Robson Arms

Season 3 Episode 6

I Pagliacci

Aired Friday 10:30 PM May 12, 2008 on CTV



  • Trivia

    • The opera tickets that Stanley shows Geoff are for I Pagliacci, there is no date on them, however; the tickets simply read "Saturday at 7:30" and both tickets show the same seat number: (section) OrchLC, (row) 22, (seat) 32. The Vancouver Opera put on this opera from Nov. 10th - 17th, 2007; both the 10th and the 17th were Saturdays.

    • Stanley: (to Geoff) We're just remembering where we were when we heard Karen Carpenter died.

      Karen Carpenter died February 4, 1983; she was one-half of the popular singing duo, The Carpenters, with her brother, Richard.

    • The I Pagliacci poster outside the theatre advertises the opera as "all perfomances at 7:30 p.m., Queen Elizabeth Theatre, In Italian with English subtitles". It lists the Vancouver Opera Ticket phone number as (604)-683-0222.

      This is the real phone number for the Vancouver Opera Company; they put on this opera on November 10, 13, 15, and 17, 2007 in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, with all performances at 7:30 p.m., in Italian.

  • Quotes

    • Geoff: You know you're always invited.
      Stanley: You know I hate the club scene.
      Geoff: Oh, look, a dead horse! Let me get my whip, so we can flog it.

    • Stanley: Too many of us in one place, I get homophobic.
      Geoff: I think you mean 'claustrophobic'.
      Stanley: Yeah, that too.

    • (Sault and the Tans are complaining about water problems in their apartments)
      Chuck: All these water problems, I'm starting to have a 'Nam flashback.
      Geoff: You were in the Vietnam war?
      Chuck: Nope... N.A.M., National American Miss Pageant. Yeah, I was the host one year, and the water main burst. All those young ladies with no appropriate water supply... I tell you, it was chaos! Wonderful, jiggly, chaos.

    • (answering the door)
      Geoff: Sault! I don't remember inviting you.
      Sault: It's okay, it's not your fault. You're old and forgetful.

    • (at dinner)
      Sault: Was Stanley a draft-dodger?
      Frances: Um, no.
      Sault: Did he need his citizenship?
      Stanley: I was born in Canada.
      Geoff: Sault, enough.
      Stanley: (to Frances) She's wondering why you married me.
      Frances: Well, that's simple. I married him because I loved him.
      Stanley: The feeling was mutual.
      Geoff: You guys met at Queen's University, right?
      Sault: (snorting with laughter) Queen's!
      Frances: Yeah, back in '78.
      Sault: '78... Geoff, were you still in diapers?

    • Fred: I sent you raisins in an envelope. You were like the father I never had.
      Chuck: Oh, I'm sorry, I... your dad's dead, huh?
      Fred: No, he's good.

    • Chuck: It's not like the old days, you know, where I'd show up at a mall and there'd be thousands of screaming kids there, and... There'd always be a couple of them, they'd get so excited, they'd pee on my lap.
      Fred: I did that!
      Chuck: You did?
      Fred: Winnipeg, 1982... I was yea-tall, blond, I told you (holding up a sock puppet) 'If you ever need another Wallaby...'
      Chuck: That was you?
      Fred: Yes!
      Chuck: What do you know about that? Hey, 'cause I'll tell you the truth, ever since that Super left, I been longing for ol' Wallaby.
      Fred: (still using the sock puppet) You have?
      Chuck: I have. I could use a faithful sidekick right now. You know, someone that could talk to the animals for me. And by 'the animals', I mean the tenants.

    • (offering to go with Geoff to the Seattle PRIDE parade)
      Stanley: I can still tell her 'no'.
      Geoff: Don't be silly, stay. Go to your opera... reminisce about when Lincoln was shot and all that.

    • Sault: Why is there a note on the owner's door directing all complaints to you?
      Fred: (in his 'Wallaby' voice) Because I'm Walla... (going back to regular voice) ...Present of the Tenants' Association.
      Sault: We have a tenants' association? Since when? Who voted for you?
      Fred: It was more of an appointment.
      Sault: Whatever. Fix my taps!
      Fred: I'm on it; I made a spread sheet, see? It's got all of the complaints on it, and you're number three.
      Sault: Just do it. (she leaves; Grandma Tan comes out of the store and taps Fred on the shoulder)
      Fred: Yes, water pressure... you're number seven on the spread sheet.
      Grandma Tan: (in Cantonese) Snack? (offers him a plate of pastries and smiles)
      Fred: (in Cantonese) Ah, thank you.

    • Frances: How are things with you two?
      Stanley: Oh, same as always. I love him, he loves me. He's young enough to be my son.
      Frances: Still bothers you, huh?
      Stanley: Because it's real. Some things you can work on, change, but this... Geoff wonders why I don't like to go clubbing with him. The last time we went, I was having a great time; I look behind me, I see this chubby old guy, shaking his 'thang' out there on the dance floor, and I think, "Ew, that's a tad pathetic." ...And I realized it was me; I was looking into a mirror.

    • Stanley: It's not like you haven't had your own transgressions.
      Geoff: That's different, and you know it!
      Stanley: How is that different?
      Geoff: Because with you and Frances, there were feelings involved. I look at you together, and I'm jealous, Stanley. You two have a history, a deep connection that maybe you and I will never have.

  • Notes

    • The end credits included the following:
      Featuring the Operatic Talents of:
      Karen Baumgartel
      Andrew Greenwood
      David Quigg

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