Robson Arms

Season 3 Episode 4

Mean Girls

Aired Friday 10:30 PM Apr 28, 2008 on CTV
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Episode Summary

Mean Girls
Bobbi joins a singles' group and is happy to find that it's just like being back in high school again... that is, until she remembers all the bad parts of high school.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Bobbi: May I please speak with Mrs. Furukawa? (pause) Okay, listen, tell you what; I'll talk dirty back if you buy fifty bucks worth of my skin care products, okay?

      Bobbi seems to be speaking to Mr. Furukawa who wants her to 'talk dirty' to him; Jason Furukawa is a director in this series.

    • The newspaper ad that Bobbi sees reads "Single? Female? Lonely? Join S.W.U.T. 604-836-7268".

      This is the same phone number that is used in Positivity (season 3, episode 5) for both the Positivity Seminar ad and the Yay Vancouver! ad.

    • Just after meeting Phil and Norah at the S.W.U.T. meeting, Bobbi takes them home for some 'girl time' of putting on make up and trying on clothes. When they enter the apartment, you can see the apartment number on the door: 116. However, Bobbi has always lived in apartment #203.

    • Phil wrote on the bathroom wall: For a good time, call Sasha: 604-724-7938. Penny wrote: For a crappy time, call Bobbi: 604-816-1567.

      When Penny walks in to the stall and sees what Phil has just written, the "Call Sasha" note is below the flower pattern in the tile. In the next shot, when Bobbi sees that Penny has scribbled out the "call Sasha" note and replaced it with "call Bobbi", the entire thing is above the flower pattern in the tile.

    • Sasha: (to Bobbi) No, I only effed your husband. And he told me all about your little tryst with the Super.

      Bobbi had a one-night stand with Yuri, the Super, in season 1, episode 2, The Tell-Tale Latex. Sasha and Bobby had their fling in season 2, with the flirtation really taking off in episode 2, I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman, and by episode 9, Wayne's World, it was a full-blown affair.

    • When Bobbi and Sasha are inside Sasha's apartment discussing Bobby and his multiple viewings of The Dukes of Hazzard, Sasha pours herself a drink; she pours a very small amount (barely a bottom-full) into the glass and drinks it all. She and Bobbi then both imitate Bobby and when the camera returns to Sasha, her glass is half-full; however, she has not touched the bottle to refill her glass. In the next shot, her glass is empty again.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (the women of S.W.U.T. are saying what's great about being single)
      Bobbi: I'm sorry... I've got nothing. I mean, I would happily do more dishes if it, if it meant having someone to share my meals with rather than just eating straight out of the pot. And cookie dough at 4 a.m.? I mean, that's just sad. And The Gilmore Girls? Um, yuck. Oh, I'm sorry, but being single is the loneliest experience of my entire life.

    • Hal: Someone took my clothes out of the machine!
      Alicia: I did.
      Hal: Why, did you need it?
      Alicia: Nope. Tenants are not permitted to leave laundry in the machine more than one hour past end of cycle... Robson Arms Tenancy Rule #13.
      Hal: Who made up that stupid rule?
      Alicia: My husband. He's writing a handbook.

    • Marg: All right, SWUTs, I believe Penny has something she'd like to share.
      (Bobbi, Phil and Norah roll their eyes)
      Penny: A haiku: I am like a snake; shedding its skin and its past; newborn and naked.
      Bobby: (to Phil and Norah) Imagine seeing her naked!
      Phil: Ugh!
      (they all giggle)

    • Alicia: Tenancy rule #28: Tenants may be asked to remove anything deemed unsightly.
      Hal: What?
      Alicia: Your flag (pointing at a flag that looks like the Canadian flag but has a marijuana leaf instead of a maple leaf)
      Hal: That's a forty-dollar flag.
      Alicia: It's an impaction.
      Hal: I think you mean 'infraction'.
      Alicia: It's got to go.

    • Norah: That was the b..b...
      Phil: ...bitch who stole your husband. (Bobbi nods) But, if she's seeing your ex, she's not even single.
      Bobbi: You're right; I'm the real S.W.U.T., not her.

    • Marg: You two know each other?
      Bobbi: Oh, we know each other all right. She's the fat-ass bitch who stole my husband.
      Sasha: 'Kay, two things: I do not have a fat ass, and I did not steal your husband. He made his own choices.
      Bobbi: Yeah, and he chose you... which makes you the fat-ass bitch who stole my husband. So you're not single, and you don't belong here.

    • Bobbi: I want you out of here; this is my group.
      Sasha: What are we, in grade two?
      Bobbi: Just go.
      Sasha: I'm not going anywhere.
      Bobbi: You don't belong here! You're not a good person.
      Sasha: And you are? You and your posse of two, who think you're better than everyone else?
      Bobbi: (pause) She effs other people's husbands. (everyone gasps)
      Sasha: No, I only 'effed' your husband. And he told me all about your little tryst with the Super! So, Pot, stop calling the kettle 'slut'. You want someone to blame for your failed marriage, look in the mirror.

    • Bobbi: Okay, any ideas?
      Norah: Cr-cr-crank phone calls!
      Phil: Please, how juvenile!
      Bobbi: Yeah, totally.
      Phil: Just a thought, but if we could get into [Sasha's] place when she's not there...
      Bobbi: And leave old-lady underwear in her panty drawer!
      Phil: ...and send a horrible, filthy email from her computer to everyone in her address book, even to her boss, and then she'd get fired! And then we could take all of her photo albums, put them in the trash, and then set fire to them, burning all of her cherished memories.
      Bobbi: Hmmm... or, we could just put salt in her sugar bowl.
      Phil: Or, we could slash her tires! And then throw a brick through her window when she's sleeping. And then, as a final coup de grâce, we could fill a bag with dog feces, screw it into her outdoor light socket, and when she turns the light on, ka-pooie!
      (Bobbi laughs nervously)

  • NOTES (0)


    • Bobbi: Bobby took Sasha to Regina. He introduced the woman who destroyed our marriage to the entire town.
      Grandma Tan: (in Cantonese) I'm missing The Bold and the Beautiful for this?
      Bobbi: Exactly. I can never go home now.
      Grandma Tan: (in Cantonese) Pepper was about to be kidnapped by terrorists.

      The Bold And The Beautiful is a soap-opera that began running on CBS on March 23, 1987; as of the airing of this episode, it is still running. There does not seem to have ever been a character named 'Pepper' on the show.