Robson Arms

Season 3 Episode 1

Gila Monster

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Feb 26, 2008 on CTV



  • Trivia

    • The newspaper article that Yuri sees that gives him the idea to have baby Robbie DNA-tested is titled "DNA proves man's guilt" and the first paragraph reads, "Forest predator's guilt upheld: James Genn's 10-year innocence plea for the infamous assault is finally quashed."

      James Genn is the director of this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Trixie: What unit are you in?
      Yuri: Oh, I'm not a tenant, I'm the Super.
      Chuck: Ah, you must be Yuri.
      Yuri: At your service. I know this building and the tenants like the back of my hand... (grabbing a passing tenant) Isn't that right, Ed?
      Fred: Fred.

    • Trixie: Hey, you two, you need name tags! What's your name?
      Georgia: Anita... Anita Poke.
      Hal: McCracken... Phil.

    • (on their way to the Meet & Greet)
      Geoff: It's good we're doing this; it's called being neighbourly.
      Stanley: I'm here, aren't I?
      (they survey the scene in the courtyard)
      Geoff: Ready to go? (they turn and leave)

    • Trixie: You and your girlfriend forgot your free samples.
      Hal: Georgia? She's not my girlfriend.
      Trixie: I thought her name was Anita.
      Hal: Yeah, Hernita.
      Trixie (handing him the samples) You rub it on your meat.
      Hal: Wow. Thanks.
      Trixie: I have a chili pot just like that.
      Hal: Yeah, you know, I found it by the dumpster and I was gonna bring it back to you; I didn't know what room number.
      Trixie: 105. Now you drop by any time, Muchacho. Maybe we can rub some meat together.

    • Chuck: Hey, Phil! Phil!
      Hal: (realizing) Oh, hey.
      Chuck: Hey. Wife tells me she cam up to your apartment, gave you a rub.
      Hal: No. Oh... the... yeah, yeah.

    • Chuck: Trixie and I, we went out to the Mexican desert with our shaman to try to get an idea of where our life paths would take us. Now, my vision had us going to Palm Springs doing a little golfing.
      Hal: Yeah.
      Chuck: Yeah. But, Trixie's vision had us coming up to the 'wet coast' and buying this-here place. Well, most of our married lives, we have followed my visions, and I've had a lot of visions, Phil. I've had a whole mess of visions. But, plain and simple, it was just Trixie's turn. I want you to know that if you were a part of Trixie's vision, I'm okay with that. But, just as Trixie was an active participant in my visions, so too am I an active participant in hers. Know what I'm talking about?

    • Chuck: (to Yuri) Oh man, oh man, I tell you, we sure did love Mexico.
      Trixie: And even a handful of Mexicans.
      Chuck: Oh, yeah, I guess that's true.

    • Yuri: For your information, I stood up for you. I told the new owners that they should give your a break because, well, you're a single, destitute mother with no job, or man, or... anything.
      Bobbi: I don't need your help. I sold my $700 stroller and now I'm using this, which I found behind the YMCA. I'm using cloth diapers like I'm in the year 500. And then, just this morning, I sold my wedding ring to a pawnshop like a crack-head. (she throws an envelope of money at him) I hope you're happy with yourself!

    • Tony: I need some money for the store.
      Val: And I need a 52-inch plasma TV... whatcha gonna do?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Chuck: (to Yuri) Hey there, Serpico.

      Serpico (1973) was a movie starring Al Pacino as a New York cop who blew the whistle on his corrupt fellow officers. The movie poster featured a face-shot of Pacino, who sported a beard and moustache. The facial hair that Yuri has in this episode is similar to Pacino's in that movie.

    • Val: DNA takes weeks, you know that, right?
      Yuri: Weeks? Since when does it take weeks?
      Val: What are you, David Caruso?

      David Caruso is the star of CSI: Miami, playing the part of CSI team leader Horatio Caine. In the show, as in the other CSI franchise shows, all test results come back within minutes of the test being run, which is contrary to reality.

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