Robson Arms

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Friday 10:30 PM Jun 25, 2005 on CTV



  • Trivia

    • The music used in this episode was:
      To Be Loved (1961).

    • Stacy Smith, the actress who plays Kelly, is good friends with Haig Sutherland's real-life girlfriend, which undoubtedly made the love scenes a little weird. Will Sasso worked with Gary Harvey and Susin Nielsen on Madison before he hit it big in L.A. on Mad TV and Less Than Perfect. Eric McCormack of Will and Grace does a cameo tea leaf reading with Grandma Tan in this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Bark: Here, take one of mine (gives Fred one of his many leis) You give those to girls if they show you their tits.
      Fred: That's Mardi Gras, Bark.
      Bark: Well, apparantly nobody told Tina in Accounting that, huh?

    • Bark: How long you been seeing each other?
      Fred: Three months.
      Bark: Three months? And Bark wasn't introduced?
      Fred: She's in Newfoundland.
      Bark: Newfoundland? How'd you meet?
      Fred: ...On the 'net... (exasperated) god!
      Bark: The 'net? Ah, you poor, deluded son of a think this (pointing to the picture of Kelly) is really her picture? She may not even really be a she.

    • Bark: I just read that in Newfoundland, a 300-pound tattooed deviant was paroled and he's coming to see you.
      Fred: It's not going to work, Bark. I've met her, I've seen her, I know her.
      Bark: Fred, the internet is like one world-wide Witness Relocation program... everybody trying to create new identities for themselfs, 'cause the ones they were born with aren't working.

    • Fred: I'm sorry baby, you just can't stay here. Don't look at me like that, it's only for a little while. (he puts the brain in a jar into the closet)

    • (Fred begs Yuri to tell Kelly that he's not home)
      Yuri: This (holding up a religious medallion) was my mother's. She gave this to me to remind me of all the values she taught me. Do you think she would want me to lie?
      Fred: To save someone's life?
      Yuri: The life of a liar?

    • Kelly: Good pizza pocket.
      Fred: Thanks. I think in the future, all food will be in pocket form. (she laughs like Francis the Talking Mule)

    • Bark: She [Kelly] wasn't thrilled with the brain?
      Fred: I don't know if it was the brain, or the jar, or if it was the brain floating in the jar...

    • Fred: Kelly keeps knocking things over.
      Bark: Probably just nervous.
      Fred: The apartment shakes when she blows her nose.
      Bark: Sinus irritation, from the long flight.
      Fred: She laughs like Francis the Talking Mule.
      Bark: That could put a damper on things.

    • Bark: So you blew it.
      Fred: I didn't blow it, I made a mistake, I misspoke.
      Bark: Right, yeah, "misspoke." Which is French for "blew it."

    • (about girls, to Fred)
      Bark: Look, all I'm saying is, if I had the chance, I'd pick the real live one over the picture. Every time.

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