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Robson Arms

Season 2 Episode 12

Lizard Of Doubt

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Apr 14, 2007 on CTV
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Episode Summary

Lizard Of Doubt
Andrew's ready to take the next step in his relationship with Chris: he wants kids, but Chris isn't so sure that's where she wants to go. She becomes even less sure when Andrew reveals that Geoff made a move on him, and starts to wonder if Geoff knows something that she doesn't.moreless

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    Sherry Miller

    Sherry Miller


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    A. J. McKenzie

    A. J. McKenzie


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    Pamela Diaz

    Pamela Diaz


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    Thomas Dalton

    Thomas Dalton

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    Daniel Dalton

    Daniel Dalton

    Robbie Briggs

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • (Chris wants to invite Geoff and Stanley over for a dinner party; Andrew says no)
        Chris: Because why?
        Andrew: Because last time, Geoff tried to kiss me.

        The 'last time' was in the second season episode Something Straight Between Us, when Stanley and Geoff invited Andrew and Chris to their place for dinner.

    • QUOTES (12)

      • (totalling Stanley's purchases)
        Toni: White bread, mayonnaise, bacon, bacon, bacon...
        Grandma Tan (in Cantonese): One more package and he can get 20 percent off... his next angioplasty.
        Stanley: Geoff's away on a massage course... what he doesn't know can't hurt me.

      • Elvis: Stu doesn't want to lose his investor; he's motivated to buy. I want everything up to code.
        Yuri: Well, is that be up to code, or look up to code?
        Elvis: What's the difference?
        Yuri: Two weeks, five thousand dollars.
        Elvis: I want everything to look up to code. But leave that alone. (pointing at a flickering light) Buyers are happier with the one problem they see than the thousand they imagine.

      • Chris: What if having a baby changes everything?
        Andrew: Yeah, it will change everything. For the better, 'cause we'll be a family.
        Chris: We are a family.
        Andrew: We're a couple.
        Chris: Why don't we try having a dog or something first?

      • (Andrew comes in with a present)
        Chris: Oh, I love things in small packages. (kisses him) Big packages.
        Andrew: It's a conception thermometer. We'll know just the right time.
        Chris (sarcastically): So, where, exactly, does it go?

      • (Andrew and Chris are in the bedroom, kissing and undressing each other; she begins laughing)
        Andrew: What?
        Chris: I don't know, it's just like we're in a porno movie, and a pizza delivery just arrived.
        Andrew: Salami, extra hot, just the way you like it, right?
        (Chris begins laughing again)
        Chris: Oh, sorry.
        Andrew: It's totally not helping, Chris.

      • Lizard Man: Is that actually going to be the line? "Be you be"? What does that even mean?
        Bird Woman: Also, I can't do this if my mask is falling down all the time. Plus, my costume is giving me a wedgie.
        Director: Hey, hey, hey, everyone calm down!
        Lizard Man: I can't feel my legs.
        Director (muttering to Chris): They are so much easier to work with when they haven't gone to theatre school.

      • (a telephone conversation)
        Chris: Mom, I appreciate your concern, but we're in a safe neighbourhood.
        Dianne: Well, I suppose there's little chance of anyone hitting on you.
        Chris: Thanks.
        Dianne: They're all fruits, Darling, that's all I meant.
        Chris: Try not to stereotype, Mother.
        Dianne: It's the truth! If you didn't want men hitting on Andrew, you shouldn't have moved to the West End.
        Chris: Mom, I'm sorry, you're cutting out. (she snaps her cell phone closed)

      • Chris: So why is it that Geoff can tell you, and Andrew couldn't tell me?
        Stanley: He was probably embarrassed.
        Chris: Why? What, does he have something to hide?
        Stanley: I can't answer that.
        Chris: I don't want to be one of those women... where everyone looks at them and says, 'how can you not have known?'

      • Chris: What do you guys see that I can't see?
        Stanley: You're looking for the secret gay handshake. (he shakes her hand) What can I tell you that you don't already know? There aren't any gay things, only gay people. Has [Andrew] ever given you any reason to doubt him?
        Chris: No.
        Stanley: Well, there's your answer.

      • Chris: How can you think about men when you're making love to me?
        Andrew: I didn't know that there were rules to what I can or can't think about, Chris.

      • Dianne: Anyone with eyes could see that that man was queer as a three-dollar bill!
        Chris: Well, maybe he's not gay; maybe he's, um, bi-curious.
        Dianne: Oh, I hear that's all the rage these days!
        Chris: Mother, please!
        Dianne: I watch TV; gay is the new black.
        Chris: Well, I might be making mountains out of molehills.
        Dianne: Christine! You get enough molehills in a marriage and the whole thing collapses.

      • (asking for advice on her marriage)
        Chris: So, what am I going to do?
        Dianne: This is what you're going to do. You're going to suck it up like I've sucked it up for 30 years and counting of infidelity. Trust me, it's not as hard as it sounds.
        Chris: That's horrible!
        Dianne: It's a perfectly natural way to raise a family. Two parents for you and plenty of jewellry for me. The human race has been getting by like this for thousands of years.

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