference from you?" Just then, Bobby's phone rings -- it's Bobbi, outside. She asks if he's ok, but the connection isn't good, and the line goes down. Yuri, disbelieving, says, "We're trapped, and you've had a cell phone?" Bobby tells him, "I'll call for help when I get an apology." So Yuri tells him, "I'm sorry for shtupping your wife; now dial 9-1-1." Bobby picks up his kendo stick and tells Yuri, "That.......was not......sincere," punctuating the sentence with hits.

Outside, the tenants are milling around. Sault is sitting against a tree, with a jacket pulled over her head. Geoff comes over and asks her if she's wigless? She says that she is, what with the kerfuffle; Geoff gives her his hat, and holds the jacket while she puts it on. Once she has it on, he stands up to leave. She asks where he's going and he tells her that he's going to Stanley's office to see that he's ok.

On another part of the front lawn, Grandma Tan is standing with Bobbi, and offers her a cookie. Bobbi takes one and comments, "I'm hungry all the time." She then adds, "I don't know why I care....he doesn't care about me." Grandma Tan says something in Chinese (subtitled as, "I'm going to watch my favorite tv show.") and Bobbi agrees, "Exactly." Then she suddenly admits to Grandma Tan that she's pregnant, and takes another cookie.

In the Misses Dubois' apartment, Bobby is telling Yuri that his big brother used to beat him up all the time, and so he saved all his money and took kendo lessons. When his brother found out that he was taking the kendo lessons, he just beat Bobby up more. "I can't feel my legs," Yuri says. Bobby continues, ignoring Yuri, telling him that Bobbi taught an exercise class in the next room over from his kendo lessons, and how he used to look at her and think, "some lucky bastard is going to marry her some day." Yuri asks Bobby to "take that stick and bash my brains out so I don't have to listen to this **** any more." He then starts in on a story of his own, telling Bobby that "when I was six years old, I was at the park with my father, and I was climbing on .....the climb-y thing." He continues, saying that when he reached the top, he was really scared, but his father told him to jump, and that he'd catch him, he wouldn't let him fall. So Yuri jumped, and just as he did, his father had stepped back, and Yuri hit the ground. "So there I was, spitting out dirt, bawling," he says, and his father told him, "'Here's life lesson number one: don't expect no one to catch you.' Great man, my dad," Yuri says, adding, "That's love -- someone who's willing to tell you the truth even though it might hurt." Bobby has been walking towards the window near the end of this story, and as he looks out, he sees Bobbi with Grandma Tan.

Bobbi is standing with Grandma Tan, crying. Grandma Tan begins deep breathing, and Bobbi imitates her. Grandma Tan then begins what look like Tai Chi movements, speaking in English as she makes the movements, "Holding the world....give it away." Bobbi also begins to do this, and it seems to calm her down.

Inside, Bobby begins to lift the fallen ceiling pieces off of Yuri. Yuri tells him, "She had nothing to gain and everything to lose, but she told you anyway."

Bobbi appears in the window, at the top of a ladder. She comes into the apartment, and Bobby tells her, "You hurt me so bad." She tells him that she's so sorry, and they kiss and hug each other. Yuri calls out, "Just pretend I'm not here...." and they both begin to lift the larger pieces of ceiling off of him, and pull him up. Bobbi comments that he's bleeding; Yuri checks his pockets and then says, "It's just a superficial wound." Bobby and Bobbi head for the window, and Bobby tells Yuri that he should leave too, and that he, Bobby, will even hold the ladder for him, and "I won't let you fall." "Whatever," Yuri says. He stands alone in the apartment for a moment, then limps toward the window.

Yuri gets out of a cab, with a cast on his leg and using a cane. Toni asks him how his foot is, and he tells her it's ok. She asks what's going to happen, and Yuri says, "I don't know." As he walks into the building, we see that there's a "For Sale" sign on the front lawn. When Yuri gets to his apartment door, there's a cage with a hamster in it waiting for him. He picks it up and looks at the card, which reads, "From the Bobbies." Yuri puts his finger in the cage to pet the hamster, then pulls it back quickly, crying out in pain, "Owww! Little ****er bit me!"