Robson Arms

Season 2 Episode 11

All About Kitty

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Apr 07, 2007 on CTV
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Episode Summary

All About Kitty
Toni's feeling unloved and unappreciated, but finds a new friend in Bao's Kowloon cousin, Kitty, who seems to be a godsend, helping Toni with the store while Bao's away. The two women bond, but Kitty begins to take over a few too many of Toni's duties, leaving Toni feeling like she's being pushed out of the way. Kitty manages to arrange a deal that will allow the Tans to stay in the store, but wants them to sponsor her immigration in return. Yuri is also feeling the heat of competition when Elvis hires a local handyman to do the repairs that Yuri's been ignoring.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • (telling Yuri that the repairs need to be completed)
      Elvis: We've lined up a buyer; they're taking a walk-through next week. Stu wants the place looking shiny.

      'Stu' is the new owner, Stuart Dubois, a distant cousin of the Dubois sisters; he took over ownership of the building in the episode Aftershock, and told Yuri in that same episode that he wanted to sell the place.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Toni (to Grandma Tan): A wiry hair, about yea-long, sprouting from my chin. I mean, it wasn't there yesterday. And all of the sudden, I need my reading glasses to read the instructions on my Metamucil. Oh my god, did you hear what I just said?

    • (talking about Jim, who's fixing the fountain)
      Yuri: You hired this guy?
      Elvis: He comes highly recommended.
      Yuri: I was going to get right on it.
      Elvis: So you said, Mr. Kukoc, months ago.
      Yuri: Okay, whatever. You can send him home and I'll get right to work.
      Elvis: Yeah... No.

    • (Toni comes outside and takes off her t-shirt; Jim wolf-whistles)
      Toni: Do you honestly think that is a good pick-up device?
      Jim: Sorry, ma'am; I wasn't whistling at you. I was whistling at her. (points to Kitty coming down the path)

    • (after telling her tale of woe)
      Kitty: My parents, they think a change of scene good for me. My momma, she call you.
      Toni: No, she didn't.
      Kitty: Oh, I so sorry! I not waste your time any longer! Um, I meet nice man on bus into city, he say if I stay with him, he give me many pearl necklace.

    • Yuri: Hey, Mrs. T. Beautiful day, huh?
      Toni: Doesn't it bother you that Elvis has hired someone else to do your job?
      Yuri: Hardly. 'Sides, I noticed that you hired some help too. (they both look through the window into the store where Kitty is) Poor thing; she told me her sad story.
      Toni: I know.
      Yuri: You think it's too early for her to consider a rebound relationship?

    • (after catching Kitty in the bedroom with Elvis)
      Toni: What were you thinking, bringing that traitor into this house, doing what you were doing, with Ruby in the next room? It just...
      Kitty: Please, I only try to help!
      Toni: Help?
      Kitty: You say yourself, he a powerful boy. I think, better to be nice. He say, just pretend you polish candlestick.
      Toni: Oh my god.
      Kitty: I think maybe it work, maybe he be nicer to my people if I just do little bit of tugging.
      Toni: Okay, okay, stop.

    • (coming into the store, seeing the 'Kitty's Top 10' sign)
      Wayne: No way! Those are my favourite snacks too! (looking around)
      Toni: Can I help you?
      Wayne: Is Kitty here?
      Toni: No, but if there's anything that you need, I'm...
      Wayne: That's okay, I'll come back later. (he walks out)

    • Toni: Have you been talking to Kitty?
      Yuri: She likes to confide in me. She sees me as the brother she never had.
      Toni: She has three brothers!

    • Toni: Is that my...?
      Kitty: Oh, yes, your old suit! (spinning around) I had it altered! Almost enough fabric for two Kitty suit!

    • Bao (to Toni): Kitty explained to me the symptoms of menopause. Irrational outbursts are common.

    • (Yuri is picking at the recently repaired fountain with a knife)
      Toni: Yuri, I thought the other guy fixed that?
      Yuri: He did.
      Toni: So, uh, what are you doing?
      Yuri: Call it life insurance. I may have a crappy life, but it's my crappy life, and I'm not letting some Marlboro Man with a nailgun come in and steal it away from me.
      (Toni thinks about this)
      Toni: Yeah!

    • Elvis: And the new lease. I hope you know you're getting a great deal here, Mrs. Tang.
      Toni: It's 'Tan,' you dipshit.

  • NOTES (2)


    • (after Toni tells Kitty she can stay with them)
      Kitty: Thank you, Mrs. Antonia Tan. My tears are now of happiness at my good fortune.
      Grandma Tan (in Cantonese): Everything but the John Williams soundtrack.

      John Williams is a composer who has created some of the most memorable music scores in recent history; the scores are sweeping and dramatic, and have been used in such movies as Jaws, Raiders of The Lost Ark, Star Wars, Schindler's List, and Harry Potter. He has also created music for four Olympic Games.

    • (talking on the phone to Jim, after firing him)
      Elvis: I don't care if you have a TV show. Okay, fine, two TV shows.

      Jim Caruk, who played himself in this episode, can be seen on HGTV as the host of Real Renos; he is also one of the judges on HGTV's Handyman Superstar Challenge.

    • The title of this episode, All About Kitty, is an allusion to the 1950 film, All About Eve. The movie is about a young woman, Eve, who starts off as a fan of Margo Channning's, played by Bette Davis. She manages to involve herself in Margo's life to the point where she's indispensible, and then tries to take over Margo's career and life.