Robson Arms

Season 3 Episode 11

Baby? What Baby?

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Jun 23, 2008 on CTV
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Baby? What Baby?
After her failed marriage to Bobby, Bobbi is overjoyed to meet a man who is not only good-looking, charming, and a doctor to boot, but is also madly in love with her. There's just one little thing that Bobbi has neglected to tell him...

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Shaun Majumder

Shaun Majumder

Dr. Jordan Cohen

Guest Star

Tyler Bartel

Tyler Bartel

Baby Robbie

Guest Star

Hunter Bartel

Hunter Bartel

Baby Robbie

Guest Star

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    • (paying Ruby for baby-sitting)
      Ruby: These are Euros... again.
      Bobbi: Cash is cash, Ruby. That can buy you a whole lot of barrettes. (pushes her out the door)
      Ruby: I don't wear barrettes!

    • Bobbi: Hi, I'm from the Temp Agency. I'm not normally a tardy person.
      Dr. Cohen: 'Tardy'... nice. That's a word I haven't heard since Mrs. McIntyre laid it on me in second grade.

    • (telling the Tans about Dr. Cohen)
      Bobbi: He doesn't wear a ring, and I found those (throwing take out menus, mints and condoms on the table) in his desk drawer.
      Toni: You snooped through your boss's desk?
      Bobbi: The menus scream "single". Busy man, orders take-out on his way home...
      Toni: Or his wife works too, and he orders for both of them.
      Bobbi: Breath mints? Only single guys care about their breath.
      Toni: He's a chiropractor; he needs to get close to his patients.
      Bobbi: Fine... but what married man carries condoms?
      Toni: One with a mistress on the side.
      Grandma Tan: (in Cantonese) Or with a taste for hookers.

    • Jordan: I can't stand them.
      Bobbi: Can't stand who?
      Jordan: The twins; they're gross. They're sticky little germ-infested trolls... ew. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not singling out my sister's kids; I hate all children.

    • (reading Sault's note book)
      Geoff: "My big fat best friend's cheap gay wedding"?
      Sault: But it doesn't have to be cheap.
      Geoff: Forget it, Sault.
      Sault: Come on, Geoff, it's the only idea my editor liked.
      Geoff: Okay, you're not writing a snide, cynical article about our wedding.
      Sault: But snide and cynical are what I do best.

    • (pointing at Baby Robbie)
      Jordan: What is that, and why is it with you?
      Bobbi: This is Robbie. (Jordan smiles uncomfortably) Ruby Tan's son. She's a teenaged mom, you know, so I said that I would look after him for her so she could get her tubes tied.
      Jordan: Yeah, that's really sweet. Um, you know what? How about you, ah, give me a call later? It's just, you know, I don't want, uh, that (pointing at Robbie) to ruin my leather interiors.

    • Sault: How would you fell if little ol' Annabelle wrote an article about your pending nuptials?
      Stanley: Forget it.
      Sault: But you love my column!
      Stanley: I loved it until you introduced 'Chubby McChubberson', your best friend's life partner.
      Sault: Oh, no, that wasn't you! That was, um, a composite.
      Stanley: Good-bye, Sault. (he turns to leave)
      Sault: Have I mentioned a little thing that we in the 'zine industry like to call 'swag'?
      (Stanley stops in his tracks)

  • NOTES (1)

    • Creators and Executive Producers Gary Harvey and Susin Nielsen both appear uncredited in this episode as patients of Dr. Jordan Cohen.